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The YOG's handovers are kept at a minimum since Singapore. As a matter of fact, the protocols are very loose in these games: the flame seems unimportant, the order of segments in the shows and everything else.

The Mayors of Nanjing and Lillehammer attended the closing ceremony of Singapore 2010 for Nanjing and Innsbruck 2012 for Lilliehammer.

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Are you done with your pointless Argentine-phobic rethoric? Can we discuss about the bid? Thanks. PS: And, just FYI, I'm probably moving to Argentina in a few months. Because, yes, I'm stupid and I

Unless, Buenos Aires be the sole bid, we already have a loser for thid bid race. Are the argentines joking around? Ok, I'm already raedy to read I'm biased against Argentina because of football riv

Dear Premium member who voted down on my post (and opinion) about Buenos Aires bid. I suggest you read it again (specially when I wish them good lucky - they will need), and also read all the news re

Probably because things are a bit Messi down there with workers striking against Cristina and stuff.

Nah, nobody gave a damn about this strike except for the syndicalist leaders that want take a piss on the govermnent the most they can. In fact, almost all the workers were actually annoyed by being not allowed to work today. And even then, the mayor of Buenos Aires (Macri) is part of the political opposition, so he had no dog in this fight.

I really don't have a clue as to why he didn't travel. I think it may be because he has been critiziced in the past for his luxury holiday trips outside Argentina (he's a millionaire businessman), so perhaps he wants to give an image of "austerity and only work" now that he's running for president next year.

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