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Rio 2016 Olympic Media Update

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Just like with what happened with the World Cup broadcasts also in Sub-Saharan Africa: GBC in Ghana sues Angel TV among other media broadcast outlets for illegally broadcasting the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics telecast in Ghana:


Turns out that CDN SportsMax isn't showing the Olympics 24/7 in the Dominican Republic. Since the island nation happens to be a time zone behind from the  Brazilian coast where Rio De Janeiro is in (aka the Atlantic Time Zone as what we would call it here), it can be live with the footage. But it's not all the way for several hours as it's the case with several Latin American nations with the programming. Comes on at 9 or 10 in the morning, perhaps starting with Olympic Road, and then goes on up to 4pm and won't return until 9-11pm (or in the case of Monday August 8 the evening portion comes on early at 6-8pm due to CDN SportsCenter and DOM pro baseball or it can go from 9pm-12am on August 6 after LNB basketball). At 11pm there a 1-hour program devoted to the goings-on with the Dominican Republic Olympic Committee like how its athletes are faring with highlights. The OC was shown live at 5-9pm on Friday, August 8. No pre-Opening Ceremony soccer there.

Kuwait isn't able to compete under its NOC and its national flag. But Kuwait's KTV 3, the sports channel, is showing Rio 2016 on its channel. And on Sports Plus 9:


DD National, aka DD1, in India showed the Opening Ceremony live on Saturday, August 6 at 4am with an immediate replay at 8am. Then the sports coverage starts at 4:30pm and 11:30pm programming blocks. Remember, DD Sports won't get involved itself in the live Olympic sports presentation:


KTRK in Krygzystan--no, not the Houston TV station with the same call letters--has two of its stations showing Rio 2016. Almost entirely its brand new KTRK Sport channel that I talked about. Rio 2016 Olympic TV programming comes in only two blocks: 00:00-23:59 and 23:59-00:00. Been like this August 6. Naturally emphasis will be on the Kyrzgz Olympians and the popular Olympic sports there like wrestling, weightlifting, boxing, judo, along with swimming, track and field, soccer, basketball, cycling, and maybe volleyball. Doesn't say what sports are on the segments though on its website. No pre-Opening Ceremony soccer there. As for the KTRK home channel, Olympic coverage only comes in at these programming blocks every Olympic day now that KTRK has KTRK Sport everyday: 11:55-15:00 (with a 15-minute interruption for news at 13:00), 15:20-16:20, and 22:35-00:00. There's even an Olympic special on KTRK Sport called Champion on its Kryzgz athletes.  

What's left of RDS' and RDS2's Rio 2016 Olympic TV schedule for the French-Canadian part of Canadian Olympic broadcast consortium. Boxing, basketball, judo, cycling, volleyball, handball, field hockey, SOCCER, taekwondo, golf, triathlon, and equestrian are all there. Track and field apparently is reserved for Radio-Canada (SRC). Apologies for not getting it or finding it much sooner:


RAI Sport's intro to its Rio 2016 coverage with sponsors. Pretty nice: 


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I wished USA Today printed out a Rio De Janeiro version of their Summer Olympics preview like it did for London and Beijing. Apparently decided not to make one this time. If I didn't spot one in the week of the Summer Olympics' start, we weren't getting one here. And NBC's Rio 2016 TV schedule was finalized roughly a week before.

Has the Boston bar Olympic satellite TV blackout war since got averted?


Stod 2 Sport is also now showing the Rio 2016 Olympic women's golf tournament, the only women's event it will show.

VTV Canal 9 from Honduras is showing the Olympics. But I think it will be in very modest blocks or no less than an hour or two (there's not a lot Honduran athletes), with the exception of the full Honduras men's soccer matches.

Antigua & Barbuda's ABS is using the ESPN Caribbean feed as its broadcast segment.

Bolivision is back broadcasting Rio 2016. Had to make some sleuthing on the schedule.

Television Varzich televises the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics for Tajikistan. But I couldn't much info regarding its telecast online too. 

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Dan Walker has been superb, as have all the BBC presenters to be fair.   Clare Balding gets all the credit once again but I think cycling turned out to be her krptonite - she didn't seem to grasp the basics of it and with her increased workload these games as the primetime presenter she wouldn't have had the time to study it in the way she could the swimming in 2012, where she had very few studio presenting shifts. 

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BRAZIL: Rio 2016 is absolute success on TV Globo .


The final of the Men's Gymnastics - Jump (14:54 to 15:20) - scored 14 points with 30% share in São Paulo, which grew by +4 points in the range of the average for the past two months. In Rio de Janeiro, won 21 points with 40% share, an increase of 8 points in the range of average compared to June / July.

However, the final of the Women's Gymnastics - Trave (15:44 to 16:18 - Flavia Saraiva) - plunged 15 points with a 30% stake in the state capital, increasing +4 points (+ 36%) in the average range compared to June / July. In Rio de Janeiro, reached 20 points with 38% share, an increase of 7 points (+ 54%) in the range of the average compared to June / July.

The Men's Beach Volleyball - Brazil X USA (Quarterfinals - Alison and Bruno - 16:27 to 16:50) - closed with 16 points with 31% stake in Sao Paulo, growth of +3 points (+ 23%) the average range compared to June / July. RJ, reached 22 points with 43% share, an increase of 6 points (+ 38%) in the average range for the past two months.

Male Athletics - Pole Vault (consolidated average of the end of transmission - 22:37 to 23:54 - Gold Thiago Braz), scored 22 points with a 41% stake in São Paulo, where there was growth of +3 points (+ 16%) in the average range compared to June / July.

In the carioca capital, plunged 27 points with 47% share, an increase of 6 points (+ 29%) in the range of the average compared to June / July.

Already Male Volleyball - Brazil vs. France (22:45 to 12:39), won 20 points with 39% stake in the state capital, an increase of +3 points (+ 18%) in the average range compared to June / July. In Rio de Janeiro, reached 26 points with 47% share, an increase of 6 points (+ 30%) in the average range compared to June / July.

Source: http://www.otvfoco.com.br/globo-comemora-otima-audiencia-da-olimpiada-em-sp-e-rio/#ixzz4HvTAndA5


NOTE: These are the numbers of TV GLOBO is not included the results achieved by the TV RECORD and BANDEIRANTES . Or achieved on cable with SPORTV channels , ESPN and FOX SPORTS.

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BRAZIL : 92 million watch ' Football - Brazil vs Germany' 



According to preliminary data of IBOPE the final of the men's game was an absolute success. The sum of the open channels reached 46 points in São Paulo ( the main town used by the advertising market ) . If we use Sao Paulo as reference are:  

92 million viewers in Brazil 

In London 2012, Brazil reached the final against Mexico which was defeated at that time were 34 million viewers . An increase of + 170% in the audience.

Football Final - RIO 2016 equals audience of the 2014 World Cup . The audience of 46 points in Open TV equals the result achieved in 2014 with the games of the national team.

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BBC consolidated ratings for the week ending 14 August are now available. Way, way down on 2012, as you would expect, but still dominating the viewing charts- the various BBC Olympic channels (including Red Button live coverage) got about 43% of all broadcast viewing over the week- as against 50% in the equivalent week of London 2012, and 33% in a normal 2016 viewing week.

BBC1's typical share of viewing is about 20%, but in the week ending 7 August it rose to 22%, then w/e 14 August to 27%.

The effect of showing the big ticket events in American primetime is pretty plain on Super Saturday and Sunday:

BBC1 primetime viewers 2012, Sat 12.36 million; Sun 13.65 million rising to 17.33 million for the separately billed 100 Metres show.

BBC1 primetime viewers 2016: Sat 5.9 million; Sun 8.18 million for most-viewed programme in the UK that week (but there were still 4.79 million watching the late session starting at 10:30 pm)

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Interesting article on the best TV olympic program from Wall Street Journal:




The Rio Olympics’ Late-Night Legend Show

Spitz! Comaneci! Louganis! Lewis! Olympic icons have a breezy TV hit in Brazil—which is dubbed in real time into Portuguese.




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Alright I'm back after a few days away so I can continue on this. As I promise, I will head towards a lot of stuff that I wish I could've covered during that time but got very busy at the height. Will get to this in parts.

TV5Monde Afrique during its 46 Sub-Saharan African French TV broadcast replayed the previous day's track and field sessions during the 9am-12pm programming block from August 12 as it expanded the daily coverage as it maintained the African emphasis:


Zimbabwe Broadcast Corporation's ZBC TV was involved in a partnership with Zimbabwe's Econet Media and its Kwese Sports channel that was launched in Kenya that saw the creation of Kwese Free Sports as a local FTA channel that witnessed live and delayed Rio 2016 Olympic action with ZBC gaining a sublicing deal that was added to ZTV programming. From August 12, 2016, Econet Media and Kwesé Free Sports brought to Zimbabwe Live Rio 2016 Olympics on ZBC TV from 10pm every evening up to 4:30am in a statement released to Zimbabwe's The Herald newspaper. Olympics highlights from the previous day aired mid-afternoon of the following day. This will be more than six hours of action packed sports drama. On August 21, Kwesé Sports will bring live the Olympics closing ceremony as the only Zimbabwean broadcasters legally permitted to screen the Olympics across Zimbabwe to reach many Zimbabweans:


NBC Olympics' Rio 2016 4KTV (or UHD) broadcast schedule--and which digital satellite services got what and on what channels. Almost very much like the VR schedule:


FUJIFILM provided on-site technical support for the Fujinon lenses with European, Japanese, and American engineers for Rio 2016 with service agents at Camera 2's Rio facility:


El Salvador's TCS had Canal 4 out of its four ESMIT channels--Canal 4, Canal 6, Canal 2, and Canal 35--represented to broadcast Rio 2016 for the Central American Spanish nation. Didn't show the pre-Opening Ceremony soccer like neighbor Honduras did. Showed the Opening Ceremony live. Its broadcasting day, according to GatoTV's website, started with live segments usually from 7am-1pm with the afternoon segment running from 1-7:15pm and onto the evening from 9pm-1am on Day 1 of conmpetition, wrapped up by a daily review show. Programming times varied daily due to its commitment to El Salvador's Primera Division, Liga MX on weekends, or UEFA Super Cup or breaking for News 4 Vision. Sometimes the programming blocks in the afternoon/evenings can go from 2/4-10pm. Monday August 8 and Wednesday August 10-11, and on the 15th, it showed no Olympic action at all, except for the nightly highlights show at 11:30pm-1am, that appeared on most days. August 17-18 had no Olympic afternoon/evening segment. From late night August 20, Canal 4 showed the boxing finals, then returned at 7-9:30am for the men's marathon. At 11:15am-3:45pm, it looked back at numerous gold medal moments called Medalla de Oro. Also showed the men's gold medal basketball game and then after breaking for Primer Division soccer between Aguila vs. FAS at 6pm, it went to the Closing Ceremony up to 8;30pm before closing the El Salvadorean Olympic TV coverage with more boxing finals from that day from 10pm-12am.

23,000 sporting and news hours of capacity got booked on four SES satellites- NSS-806, SES-4, NSS-7 and SES-3. This has enable the transmission of the Olympic Games to broadcasters in Africa and other regions of the world to a more global viewing audinece. Far ahead of record pace and previous editions that prompted Richard Lamb, the Occasional Use Services GM at SES, excited:


Radio Television Kosovo signed a cooperation agreement with Serbia's RTS to have exclusive rights to broadcast the Kosovar free-to-air version of Rio 2016 that RTS got 60,000 euros for. I'll get to Kosovo's RTK more next time:



A little more on Uzbekistan's new Sport TV channel from MTRK. Just a little bit. Watching both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, numerous sports, and medal ceremonies from Agust 5-21. But of course, the focus was on the Uzbek Olympic contingent with all of their performances broadcasted live with a Sport TV correspondent travelling to Rio De Janeiro highlighting their time in the Olympic Village and reporting on the Uzbek athletes' mood in competition. Wrestling, gymnastics, boxing, weightlifting, judo, track and field, swimming, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, rowing, canoeing, trampoline, and table tennis were all shown because of Uzbek's reps. Surely soccer and basketball were included too:


FOX Sports Brazil was happy the Summer Olympics were in their backyard in Rio De Janeiro with so much planned it had for it like Olympic editions of Boa Noite:


A series of the CBC's Rio 2016 broadcast sponsor segments from throughout its English coverage before returning to the action:


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Will get to another lengthy posts on the updates and developments from many nations next week when I get everything together. Need time to assess and gather. Anyway...

Jens Knudsen, VP of Production News and Sports for ‎TV2 Norway, gives a tour of TV2 Norge's Olympic Studio at Rio's Olympic Park with brief backstage appearances from its studio hosts Ingrid Halstensen and Erik Thorsveldt and its modest control set:


Jens gets involved (in English) in another tour when Sports Video Group's Brandon Costa pays visit to the network's studio set's at-home workflows in Olympic Park that features a crane camera and augmented reality:


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The TV listings for the Rio 2016 sailing competitions for the Swedish sailing community that got shown on TV3, TV10, and the Viasat channels and Viaplay. Notice from Wednesday August 10 to Friday, August 12 that it was not televised. Either perhaps there was no Swedish competitors in the disciplines presented on those days or of that delay. If not both. The Viasat Sverige sailing commentary was presented by Ingemar Allen, a commentator from Match Cup Sweden and the Scandinavian M32 Series and expert commentator Vendela Zachrisson, Olympic bronze medalist in 2004 in the 470:


Sam Byford tried the NHK Sports app while watching Rio 2016. He liked what he saw with the raw commentary-less action or studio banter with a network lacking a very high budget to weave narratives, full production treatment with commentary, and on-site reporting for you can focus on and immerse in the athletes' experience, but says commentary could come in handy for those who offhand don't know nuances like the judo points system and strategies or providing context and strategies for the athletes:


Turns out that Singapore's Mediacorp actually DID strike a very last-minute 11th-hour deal with Dentsu to have Rio 2016 televised live with Okto and its four Toggle broadband channels, much to the great delight of the Ministers of Communications and Information and Youth, Culture, and Community. Just in time for Singaporeans to jubilantly witness Joseph Schooling's historic first gold medal for Singapore beating his idol Michael Phelps in the butterfly:



The amazing Claire Balding anchored the coveted BBC primetime Rio 2016 Olympic segment down in Rio De Janeiro (alongside Mark Chapman) despite the hotly anticipated and key swimming and track and field events happening during the late night hours:


Nigerian Television Authority's Rio 2016 broadcast transmission schedule including both ceremonies, all of the Nigerian men's basketball and soccer teams' schedule, daily highlights at 9:30am Nigeria time, and live events not involving those teams from 5-7pm (August 6-21) and also at 12-3am (August 12-20):


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Did I mention that the great Michael Phelps and the Final Five were at New York's MTV VMAs this past Sunday, where host Jimmy Fallon spoofed Ryan Lochte? You don't Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Lauren Hernandez, etc here in this first clip--Gabby Douglas had temporary medical issues and thus couldn't attend. The latter four presented the VMA to Beyonce. Phelps meanwhile introduced rapper Future.

I will return you to our regularly scheduled Rio 2016 Olympic Media posts after this one very, very soon. Still lots of stuff forthcoming...  

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Back after a while as I gradually return to this following a rather busy Labor Day weekend at work--couldn't get onto the public computers at this time much. Will get a big one very soon as I get things together. Anyhoo, I resume with this from Tonga TV. Taken from the TBC's Facebook page. 

The Tongan TV Rio 2016 coverage was divided between TV Tonga 1 and TV Tonga 2. But it was apparently TV Tonga 1 that took the bulk of the coverage, if I got things right. It certainly wasn't like what it was with London four years ago. It all started with live coverage of the Opening Ceremony live on TV Tonga 1 at 11:30 with a preshow and then the Opening Ceremony at 11:50 August 6 (I presume Tongans are using the 24-hour time here). There wasn't much overall with plenty of focus on rugby sevens of course. On August 8, TV Tonga 1 showed 2.5 hours of men's water polo and women's rugby sevens from 4-6:30am local time. Beyond that, it isn't really terribly descriptive about what it shows on TV Tonga 1 during this time slot (perhaps highlights with some focus on the 7-person strong Tongan Olympic team including its Internet-buzzworthy coconut oil-lathered shirtless flagbearer Pita Taufatofua, though the TV guide shows also says it does show Olympic TV commercials at 4pm (or earlier at 3:45am like on August 12. Though on that same day TV Tonga 2 showed more extensive coverage live from 5:30-11:30pm of the "Sipoti 'Olimipiki mei Rio de Janeiro, Brazil". This likely went like this for several days like this under those formats until August 15, where along the 2.75-hour segment I just talked about with an additional one from 9:03-12 on TV Tonga 1. That also had a 3-hour Olympic block on August 17 from 4-7am. August 18 saw TV Tonga 1 show the women's beach volleyball final at 4-6. And then the historic men's rugby sevens gold medal game between Fiji and Great Britain at 10:30 with a 1-hour Tongan Olympic news and highlights show at 9:30 before that. August 19 saw TV Tonga 1 show the men's beach volleyball gold medal match at 4 and then going to some delayed men's and women's taekwondo at 5 with assuming Taufatofua competed here. But he was there the next day. Returns to Olympic broadcasting at 9 for 3 hours. Next day saw at that very time 4-7am slot on TV Tonga 1 the women's field hockey and water polo gold medal finals (both delayed) and then going back at 9-12 too. TV Tonga 2 meanwhile that day went for 6 hours of coverage starting at 5:30 with the same women's water polo final, men's basketball semis, and men's 10m platform diving--all delayed. TV Tonga 1 did show the Closing Ceremony live and then onto the regular delayed segment at 4-6:30 and then other delayed stuff at 8:30-12. August 22 had them again at 4-5:30 and 10-12.

I'm certain the TV Tonga channels showed the volleyball, handball, and basketball finals along with the track and field and swimming. Will get more into this as part of the big ones later. 

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Turns out that, thanks to my return to Facebook, over in Fiji the Rio 2016 FBC broadcast was on FBC and on FBC Plus. In some locations like Walesi, a UHF antenna decoder was needed to get FBC Plus. Other Fijian areas had to utilize a VHF version. All sevens matches along with other sports were televised on FBC, including all the medal round/classification games. Will delve more next week, which is where I'll submit my big, lengthy posts with lots of time ahead of me.   

As for Suriname, the small Dutch South American nation that actually ties itself more to the West Indies/Caribbean culturally like its other Guyana nations and Belize, its national TV broadcaster STVS didn't get into the Olympics all that much. All it showed apparently is just a half hour of daily afternoon Olympic highlights around 12:30-13:30, based on what I gathered on STVS' Facebook page. When it was actually ATV's TV2 Suriname, a TV channel that's only been in existence for 5 years now (duly and heavily noted on its Facebook profile photo at this writing), that handled the bulk of the Rio 2016 broadcasting coverage. Showed the Opening Ceremony live at 20:05 to 0:00 and the Closing Ceremony at 18 (6pm), ending its Rio 2016 Olympic broadcasting from 8am that day. Given how popular soccer is in Suriname and the fact it has been known to produce of the greatest Dutch soccer players like Rijkaard, Seedorf, Kluivert, Davids, Guulit, Winter, and Hasselbink I'll presume it showed some men's soccer matches although the TV listings for August 4 aren't shown on its Facebook page. Coverage, adapted from the OBS world feed, typically went live from 8am-1:50 (except on August 15, when it ended at 22:35) with lots of individual sports like rowing, weightlifting, diving, boxing, judo, shooting, the ever-popular beach volleyball, cycling, equestrian, table tennis, archery, swimming, gymnastics, badminton, golf, and track and field with some team sports like volleyball and maybe some basketball, soccer, and field hockey. Around August 11, TV2 allowed some daily breaks from the wall-to-wall Olympic broadcasting with ATV Nieuws for 40 minutes at 19:00 (7pm) and Caribbean Newsline at 21:30 (9:30pm). On August 18, it started on 7am. August 17 and 19 saw the additional interruption of the 40-minute Panorama at 17 (5pm) for 50 minutes and In Gesprek Met...(In Conversation With...) also on the 17th at 19:40 (7:40pm) until 20:25. And Player Attack on August 19 at 19:35 for 25 minutes.

Sister channel ATV usually got involved only with the twice-aired daily 30-minute ATV Olympische Journaal at around 15:00 and 22:10. Although on August 12 it did get its hands dirty in the Rio 2016 Olympic coverage from 7:00-00:25 with golf, badminton, track and field, swimming, boxing, table tennis, equestrian, and volleyball, particularly at noon for the 100m Sprint heats for Suriname's Sunayna Wahi. Did break from that at 19:00 for ATV Nieuws for 40 minutes and at 21:00 for a half-hour for Player Attack. Clearly the ATV channels had ample chances to show its 6-person Team Suriname like swimmers Renzo Tjon-A-Joe and Evita Leter, badminton player Soren Opti, track athlete Jurgen Themen and Wahl, and judoka Yigal Kopinsky.

And Ghana's special police force unit, the Communications Fraud Unit, raided Angel TV's headquarters in Accra for stealing SuperSport's Olympic signal weeks ago just before the Games ended:


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RTSH's TV spot for promoting Albanian weightlifter Briken Calja competing the men's 69kg weighlifting category in Rio 2016 on the night of August 9 at 24:00 Albania time exclusively on TVSH:

In this clip from KBS' fun, silly, and light-hearted show Happy Together from late July, KBS soccer commentators Lee Young-pyo and discuss with the Happy Together crew on rival and far more famous South Korean soccer  broadcasters' counterparts (and fellow South Korean Olympic broadcasters) from SBS and MBC, Youngpyo's sportscasting style and keeping it fun, reflecting on his 2014 World Cup predictions that prompted worldwide attention, then offers his then-upcoming predictions for South Korean men's soccer team in the Rio 2016 Olympics (made it to the QFs but lost to Honduras). BTW the Mexican flag is wrong. Upside down. Byungchul talks more at the end of this video clip about his sport of fencing 


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