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Buenos Aires 2018

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Oh? I must have misread the news story, because it said they refused to submit dates.

No they refused to publicly communicate on dates before the official deadline.

Beside their dates' problem, they could be a strong contender ! But Go Glasgow 2018 Go !

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Buenos Aires is bidding with the ruins they have as stadiums and stuff?

This can be worse than all the **** they are getting in the last week in geopolitics with their "national icon" ship ARA Libertad arrested in Ghana due a US$ 20 million debt with European countries or the national-risk-index reaching 1,100 points, only better than Greece.

The correct value Argentina is owing is US$ 300 million, according to BBC


Risk Argentina is now B-


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Argentina faces expulsion from IMF and economic pariah status

Argentina could be expelled from the global economic community for repeatedly failing to provide accurate inflation and growth data.

The threat of expulsion comes two months after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that Argentina had "not brought itself into compliance" over the "quality of the official data reported to the Fund" and warned that there could be repercussions.

The IMF set a deadline of Monday for the country to comply. Argentina is yet to respond.

Ejection from the 188-member club could mean the country loses access to vital international credit lines. It will also be the first time a country has been expelled since the former Czechoslovakia was kicked-out in 1954 for "failing to provide required data".


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Mo matter all the negative things people say about BA, it still seems like the most interesting city in South America.

Soon, it will be as interesting as the ruins of Macchu Picchu...

The city is falling apart in pieces, literally.

Not to metion, the population destroyed part of Downtown and Touristic areas last week to loot the supermarkets and stores...


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Buenos Aires, Argentina, 7th January 2013: Andy Roddick, the former World Number One Tennis player and US Open Champion, has pledged his support to the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games Bid during a visit to the Argentinean capital city.

Roddick also played an exhibition tennis match with Mauricio Macri, the Mayor of Buenos Aires City, and former Argentine tennis players José Luis Clerc and Gastón Gaudio, as part of the bid’s celebrations to mark ‘six months to go’ until the International Olympic Committee decides the Host City for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

The event was held in Roca Park, one of the proposed sports venues in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games Plan, where Jose Luis Clerc, winner of 25 ATP titles, runs a tennis school for children.

100 local children were involved in the bid’s celebration event and they participated in a Tennis skills clinic alongside Roddick, Jose Luis Clerc and 2004 French Open Champion, Gastón Gaudio. The event is further evidence of Buenos Aires’ on-going commitment to get more youngsters excited about sport and taking part in physical activity.

Andy Roddick, 2003 US Open Champion, said: “I have always been a great supporter of the Olympic Movement and the spirit of Olympism. I have been lucky enough to represent my country at two Olympic Games and each time it has been a great honour.

“In many parts of the world the values of Olympism can help young people believe in themselves and inspire them to achieve and prosper in the future – not just in sport, but in all aspects of their lives. Olympians of the past owe it to the stars of tomorrow to give young people this opportunity.

“During my visit to Buenos Aires, I am impressed by this city’s passion for sport, their enthusiasm for Olympism and their commitment to become a Host City for the Youth Olympic Games. Buenos Aires and Argentina as a whole have a great sporting heritage. The city has excellent sports facilities that will enable athletes to perform at their very best. It would be a great choice for 2018.”

Jose Luis Clerc, winner of the 1981 ATP Sportsmanship Award, said: “I’m convinced that the Youth Olympic Games is an excellent tool to get youngsters involved in competitive sport and it would be of great benefit to Argentinean and world sport if Buenos Aires won the bid to host the 2018 YOG.

“I have witnessed the passion our country has for sport and I know Buenos Aires would host a passionate and dynamic YOG that is also culturally enriching.”

Mauricio Macri, Mayor of Buenos Aires City, said: “Here in Buenos Aires and across Argentina we are immensely proud of our sporting heritage and our commitment to Olympism. Today, we can again reaffirm that the national and city governments fully support Buenos Aires’ bid for the 2018 YOG.

“It’s also fantastic to have the backing of tennis superstar, Andy Roddick, along with Jose Luis Clerc and Gastón Gaudio. With such enthusiastic support from these international sports stars, every day we feel more motivated to pursue our dream to host the Youth Olympic Games in 2018.”

Francisco Irrarazaval, Buenos Aires Under-Secretary of Sport and Chief Executive of the Buenos Aires 2018 Bid Committee, said: “We know that there is still a lot of hard work to be done, but with less than six months to go until the IOC decision in Lausanne, this is an important step in the journey of our 2018 YOG bid and our goal to inspire young people in Argentina, South America and across the world to participate in sport and become the next generation of Olympic Champions.

“We are delighted that a global sports star like Andy Roddick has endorsed our YOG bid. It is a privilege to welcome him to Buenos Aires for this celebration event with so many eager young sports fans – it showcases our passion for sport, our hosting capabilities and our unwavering commitment to help all Olympic sports grow in new regions of the world.”

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River Plate's Stadium isn't rebuilt yet for the Copa America held 2 years ago...

That's Argentina...

Keep dreaming.

Effort = smart use of resources

To plan to start a new war against UK (5th biggest army in the planet) because two tiny islands that have ice, penguins and earth-bombs...

What a smart way to use national resources...

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So P&O have decided to scrap Argentina from its cruises because - being a British cruise liner that also stops at the Falklands - it can't be guaranteed it'll be allowed to dock.

Instead, it seems, Montevideo will be the recipient of the tourist £££ Argentina obviously feels it's wealthy enough to give up.

Argentina, welcoming the World in 2018! :lol: :lol:

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Face the latest developments of the lovely Argentine Govt....

- IMF, for the first time ever, made a formal advertence to a member, which one? Argentina. For not publish "real" indexes about their economy.

Govt. says inflation is 9%, independent sources say 30% or more.

- Argentines are no longer allowed to buy US Dollars or any other foreign currencies. Only country to do thar after Argentina is North Korea.

Argentines can only buy foreign currency if showing an airline ticket and only the amount of money govt. says that's Ok...

- Govt. BLOCKED any price rises from commerce by law!!! Brazil tried something similar in 1987-88. We already know the result: Default and hyperinflation - up to 2,000%/year.

It seems they are trying the same but in an even worse way.

- Their navy school ship Libertad was just released from Ghana after being blocked due judicial suits in the country from Argentine creditors.

- Some G20 member are ready to pass a resolution to expell Argentina from the group.

- Argentina continues with all the bullshit about useless Falkland Islands, now about cruise ships from UK...

Good lucky, it will be needed.

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