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3rd annual GB logo competition

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Strictly speaking, I think it would be the fourth (or maybe even 5th) GB Logo comp. I thought the Durban one was the third, but it was pointed out there'd been an initial one not counted either.

Whatever, it'd be interesting to see if it had legs. I think at present, there are about four comps in limbo (by Puppy, Baron, Kenadian and me) through lack of interest.

I'd support you and give any help you might want. But I'm the first to admit I'm graphically challenged so wouldn't actually enter a design.

It seems to have worked well lately with Puppy's comps to nominate two cities - a summer and a winter host - to design logos for. But then again, maybe it's worth a try with giving everybody open slather and pick their own cities to do logos for for a change. If you can get the likes of Davey, Soaring, Paul to enter, you'll probably be successful.

Good luck!

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I think we should name a "Comp comission", and ask GBmod to allow only people from the comission to open threads here in this section.

The comp became a mess now-a-days. We never know which comp is really the one. sad.gif

And it's also very unlike to start a comp during the Rugby sweepstakes, where everybody is using their signatures to promote the sweep.

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