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Rio 2016 Olympic Park

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Beautiful, but it needs more green. It looks like a desert.
The new 'Mauá Square', the heart of the new port area, too. The Mauá Square is amazing and the new museums are fabulous, but it needs more green. Rio is a very hot city.

Just look at all those areas of bare soil round the venues in the Olympic park photos. I'm pretty certain that most of them will look very green indeed by August.

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Maria Lenk Arena (Diving, Synchronised Swimming and Water Polo)


Is that some sort of branding? It looks like the plastic that comes on shiny surfaces of new appliances to protect the finish. Hopefully Rio can afford to paint and repair the building before it's televised, or cover it all with branding so you don't see the worn out parts.

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Christ alive - they've got a way to go - when are the test events?

April 29th. It's already been postponed once. It was meant to be on March 18th (Track Cycling Test Events in Rio postponed due to unlaid track).

Even so, they're worried about meeting the deadline for the new date. This from two days ago...

Brian Cookson, the head of world cycling, has admitted it will be a "challenge" to hold a test event at the Rio Olympic velodrome ahead of this summer's Games.

Construction of the building was hit by several delays and the wood of the track only started being laid in the past couple of days.

The planned Olympic test event had to be postponed from this month to the weekend of April 29-May 1, but given that the track needs time to set, there is still no guarantee those dates can be kept.

peaking at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in London, Cookson said: "I have been assured this week that the track will be ready. We know that the carpenters are out there on site with wood, hammers and nails and they are about to start working.

"You have to be assured when you're putting in Siberian timber that the conditions in there are absolutely perfect. The air conditioning needs to be in place and operational, and the moisture control and the dampness need to be under control because the last thing we want when the track is built is the timber going in and warping and bending.

"It would be very regrettable if there was not a test event. Ultimately, it is possible to go to an Olympic Games without a test event, but that makes it less than ideal for everybody.

"There is no Plan B. There is a not another usable velodrome in Brazil so far as I'm aware and there has to be an Olympic velodrome."

More @ http://www.skysports.com/cycling/news/21686/10192630/rio-olympic-velodrome-is-still-a-challenge-says-ucis-brian-cookson

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