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Turkish Airforces are Bombing Terorist Camps in Northern Iraq


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All the Turkish media websites do have this news on their Headlines

1 source for example: http://www.haberturk.com/gundem/haber/660184-kandile-hava-harekati

I will try to keep updates in the capability that I can .. following now on Turksih commercial TV HaberTurk & CnnTurk

Whole the day we were in sorrow about our killed soldiers .. the pkk killed in 3 months about 55 soldiers.

The pkk closed all the doors to diplomatic and democratic ways to communicate .. so Turkey has the right to act .. that's happening now !!

see you later


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Not a good way to start Turkey's 5th Olympic quest. :(:(

Baron .. I can understand your point here .. but in the 'istanbul's official anouncement' topic you mentioned this one;

Security issues: Istanbul MUST SHOW that any sort of radical muslim activities happening between now and 2020, will NOT be tolerated on Turkish soil and if so, will be dealt with promptly. If that is under control AND excellent organizational prowess has been displayed, then I think Istanbul MIGHT have a very strong bid.

Good luck, Istanbul!! Hire Mike Lee before Rome or Tokyo grabs him!! I think he can deliver 2020 for you!!

Think in opposite way. This is one of the very very bloody terrorists movement in the middle east. Their thinking is nothing else than blood blood and damn blood. With this not only the camps but whole the terrorist movement will be demolished once and for all. This has to be done to secure a more secure and a more democratic Turkey .. for the sake of the stability in whole the region.

By the way whole the operation is in coordance with the foreign policy of the USA .. So this had to be done. But indeed it is not a good start. But you know that the region is boiling nowadays. Don't feel like all the chances of ist' are loss .. instead of that we are coming stronger out of this issue more than ever.



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