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Rio 2016 Olympic Media Update

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15 minutes ago, Sagacious said:


That's expected right?



. The total audience of transmission was 44 points in SP, using as reference are 88 million nationally . In London in 2012 were 9 points, using cmoo reference are 18 million people . The audience of the Opening Ceremony was at the same level of the country's games at the 2014 World Cup . Participation in the share is also striking. Furthermore the lack of interest of Brazilian dissipated in 2 weeks. Today at work, my colleagues commented on the OC and planned to attend the events this weekend .

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BRAZIL: RECORD TV is accused of displaying 'LIVE ' for delay broadcast.



Saturday ( 6) , first full day of competitions of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 , viewers complained about the TV Record on Twitter to show how 'live ' recorded disputes. "Record 're going replay live signal ? uhshus ' ' complained one. "Record boot LIVE in the corner just right embellishment ? just can '' cornetou other. Most mentions on Twitter about " recorded live ' ' of Record made reference to broadcasts of artistic gymnastics mode . " The Record has begun to reprise gymnastics boys like live # Rio2016 ," tweeted a viewer . "Record to fool anyone with this live gym ? I saw in the Globe before hahahahhaha ' ' , accused another netizen .

" While the Record shows a Brazilian athlete competing gymnastics 'live' , Globo already interview the same after the competition # Rio2016 ' ' ,

highlighted other, straddling the error from the state broadcaster.

Read more: http://uolesportevetv.blogosfera.uol.com.br/2016/08/06/tuiteiros-acusam-record-de-usar-ao-vivo-em-transmissao-gravada-da-rio-16/

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US ratings.

TV Ratings: Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony Falls 28 Percent From London

It stands as the lowest overnight for a Summer Games since 1996.

If Rio's opening ceremony had anything working against it, it was the lack of spectacle that the cash-strapped South American country would be able to put on. Beijing and London set a very high bar for theatricality during the last two Summer Olympics.

Working against the ratings draw was also the earlier go-time for the U.S. Olympic Team during the Parade of Nations. That came an hour earlier than in London. Ratings peaked at a 19.0 overnight between 10 and 10:15 p.m., when the U.S. team walked. 


..looks a litle like the guy on the left wet his pants. ^_^

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9 hours ago, Quaker2001 said:

Supposedly, the daytime show is going to split between the IBC and Copacabana.  Primetime will be at the IBC.  NBCSN will probably make use of both

Similar arrangement for the BBC, though their Olympic Park broadcasts are from within the park rather than the IBC.  Most of the BBC1 coverage is from Copacabana, except primetime which is from the Olympic Park with Dame Clare Balding of Olympia.  Reverse for BBC4 with daytime from the Olympic Park and primetime from the Copacabana - and so far all on the beach rather than in the studio.


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1 hour ago, Barcelona_'92 said:

NBC's ratings for night 1 of primetime are down 30% from the first night of 2012.  Didn't even average 20 million viewers.  This is a disaster so far for them.  I think it will get better over the next several days with Phelps and women's gymnastics but the second week of the Games could be dire.

Someone pointed out to me earlier that ratings for the U.S. swimming trials were well down from 2012 as well.  So perhaps we should have seen this coming.  But yes, any way you spin it, this is bad news for NBC and they have to be praying that the tide turns sooner rather than later or else they're going to be in big trouble.

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NBC Audience for Olympics Opening Drops 35% From London 2012

NBC’s broadcast of the Olympics opening ceremony delivered a U.S. audience that was 35 percent smaller than the one viewing the first evening of the London games four years ago.

The broadcast was viewed by about 26.5 million people, NBC Sports spokesman Dan Masonson said Saturday. The preliminary audience rating of 17.2 dropped from London’s initial rating of 23.0, NBC said. Each rating point equals 1 percent of the 116.4 million U.S. TV households tracked by Nielsen. Friday’s opening ceremony was streamed online simultaneously for the first time, which may have hurt TV ratings. 

The festivities from Rio de Janeiro aired at 7:30 p.m. in most U.S. time zones, helping NBC reach as many U.S. viewers as possible in prime time. The network’s telecast of the 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies in London attracted 40.7 million viewers.

....bigger drop for NBC than initially reported.

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I'm looking forward to the release tomorrow of audience numbers in Brazil this weekend .

There was only some previous results on Saturday morning . There were around 20% growth in the TV GLOBO audience.

The question is how to come out the other stations and also the result at other times .

The big problem is that Brazil's performance is below expectations, we got a silver medal.
The men's soccer has poor performance , and judo so far yielded only failures ( a mode that Brazil expected more ) .
Tonight has men's soccer and swimming finals , Brazil will probably no medals in the pool.

Certainly it worries stations.

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I kinda blame NBC editing and delay which got even worse than other times (i'm sure lots of people preferred to see the show online thanks to streams which have become more popular today) and all the negativity of the media about the show low budget (when it actually ended up being much better than expected). 

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TV Ratings: Olympic Competition Opens With 19.5 Million Viewers, Still Down From London

The second night of NBC primetime coverage is off 32 percent from the comparable showing four years ago.

In the key demographic of adults 18-49, NBC averaged a 5.5 rating. That's off 37 percent from the first night of competition during the 2012 London Games. To be fair, marquee U.S. talent (like swimmers Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps) went head-to-head on that night.

It will be some time before it's clear how much of a lift NBC is getting from streaming, but early indicators (i.e. data released from coverage of the Opening Ceremony) also have online views up considerably this Olympics.

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BRAZIL : TV GLOBO records high audience in ' Olympic Night '

(Foto: Divulgação)



The game of women's football Brazil vs Sweden earned the Globe 27 points in Rio and 23 in Sao Paulo on Saturday 6 , from 21h53m to 23h53m .

The Brazilian team won the Swedish by 5-1 . In São Paulo , the rate is six points higher than the average range in June and July . In Rio, the growth was seven points. The numbers are a preview released by Ibope .



These numbers are very good. Remember that they do not reflect the share of time ! Also we must remember that the TV BAND also showed the match. At the time the RECORD TV is mainly dedicated to transmission of swimming. I await the consolidated figures tomorrow to know the numbers of the other channels , but the Olympics so far seem to be a SUCCESS !!!

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I'm back as I said I would be with lots of free time to handle this again!

Morocco has its SNRT channels, three of them Arryadia the sports channel Channel 6, Tamazight Channel 8, and Al Aoula Channel 1, to handle the Rio 2016 broadcast that it got the Moroccan national broadcast TV rights from the ASBU.  The National Society of Radio-broadcast and Television will have its own staff in Rio De Janeiro and will focus on sports, both live and recorded to cope with time zone differences from Brazil to Morocco, that holds lots of appeal to Moroccans. As an ASBU member the SNRT will have its channels operate daily summaries on Morocco's athletes:


Arryadia Channel 5 is the sports home with basketball, volleyball, handball, swimming, track and field, both ceremonies, soccer, some tennis, and a daily Olympic day magazine to start the day.

Tamazight Channel 8 will handle both ceremonies, select basketball matches, some judo, handball, and wrestling, track and field, volleyball, soccer, equestrian, taekwondo, and lots of boxing:


Al Aoula Channel 1: both ceremonies, swimming, wrestling, handball, soccer (including men's QF and gold medal final), equestrian, track and field (both afternoon and evening sessions), boxing, a daily news summary:


The CCN TV6 Trinidad & Tobago live Opening Ceremony TV promo adopting much of the same footage used from NBC's promo, soundtrack and all, with footage of the likes of javelin champ Walcott and a native female voiceover to make it more national for them


A reminder of the Hong Kong's TVB's 500-hour free-to-air coverage on Pearl, Jade, and digital-only J5. Along with that MySuperTV and an app that you can get access for HK$68 a month if you enter a 12-month contract or by buying the receiver which includes a 12-month subscription at HK$780. A smartphone or tabloid app is also available at a monthly fee of HK$38:


ENTV's Channel 3, or the Third Channel, in Algeria will only do more than 10 hours of Rio 2016 action live with priority towards the Algerian athletes under a 4-part daily broadcast: The first period extends from ten o'clock in the morning to one o'clock into the afternoon. The second one is between one and a half to five in the evening. And it extends the third period of five and a half to eight o'clock. Fourth period of nine at night to four in the morning. ENTV harnessed a team of journalists and technicians including six journalists to Rio in covering the event with 10 technicians on their side, including three ENTV technicians. Surely ENTV's 3 showed the early Algeria soccer game:


Armenia TV 1 is typically brief starting with Olympic Diary at 15:30 (also comes on at 3:30am on some days). Then things like shooting, volleyball, diving, beach volleyball, basketball, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, rowing, weightlifting, and archery practically appearing in 3 daily segments with strong focus on Team Armenia. Couldn't get the Armenia 1 TV press release translated yet, though. Expected to be some expansion in the coverage but didn't happen.

But here's Armenia TV 1's Rio 2016 promo:

More intended for those who are outside of Brazil and want to know about how the Brazilian media giant Globo got the official broadcasting rights and its plans to use its status as the official domestic Rio 2016 media rights holder including the tech innovations:


How RTBF's La Deux sets up its French-Belgian Rio 2016 coverage on La Deux under the Viva Rio programming and documentaries with strong emphasis on Team Belgium.  Vincent Langendries presented the Opening Ceremony on La Deux live on late Friday night at 00:55 with a reairing on 11:05am Saturday before Viva Rio Mag and live competition. Live French radio coverage will be provided by RTBF Audio:



Paid any attention towards the Olympic TV schedules coming from the former Yugoslavian nations? If you had with the public broadcasters--HRT, RTS, TV SLO, RTCG, BHT, and MRT from there, there's an emphasis on the popular sports (outside of the anchor sports swimming, gymnastics, and track and field) from that area: basketball, water polo, handball, volleyball, soccer, and tennis. Since there's no apparent co-broadcaster willing to take on sports that aren't as popular to those in the former Yugoslavia and hasn't been for quite some time, except briefly the Croatian Olympic Committee's sports TV network in London (forgot the name). 

During Lietuvos Rytas TV's nearly round the clock Rio 2016 transmission, there's a 15-minute program co-reported by Edita Uzaite and Rita Stankeviciute that comes 3x daily that has them scoping the Rio De Janeiro scene and cultures going about town. With their own cameras. Lietuvos Rytas TV's Rio 2016 coverage started Saturday at 14:20 with Olympic Studio and onto the competition. Seemingly only news breaks the competition based on the TV schedule.  

Namibia has the Namibian Broadcasting Company, the other NBC, showing live Rio 2016 coverage on NBC1. Problem is, the schedule currently dates back to mid-July right now. Also its details from this NBC are very little we don't even the breath of the Olympic broadcast this time:


Canal+ Afrique actually is showing the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics across Sub-Saharan Africa too. Just importing the 6 Canal + Sport channels used from France:


A Radio Slovensko podcast series entitled Od Aten Po Rio (From Athens To Rio):


The Kazak Rio 2016 Olympic TV schedule for both KAZSport and Kazakhstan TV (only in Cyrillic):


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It's BBC Sport here attempting to recapture that moment when Claire Balding's interview with Bert Le Clos back in London attracted such positive worldwide attention when his son Chad upset Michael Phelps (and included in the BBC's 2012 Olympic DVD set), thus prompting Bert to become a celeb in his own right. So he was invited back to be with the Beeb in Rio De Janeiro. I do think this time with Bert's cancer battle (and that of his wife's), that has weighed heavily on Chad in his swimming. 

Tanzania's Azam Media has the ZBC2 (for the Zanzibar Broadcasting Company) and UTV covering Rio 2016 noted on its website, like on its homepage.

Instead of playing actual soccer matches, SF2 in Switzerland showed on August 3-4 Rio Aktuell at 22:20. On August 5 immediately after Rio Aktuell, Rio Countdown came on at 23:00 up to 00:50. The Swiss French public broadcaster channel, RTS Deux, had the Opening Ceremony on later than what France 2 aired at 15:55 but likely because RTS 2 at 17:45 didn't plan for a pre-show and ample time for thoughts and reaction (France 2's broadcast ended at 22:50 with RTS Deux's at 20:20). RSI's Italian coverage on RSI La 2 of the Opening Ceremony came at 1am Swiss time.

Stod 2 Sport's Rio 2016 Olympic broadcasting portion is only men's soccer and men's basketball with its channels. More details later.   

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On 8/7/2016 at 3:59 PM, Ikarus360 said:

I kinda blame NBC editing and delay which got even worse than other times (i'm sure lots of people preferred to see the show online thanks to streams which have become more popular today) and all the negativity of the media about the show low budget (when it actually ended up being much better than expected). 

Possibly, in my opinion it's a combination of a few things. The Olympic games just aren't as important to most as they have been in the past, add in NBC's insistence on putting everything in prime-time and requiring cable during a period when people are watching less TV, moving to on-demand and streaming. Second the Olympic organizations have really bad PR, the IOC is an elitist corrupt cabal, Russia was able to get away with state sponsored doping and the IOC did nothing about it. The weather is nice, summer is winding down, school starts in like 2 weeks, all adds up to NBC paying huge sums and hooking up with something that has past its peak.

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6 hours ago, GoNutz said:

Possibly, in my opinion it's a combination of a few things. The Olympic games just aren't as important to most as they have been in the past, add in NBC's insistence on putting everything in prime-time and requiring cable during a period when people are watching less TV, moving to on-demand and streaming. Second the Olympic organizations have really bad PR, the IOC is an elitist corrupt cabal, Russia was able to get away with state sponsored doping and the IOC did nothing about it. The weather is nice, summer is winding down, school starts in like 2 weeks, all adds up to NBC paying huge sums and hooking up with something that has past its peak.

This, mostly. Media consumption is a totally different game in this day and age. Digital disruption has totally changed the game from the traditional broadcasting model. NBC's and IC's deals have yet to come to terms and deal with this. They're going to have to work out a totally new model for moving beyond the future of the existing broadcast rights.

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Right now, due to my massive work schedule in these weeks, I wasn't able to enjoy the Olympics as much as I would very much like. If I had my way, I would be on a LoveSac or couch just being lazily on either simultaneously watching on a smart TV, tablet, and laptop, Did manage to watch a morsel here and there online but on NBC's streams; was on Bahamas' ZNS and Peru's Latina TV (More on that later) and even ESPN Latin America (the Mexican edition). Got an off-day today finally, so I can indulge quite a bit now...

The closest I've been as far as going consistent Olympic enjoyment has been listening to Westwood One Sports' Rio 2016 coverage on the radio. Good thing it's coming at a favorable time zone for the US this time around as we Americans can get some live action like swimming, where it can fit neatly into the primetime "Tonight In Rio" coverage as the programs delves into other things. Perhaps because of the 2-hour stint, it could go further in some ways. In off-time zone ones, it's just more of a daily highlights package. On the other hand, many US sports radio affiliates, as I mentioned in the London/Sochi versions of this thread, happen to be affiliates of the likes of ESPN Sports, NBC, and FOX, or a mix of two. Plus some local sports commitments or conflicts. My hometown one is principally ESPN though it does air some Westwood One for major events rights like NCAA basketball and NFL along with NBC Sports Radio programming like Sunday Blitz and (my fave) Speaking Of Sports on Sunday mornings.  Westwood One Sports actually does offer full events  if you head online and listen to the various sports it covers instead of the radio stations. Not as diverse as it probrably should be in the sports it covers (maybe it should reserve for satelitte radio). But better than last time. IMO the best thing about its broadcast is listening to David Wallenchinsky.

So without any further adieu, I'd like to bring up the Westwood One starting with the sportscasters' list:   


The CBC helpfully answers some questions regarding its Rio 2016 broadcast coverage for viewers regarding the competition and ceremonies, where there will be once again a simulcast with the CBC and TSN (English) and Radio-Canada and RDS (French):


Turns out I was rather late when it comes to getting the CBC/TSN/Sportsnet/Radio-Canada/RDS/RDS2 Canadian schedule. Unlike in Sochi, there's no full-fledged all-around TV schedule with all the networks on the CBC's website. The TSN portion is updated daily with the current day of comp rather than the ultimate start. First time I come there this afternoon, furthest it goes on TSN's website is Thursday. D'Oh! More details there. But I salvaged what I got and pasted on Microsoft Word. The earlier stuff I have to go towards Sports on Canadian TV. And yes, on TSN the full event sports are separated through its multiple channels TSN1-5 due to the multiple sports. Even with its CFL commitments going on at the same time on TSN. But it's not as specific as to what's shown. Question is, does TSN have its own studio host from Toronto, if not from Rio, that acts as studio host? Or does it head straight to the action with the program segment and its commentators? Ditto for Rogers Sportsnet.

How Sydney's Triple M 104.9 FM and other Southern Cross Austereo radio stations and DAB+ captures the glory, excitement, passion, energy, and joy from Rio De Janeiro with 7 Rio Live and also includes Roy and HG and the Madi Gras of Medals daily show. There's an app for that too:


When I saw the Latina Television Peru Rio 2016 Olympic TV listings, it looked very limited as you may expect with a Latin American with modest Olympic programming blocks. But Latina TV actually uninterrupted all of its Olympics on its digital subchannel 2.3. It tends to bounce around events but allows them to be in their entirety as it seems to be already underway in a few cases. Ofttimes with no commentary. Nonetheless, it's a far greater Olympic TV broadcast than Peruvians have ever had in its history. Be it on America or ATV Canal 9. Latina TV's sister station Panamerican TV also gets involved with the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro too in Peru. But only for no more than 2 hours a day, usually at 19:00 or just an hour at 20:00. Though on Saturday it'll be at 15:00 for 2 hours and Sunday at 14:30 for 2.5 hours:




When I check out the Olympic TV listings for the likes of smaller European nations like for Armenia TV 1 (First Public Channel), Georgia's TV1 and Channel 2, and Cyprus' PIK channels, there's certainly not a lot in the way of details as to what's being covered during those segments. Actually Armenia's rather tough because I can't translate it effectively from its characters sometimes. I can guess though there's select events like swimming, wrestling, weightlifting, some gymnastics in the coverage.

Here's the entire ESPN Latin America Rio 2016 Olympic score as conducted by Musical Director Alondra de la Parra

Venezuelans can now get the TVES Rio 2016 coverage enhanced by not just watching its channels but also getting itself involved in the new interactive Open Digital Television application using the red, green, and yellow buttons:




Yes, TVES' coverage is 12 hours daily on Channel 2403:


Went to Albania's RTSH's website. Their schedule is only updated on that day, which means I can't get to past schedules. In fact, TVSH1 and TVSH2 share the exact same schedule with select sports like swimming, boxing, judo, basketball, soccer, water polo, handball, beach volleyball, and volleyball.

Suriname's STVS and ABC made a multipart special centering on its athletes and former athletes that you can see on Team Suriname's/Suriname Olympic Commitee's Facebook page Suriname...Destination Rio:



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Further more details about ABC Radio's Olympic Grandstand as Australia's "official non-commercial Olympic radio broadcaster" in Rio 2016:




I couldn't find anything outside of that Paraguay TV news link (not from its website) where there's any programming reference towards Paraguay TV's Rio 2016 broadcast. Maybe I will later on. But what I saw was just a colorful grid of the regular weekly programs.

Tunisia's ERTT's Al Wataniya TV channels, Al Wataniya 1 and Al Wataniya 2, are showcasing the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics on the FTA side.  Directly from Rio De Janeiro are the broadcasting of competitions beginning from 1:30-7:00 pm and from 10:30 pm until the end of the competitions (very likely late into the night) on Al Wataniya 1. Al Wataniya 2 will broadcast the Olympics in the same period from 12-17:00, the time of broadcast television news. Thereafter broadcast of Olympic competitions resumes. DTH Tunisian participation in the Olympics has been scheduled along with a daily report lasting 52 minutes scheduled from 9:30 p.m. in which a summary of the highlights and Tunisian investments will be broadcast:


Along with Paraguay TV, I couldn't so far get much info on the indvidual Sub-Saharan African ones with few exceptions like South Africa and Nigeria of course. Ivory Coast's RTI proclaims on its website that both RTI 1 and RTI 2 are showing Rio 2016. Still working on getting the details.

EMTV's Rio 2016 Papua New Guinea coverage surely has lots of rugby 7s, swimming (starring Ryan Pini), track and field, boxing, some basketball, beach volleyball. If Fiji One, Tonga Television, and the FBC's broadcast schedules are indicators. Coverage goes from midnight to 1pm, which unfortunately on its website unlike with London 2012 doesn't go into detail of the days' Olympic programming. The Opening Ceremony went live from 9am-12:30pm.

Cuba's Telerebelde is of course 24 hours a day with lots of swimming, judo, boxing, weightlifting, gymnastics, volleyball (both kinds), basketball, shooting, rowing, wrestling, handball, tennis, fencing, archery, badminton, cycling, and track and field. If Cubans are there, they will be granted priority.

RTM Malaysia's energetic samba-inspired Rio 2016 promo  

The emotional commentary moment from RCN Radio Colombia when Colombian weightlifter Oscar Figueroa wins gold in Rio--"Colombia Oro!"


Can't forget about tennis being shown on the TVSH channels too. 


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