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Buenos Aires 2018

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Kratk, definitivelly, YOU ARE NOT CHILEAN!!!

C'mon, Brazilian Govt. is neutral because Brazilian Govt does not like expropiations, but at the same time, Brazil have lots of Petrobras investments in Argentina.

The best to do: remain quiet and leave the argentine problems to argentines... (Despite the fact, one province of Argentina expropriate Petrobras last month... So argentine...)

In the commercial front, Brazil threaten Argentina yesterday of start blocking importation from there, since Argentina DID NOT MADE THEIR PART IN SEVERAL AGREEMENTS THEY MADE WITH BRAZIL IN JANUARY.

Only one thing: the day Brazil closes the border for Argentine products, it will be the end of Argentina - more than 50% of the industrial production of Argentina have Brazil as destination. (In autoparts and car, more than 85%).

If you really like populist government, stupid-leftish discuss and unilateral acts, you should move to Argentina.

Maybe this year - again - they can supply their schools with gas... Maybe not... Who knows?

Or will be trains running or will the workers stop again and again to protest against the UK, the USA or against anything stupid to stop the services?

In the end, to host international events, you must have international support.

Buenos Aires 2018 in the middle of all the wars (commercial with Brazil, Uruguay, USA and Europe / now oil with USA, Europe / Falklands with Europe...), forget it.

PS: Cellphones in Brazil are assembled in Amazon Forest and cost 1/3 from the price of Argentine-Tierra del Fuego similar - I was amazed when I saw my cellphone (Xperia Neo) costs 3 times more in Argentina than the price of Brazil.

Go Argentina, right path... to International isolation.

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Brazil did not support or criticize Argentine YPF expropriation:


"Intervention at the YPF is Argentina's sovereign decision", said Brazilian Oil and Gas Minister Edson Lobão, the only in the government to make a statement about the crisis.

Enough said.

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About the expropriation itself: Argentina can do what they want with their "strategical" companies. It's really a sovereign decision.

But do it correctly, give time to the company to move the board directors and to make smooth transition, give the country and the market a time to get used to the measure and then do it inside all the international rules, and pay for it.

What Argentine Govt. did?

Invaded the headquarters with "Invitations to leave the country" to Spanyard directors of YPF, decided not to pay the expropriation (Argentines are owing money to half of the world, specially Europe - not a surprise) and made of this "expropration" thing a populist act to unite the country around a cause - It was indeed ridiculous the speech of President Cristina Kirchner with a picture of Evita behind her (!!!)

And with this populist act, Argentine govt will make people forget the 30%+ inflation or the energy cuts or the lack of some productions due restrictive importation rules...

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Are you done with your pointless Argentine-phobic rethoric?

Can we discuss about the bid?


PS: And, just FYI, I'm probably moving to Argentina in a few months. Because, yes, I'm stupid and I don't know anything about their economic, political or social situation. I tried to go to Somalia but it was just so stable so I prefered to go to a real adventure....

Even those who doesn't like agree with my major point: BUENOS AIRES NO CHANCES. (The city infrastructure from the 60s and 70s are in ruins and the geopolitical situation of the country is not helping).


PS: And, just FYI, I'm probably moving to Argentina in a few months.

Have a nice time there, sincerely.

But be aware about the paros and cortes in transportation system...

Or buy a Ford Fiesta (you'll look milionaire in Puerto Madero).

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I just got back from spending a week in Buenos Aires. I can't attest for the athletic infrastructure of the city, which looks very dated on pictures, but at least they are trying to improve their transportation issues by expanding the metro system. Although the metro system/commuter train infrastructure is still incredibly limited compared to Mexico City, it is somewhat equivalent to what I saw in Rio. Just like Rio, Buenos Aires' main international airport is quite far away from the city center.

On the other hand, there was an obvious foreign exchange black market going on. The new restrictions on converting Pesos to Dollars certainly had effects. I could not shake the feeling that things could go really wrong, really soon.

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Two informations:

Rio have 2 times more commuter train length than Buenos Aires (even being a smaller metro area) and Rio Int'l airport is half the distance (20-25Km) from Touristic Zone/Downtown than BA (40Km).

About subways, what I saw in BA last year was a very outdated system with scary and very dirty stations... Not to mention all the graphite inside the wagons (something that doesn't exist in Brazil at all).

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^^ Some supporters literally destroyed part of the final match stadium because a soccer loss of the host team few weeks before the Cup (and in the final match day, the stadium was not entirely rebuilt).

Photographers had cameras stoled INSIDE the field.

La Plata new stadium (the only new stadium) had more sand than grass, and was called a "Beach Soccer Stadium".

Big deals for a country aiming to host major international events.

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Argentina’s President Signs Youth Olympic Games Guarantees Ahead of Candidate File Submission

Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 28, 2012: The Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games Bid Committee has today confirmed that, ahead of next month’s deadline to submit its YOG Candidate File to the International Olympic Committee, the President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has signed all required Head of State guarantees.

The guarantees signed by President Kirchner commit Argentina to take all necessary steps to ensure the successful organisation of the YOG 2018, to comply with all IOC regulations including the Olympic Charter, to protect all Olympic symbols and to guarantee that all necessary measures will be taken to ensure the safety and peaceful celebration of the YOG 2018, should the IOC appoint Buenos Aires as Host City of the YOG 2018.

Gerardo Werthein, President of the Argentine Olympic Committee, said: “This is a major milestone for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games bid. The fact that President Kirchner has signed the required Head of State guarantees ahead of the submission of our Candidate File to the International Olympic Committee next month demonstrates the significant political support and commitment that exists for the Buenos Aires bid.”

Mauricio Macri, Head of Government of Buenos Aires City, said: “We have received support from the National Government as part of the process all the Buenos Aires partners have undertaken to put together what we hope will prove a compelling Candidate File to host the YOG 2018. We look forward to submitting our Candidate File mid-October and demonstrating how we can host wonderful Games and help the Olympic Movement connect with millions of new, young hearts and minds in Argentina and across South America.”


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i have a question

looking for Buenos Aires 2018 bid's logo, i only found it on facebook, but is it really the official logo?


I don't want to sound cruel, but if this is the best they could make to win this Youth Summer Olympics Games... :unsure: Insipid logo, bad typing, looks like an amateur work. Also, in the middle of controversial diplomacy by the Argentine government and a mess of economy -And last but not least, a terrible "Copa America"- Don't cry for that, Argentina!

Maybe I sound too "patriotic", but I see better effort in the campaign of Guadalajara, even when the campaign was a little bit quiet in these days, but the response in the social networks -Facebook and Youtube- is great. I think Glasgow is still the favorite with Rotterdam as a potential upset, but I wish the best for my hometown...

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^^Add to this:

- Buenos Aires subway is literally in ruins;

- there are strikes all the time, everywhere;

- Argentines are not allowed to buy foreign currency without a boring permit from National Govt;

- Argentina is creating problems in diplomacy and commerce with half the planet (Falkland Islands issue, Europe block to Argentine products, war with Mercosur countries about import/exports, etc);

- Worse: even the King of Spain come several times to visit South America and ignored Argentina every single time;

- They have by now few sports infrastructure to host the games and a badly organized Copa America 2011 as visit card;

- 25%+ per yr inflation eating the national currency and economy;

- a formal ask from some G20 countries to kick them out of the group;

and worse:

no access to international funding, since they never paid the Group of Paris and other International bodies...

I can't imagine, now, any European country or even US voting for some Argentine bid, based in all s*** they are creating in diplomacy/commerce/international relations lately...

But to the defenders of Argentines here in GB, I ask, please show me the good/strong points of Argentina bidding...

There will be few...

Argentina would make a nice host someday...

Someday in future when they get back in shape...

Right now, a bid from Argentina sounds really a joke.

PS: For Argentines is a bit humillating the fact King of Spain (as well for other chief of states like President Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel....) come to South America visit Brazil, Chile and some other country and ignore Argentina completely.

About Spain, this country is considered the "mother country" (patria madre) of Argentina...

And they used to have a very special relationship in the past...

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Now tell us how you really feel about Argentina, Danny.

In fact, Argentina WILL NEVER be ready for you.

Pls Danny, don't even pretend to be "benevolent" towards Argentina. We know you hate Argentina -- but it's kinda getting to be a tired act. Funny, that no Argentinian comes here to engage or belittle you/Brazil.

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Soccer/sports apart - where I really hate them - I have no hate relationship to Argentina...

Indeed I have 3 nice Argentine friends here in Brazil, one of them very close to me and they probably would agree with many points I've posted...

I 'hate' Argentina so much and already went there twice to spend my money in vacations, how can be?


Already said zillions of times here: Argentina is a interesting place to visit, have that European-decadent feel, nice food... Not my favorite place in the world, but I recommend a visit to those coming to South America.

But all I said is true and it's a pit we have no Argentine here to say what they think about the **** politicians they have since Peron - and all the **** they made since then...

Argentina, unfortunatelly, in the geopolitics is isolated, as society is decadent and as economy is gone.

Google around and you will see I'm not "exaggerating".

Tell me how to host some Olympic Games there in this scenario?

The problem is not a matter of rivalry from me... I would say: Argentina have as much chances as Venezuela... Both are almost in the same situation, politically, economically and about infra-structure...

Google and check by yourself.

In fact, Argentina WILL NEVER be ready for you.

Not true... I already said a couple of times.

Buenos Aires will be always a strong bid, since they arrange the things at home...

It's a "powerful" city name in the world scenario, and would be my bet for next South American host...

BUT, they need to solve many problems at home.

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1. Yes, Danny, Argentina has as many faults as the next nation. What nation doesn't? It's just that... the stars for Brazil have finally aligned and you guys are on your way to become one of the top 5 economies in the world.

What I'm saying, at least just in the context of this board, is that you appear to be kicking Argentina constantly when they're down and out -- so it makes you appear like a bully to your neighbor who doesn't have anybody here to stand up for itself.

Why the constant put-down of Argentina for us? Brazil is going to be the host of two big international events in the next 4 years. One would hope that you Brazilians would be more tolerant and play the gracious host, regardless of past history. I mean, you're on the int'l stage now, Danny. Brazil should play the proper international statesperson and be tolerant of all nations. And if you can't be tolerant and feel warm about your immediate neighbor (who has never really attacked like the way Iran and Iraq have attacked each other's citizens!), then what more about distant lands you don't see eye to eye with?

2. Americans don't HATE Canadians. C'mon, Danny, you've lived in the US. You know this isn't true. If anything, Canadians would tend to resent Americans more because they are often mistaken as Americans; and indeed our two peoples are very alike. If anything, it is the Mexicans who the gringos don't really identify with, because the cultures are basically different. But, Danny, after the Mexican-American war of 1848, the 3 nations of North America have never gone to war with each other. Our 3 nations have lived in peace for over 160 years now, and we cooperate; or at best, live-and-let-live. We've never gone to war over a hockey game, a soccer game or a broken pinata, unlike certain countries south of the Rio Grande. ;)

What I'm saying, Danny, it would be nice to see you give Argentina a break. After all, they've never done anything to you on this board. There are many Brazilians here who represent Brazil in so many ways. There are 2 or 3 Spaniards -- but there is NO Argentinian. Why do you keep kicking an absent "enemy"? Show us the more magnanimous side of your personality.

Peace. Hasta lluego. ;)

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Baron, you are mixing sports rivalry with other stuff...

Canadians and Americans have a bit of rivalry in sports, ok, not compared to British vs. France for example or even Brazil vs. Argentina. Anyway

Unless you don't care much about sports itself and never have some rivalry in sports, I'm really not understanding why you are so mad...

Do you want some pictures of me having some good time in Argentina???

What I'm saying, at least just in the context of this board, is that you appear to be kicking Argentina constantly when they're down and out -- so it makes you appear like a bully to your neighbor who doesn't have anybody here to stand up for itself.

No, my point is: they need to fix their international relations, economy and infrastructure to be able to catch international sympathy to host the games. My criticism is about how the Argentine govt. is doing things lately.


By the way, just to make my points clear, tell me how was the score of YESTERDAY'S "America's Super Classic Cup" second leg match in Resistencia, Argentina - this is the tournament Brazil and Argentina main soccer teams plays every year...

Argentina-Brazil match cancelled as lights fail

Published 7:28 p.m., Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Argentina keep collecting fails in Sport Events

What a visit card for IOC...

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Hey Danny,

American don't hate Canadians to any degree, I NEVER heard of such, we love Canada and Canadians. They may not feel the same but hey, we're American, we're used to the criticism and attention.

I was talking about sports rivalry, and maybe, used a strong word, and in fact, there are lots of more "strong" rivalries around the world than USA vs. Canada...

BTW, Brazilians does not hate Argentines as people, indeed, because we hate LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS of them living here in Brazil.

Also, they are the biggest number of tourists in Brazil, ahead of Americans.

Please, don't mix sports rivalry with xenophoby... This really does not happen in South America.

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The Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games bid team has received all the necessary guarantees from the Government ahead of the Candidature File submission deadline next week, but the Argentinian city has refused to give details about the dates they wish to stage the event.

Buenos Aires is currently in a race to host the Games with Glasgow, Guadalajara, Medellín and Rotterdam, while all five are set to submit their Candidature File to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at its headquarters in Lausanne ahead of the deadline on Monday (October 15).

All Applicant Cities are required to state the dates in which they wish to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, but Buenos Aires has declined to reveal which dates it has put forward, saying it will only be made public once the Candidature File is published next week.

While the IOC has not stated an exact window to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, it is said to prefer July and August, with Singapore having staged the first Summer Youth Olympics from August 14 until 26 and Nanjing set to stage the second edition of the Summer Games on August 16 and 28.

But July and August are winter months in Buenos Aires, when the temperature is at its very coldest, and September or October dates would mean a lot of children in Argentina and the rest of the world would have gone back to school, which would not bode well with the IOC as they are the target audience of the Games.

In July 2007 when, during the coldest winter in Argentina in almost 30 years, the city was even hit by heavy snowfall.

Staging the event earlier in the year would also be problematic as it could cause a clash with other major sporting events that year such as the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics and Paralympics in February and March respectively and the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in April.



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