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Rio 2016 Olympic Media Update

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NBC this impressed with the TV GLOBO structure.


Some NBC professionals were impressed to find the TV GLOBO esturtura for the Olympics.

NBC is known for making the largest investments in Olympics , but this time was impressed by the TV GLOBO .

The Brazilian broadcaster will make 160 hours of transmission, built a modern studio in the center of the Olympic Park , while foreign stations will be all together in one place next to Arena 's Future .


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BRAZIL : Schedule on TV GLOBO (31 jul. at 07 ago.)



The TV Globo (largest TV station in Brazil) will get coverage on Sunday (31). Early in the morning at 10.30 after the 'Formula 1' the station will display your morning 'Sports Spectacular' straight from the Olympic Park studio. The evening will be the turn of 'Fantastic' be transmitted directly from the site. During the week all news programs will be anchored directly to the Olympic Park.



Afternoon 15H12 Ace will be broadcast Women's Football (Brazil X China). The transmission end ace 18h22 pm.


Afternoon 15H12 Ace will broadcast the men's soccer (Brazil vs. South Africa). The transmission end ace 18h22 pm.


The programming will not suffer changes during the morning. In the afternoon, the novel 'Eta Mundo Bom' will begin at 5 pm. The affiliated stations will transmit their newspapers from 5:50 ace 6.05. Soon after 'Haja Coração! ' will be displayed. Ace 7.00pm the 'Jornal Nacional' will have a special edition of one hour. The broadcast of the ceremony starts at 8:00 pm and end at 11:28 pm.


The station displays from 09.00 am to 1 pm, this time there is the transmission of Handball and Beach Volleyball. Transmission occurs from the afternoon 2:15 pm Ace 5 p.m. The evening will be ace 10 p.m ace 00 p.m.


Transmissions range from 9:30 am to 4 pm. They stop to the 'Brazilian Championship Football League'. And return ace 10 p.m. Still they will be displayed flashes.


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BRAZIL : RECORD TV starts direct broadcast of the Olympic Park .



On the evening of Tuesday ( 26) , the host Adriana Araujo came live from the Olympic Park , to the Jornal da Record . In the program, she commanded a compact with the most important news of the day and talked about his mission in 2016 :



It is sad to see that the RECORD TV does not have a studio for your presenters who will speak straight from the ground.
The RECORD TV is the second largest broadcaster in the country, and sent to London in 2012 and now exclusivity is behind the TV GLOBO and BAND TV .

Will be 130 hours on TV RECORD, against 160 hours on TV GLOBO and over 200 hours BAND TV .

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BRAZIL : TV RECORD sent more presenters to Vancouver 2010 to send in Rio 2016

Record enviou mais apresentadores pra Olimpíada de Inverno que na Rio 2016

NATELINHA -  More news programs anchored in Vancouver, Canada, during the Winter Games than in Rio de Janeiro during the Summer Olympics. This is one of comparison that can be drawn from the disclosure of the Record team list for the event which begins on August 5th. In 2010, before his first exclusive Olympic broadcast, Record squandered. The transmission of the ice competitions earned critical praise and good ratings. Break, caught the market's attention to the arrangements. And he made the Globe, who never had given the ball for the event, go to view live some competitions in Sochi in 2014. At the time, "Speak Brazil", "Jornal da Record," "Fantastic Sport" and "Sunday Spectacular" told with presenters on Canadian soil. They were represented, respectively, by Roberta Piza, Ana Paula Standard, Mylena Ciribelli and Paulo Henrique Amorim. Now, for 2016, occupy the posts respectively journalists Carla Cecato, Adriana Araujo and again Mylena Ciribelli, the only "survivor" in the same role throughout the cycle, which should end with the disinterest in acquiring the rights of Games Tokyo in 2020.



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Well they are hosts so it's not that hard of a challenge where others need to struggle with logistics. I'm happy as long as everything is accessible 100% without paywall, i something is not in TV you can always catch it via internet and our TVP provides that, Sadly this is last Olympics like that due to whole Eurosport deal :( So i plan to enjoy it to it's fullest :) 

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Khabar TV in Kazakhstan strikes a late deal with Japanese advertising agency Dentsu to cover Rio 2016 on TV as the Kazak Olympic broadcast partner after some very difficult negotiations. It'll broadcast 100 hours with live coverage of including the opening and closing ceremonies, boxing, weightlifting, judo, diving, synchronized swimming and “many other events” with the full segment re-airing the next day with plans for a Internet Rio 2016 portal. There will be two sets of sportscasters, one in Kazak (Zhandos Aytpai, Yerzhan Koshkenbayev, Yermukhamed Maulen and Aibek Kabylshev) and another crew in Russian (Dmitry Mostovoi, Yevgeniy Akmanov and Andrei Nekludov)that will travel to Rio De Janeiro. There will be a crew of experienced sports analysts for the Olympic sports with two crews of the Khabar agency for the preparation of exclusive materials from the event went to Rio de Janeiro;  "Khabar" and «24KZ» TV channels will broadcast in the newscasts.





But KAZSport will join Khabar TV as it turns into a 24-hour Kazak Olympic broadcasting operation with 16 hours daily live with the promise of showing every one of the 104 Kazak Olympians in Rio. KAZSport's coverage will a total of 220 hours. Kazakhstan TV :


Unlike the NZ Herald and Stuff.co.nz, TVNZ's packing for Rio De Janeiro but under serious reservations with SKY NZ:



PRIME TV NZ's TV schedule, at least in the early going, for Rio 2016 is for Thursday (NZ time) 11:30am-2pm that will undoubtably be the New Zealand (Football Ferns/SWANZ) vs. the United States match in women's soccer live with a 4:30-5:30pm news and highlights segment after a 30-minute And The Crowd Goes Wild and another one at 6-7pm immediately followed by And The Crowd Goes Wild for 30 minutes. Friday will see the same afternoon and evening segments at those very same time slots with And The Crowd Goes Wild. Saturday will see on PRIME TV the live presentation of the Opening Ceremony at 10:50am to 3pm with And The Crowd Goes Wild Omnibus that will be followed with a 1-hour Rio 2016 Highlights at 4:30pm (and will come again later at 11:30pm). At 6pm Kiwis will see a 1-hour Kiwi version of the Rio 2016 Highlights. Saw PRIME's TV guide on its website. 

Sunday starts the Kiwi Olympic sports coverage Sunday with Ready For Rio at 12:30am followed with equestrian, rowing, rugby sevens, field hockey, cycling, women's soccer and swimming. Good Morning Rio comes on at 6am for 5 minutes for up until 9:30am with Eric Young hosting the segment. Rio On Prime comes on 9:30am for 30 minutes prior to resuming the competition with Te Arahi Maipi hosting until 3pm. Highlight shows come on at 4:30pm (and again at 11:30pm) and 6pm (the Kiwi Highlights) with Prime News sandwiching the two at 5pm. Wouldn't be PRIME NZ sports and the Olympics without that And The Crowd Goes Wild touch from 7pm weeknights with Mark Richardson and Hayley Holt in the studio as they check in with James McOnie and the rest of the team in Rio De Janeiro for their unique and entertaining take on the carnival atmosphere of the biggest sporting event in the world.

CAT in Thailand was granted the responsibility to transmit Thailand's first digital HD presentation of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics to the free-to-air TV Pool channels--Channels 3, 5, 7, 9, and NBT from the ASIASAT 5 digital satellite starting with the women's soccer on August 3. It welcomes it:


Altogether, it will be a combined 200 hours for the TV Pool channels. Now they're requesting a 150 million bhat government subsidy to help cover the lack of sponsorship revenue intended to replenish the reported 450 million bhat Olympic purchase:


Kyrgyzstan's KTRK launched a 24-hour, 7 days a week sports channel called KTRK Sports back in mid-December that will cover Rio 2016:


Far cry from what Greece's ERT channels used to do back with Athens 2004 with the three ERT channels and of the extra Olympic-specific ones that Nova carried (ET 4-9) to now with Rio. What we do know from ERT is this: ET1 will start showing Rio 2016 starting with all-live women's soccer with Sweden vs. South Africa at 19:00-20:55 (Greece time 7-8:55pm). Brazil vs. China comes in at 22:00-0:00. And the USA  vs. New Zealand from 1-3:00 after 1-hour ERT News, Sports, and Weather. ET1 returns on Thursday with Brazil vs. South Africa, Portugal vs. Argentina, and Fiji vs. South Korea back-to-back-to-back kicking things off at 22:00 (10pm). ET2 hits the scene when it shows live Iraq vs. Denmark, Algeria vs. Honduras, and Mexico vs. Germany starting at 19:00 (7pm). ET3 gets Sweden vs. Colombia at 1-3am and Japan vs. Nigeria at 3:50-6am both live with New Chef, New Rules sandwiched between them.  

ET1 has the Rio 2016: The Great Saga documentary at 22:20-0:00 and then the Olympia: Origins of the Olympic Games doc at from 0:45-1:55am. Then it's the live Greek presentation from ERT of the Opening Ceremony immediately afterwards at 1:55am onto 5:30 with a live simulcast on ET2, which will have an encore presentation on Saturday. Actually, all three ERT channels--ET1, ET2, and ET3--will get involved in the Rio 2016 broadcast, almopst all of it live during this time with ERT HD taking the ET1 feed. As things go, both ET2 and ET3 will both come on regularly in the afternoon with ET1 hitting with its Rio 2016 portion at late afternoon/early evening. I just checked this on Nova's TV guide.

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Sorry that I couldn't do much in the last several days--was on a 6-day work streak. I was very busy with work and will come again after several days. Just now catching up. Now I am.

Canal 7 TV Publica Argentina does the free-to-air broadcast of Rio 2016 as the Argentina Olympic Committee sends its largest Summer Olympic team ever to Rio De Janeiro with 213 athletes. Canal 7's coverage starts Thursday live with men's soccer with Brazil and Neymar taking on South Africa at 4pm (16:00, all times Argentina/Brazil/Atlantic time) and then Argentina facing Portugal at 6pm. Friday sees Canal 7 showing the Opening Ceremony--live--with the broadcast at 18:30 (6:30pm) with the pre-show. Starting Saturday Canal 7 TV Publica begins from 9-12am 15 consecutive hours of daily coverage.

Canal 7's sportscasting team is fronted by Miguel Osovi and Gustavo Kuffner; the presence of journalists Juan Ballesteros and Pablo Tiburzi with the athletes' testimony in the Olympic Village and from four venues of the city of Rio de Janeiro with a panel of studio columnists and analysts comprised of Gabriela Previtera; Daniel Jacubovich, Leandro Ginobili, and Alejandro Perez (basketball); Javier Benitez (track & field/athletics); Sebastian Melchori (men's gymnastics); Anahi Sosa (rhythmic gymnastics); Celeste Carnevale (artistic gymnastics); Juan Pablo Alessandrini (rugby); Walter Perez (cycling); Pilar Pereyra (swimming); Joaquin Iwan (rowing and canoeing); Carolina Mariani (judo); Alejandro Irigoyen (sailing); Cynthia Basile (handball); Esteban Martinez (volleyball); Brenda Möller (synchronized swimming); Joaquín Berthold (men's and women's field hockey); Juan José Moro and Jose "Chiche" Almozny (tennis); and Nahuel Cabrera (triathlon). 



Under the tagline Let's Go Rio 16 as its campaign, SABC finally presents its Rio 2016 coverage plans in South Africa--and it came rather late. SABC2 will handle both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies live as well as many sports. But some sports won't be live due to time differences. SABC Sport will send a team to Rio to report on the scene with regular news and updates. SABC1 will be broadcasting football and basketball games (surely starting with Bayana Bayana facing Sweden Wednesday live in women's soccer and then with South Africa vs. Brazil Thursday in men's soccer, also live), with SABC2 being the home of the Olympics showcase. SABC3 will have a highlight package every evening with tennis, beach volleyball and golf. 15 of the SABC’s radio stations will broadcast the games events in different languages and live updates will also be carried on SABC sport’s digital platforms. The following television programmes are key fixtures of the SABC’s Olympics’ coverage:

Ola Rio- Good Morning Rio presented by Vaylen Kirtley on SABC2 from 6:45-7:00 (South Africa time) daily which then crossovers to Rio bringing the latest news, results and medals-board to show who is at the top of the pops in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. This is Rio presented by Vaylen Kirtley, Lelo Mzaca, and Thapelo Tips Seemsie on SABC2 from 10am-12:00pm daily. This is Rio will bring live highlights from the finals, participant profiles, the lifestyle in and around Rio. It will be the audiences one stop shop regarding news from the 2016 Summer Olympics Games in Rio De Janeiro. Showcasing all sporting highlights from the previous night. Hola Rio presented by Lebo Motsoeli and Udo Carelse daily from 22-5:00 and will act as the main show on SABC2 that will broadcast heats and finals of the different sporting codes. Rio Highlights on SABC3, presented by Mathapelo Phale and Kwena Moabelo, comes from 23:30-4h30 daily as a full highlights package on all different sporting events of Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. In addition, SABC2 will show some Olympic-themed documentaries as part of the coverage including one on Marion Jones.  

What's interesting this time is apparently SABC decided not to utilize all the 11 official languages under the SA constitution for this Summer Olympics as it sees them as part of the national unity and representation like it did with London 2012. Is this all still going to be in English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Ndebele, Sotho with select sports? We can forget Portuguese in this one.

(Just checked the SABC Sport TV schedule. The South Africa-Sweden women's soccer game is actually going to be delayed with the Zimbabwe-Germany match going live. SuperSport will show the former live. Get ready to witness a blowout there. Odd...) 


And here is the Let's Go Rio 16 SABC TV schedule:


Singapore's Strait Times newspaper sends Rohit Brijnath, May Chen, Jonathan Wong, and executive photojournalist Kevin Lim to Rio De Janeiro to cover Team Singapore:


Meanwhile in neighboring Malaysia, get ready to meet your RTM Rio 2016 eager and excited studio hosts: Halim Othman and Nur Jaziedah "Jedd" Zulkefli on TV1 starting at 6am and Frisca Freddy on TV2. Also RTM's rights fees weren't disclosed:


ASTRO Arena, part of the ASTRO Malaysia pay-TV giant, plans to show 3000 hours of Rio 2016 and offers exclusive pay-TV coverage of Team Malaysia. Former Malaysian field hockey player and 3x Olympian from Barcelona to Sydney Mirnawan Nawawi is the face of the 36-team ASTRO Arena media personalities that will deliver 15 hours of dedicated Olympic coverage that will be available in both HD (Channel 802) and SD (Channel 801) during the Olympics on TV and online/mobile. Besides ASTRO Arena, 12 dedicated channels are available in both HD (Channel 780 - 791) and SD (Channel 760 - 771) on Astro TV and Astro on the Go, something that even non-ASTRO subscribers can get access to for Astro Arena. There's even segments of pro-Malaysian Olympic ASTRO programming with some coming from the Ali Bawal Studios. All under the #AyuhMalaysiaKu campaign. Second link offers info for ASTRO and mobile subscribers:




VTV2's and VTV3's men's and women's Olympic soccer TV schedule from Vietnam's VTV starting August 3:


Looking at Supersport Albania TV guide that also applies to next door neighbors Kosovo ready to make its Olympic debut, it's not going to cover the pre-Opening Ceremony soccer, neither men or women, during its Rio 2016 broadcast. And will just start right with the Opening Ceremony live at 1:00am Albania/Kosovo time on Supersport 2 and Supersport 2 HD. The Olympic sports coverage comes on live at 14:00 (2pm) on Supersport channels 2-5 and their respective HD versions to start the broadcast day on up to again at 14:00.

RTP Portugal will have 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games shown on RTP1 and RTP2 with its Portuguese FTA broadcast monitoring of the Portugal vs. Argentina U23 men's soccer match at 22:00 (10pm Portugal time). Next day, RTP1 presents the Opening Ceremony live from Maracana Stadium at 23:30 (11:30pm). From August 6-21, RTP's channels daily Olympic TV programming goes like this: From 13-16:00 - RTP2, Between 15-18:00-RTP1 (1-hour overlap between the two channels as you'll notice), Between 18-21:00-RTP2, and Between 22-3:00am-RTP1. This inlcludes the Olympic Magazine and Olympic Minute programming.

RTP will have its television and radio Olympic productions shared in Rio De Janeiro's fixed structures and back in Lisbon. Journalist João Pedro Mendonça heads Rio de Janeiro's RTP special journalist team with Gonçalo Ventura and Inês Gonçalves, who joins as the RTP correspondents in Brazil, Luís Baila reps television with Fernando Eurico and Eduardo Gonçalves getting involved through RTP's Antena1. Paulo Sergio will be the narrator for the Portuguese Olympic national team soccer teams in RTP's radio and television operations. In Lisbon, Carlos Manuel Albuquerque and Paulo José Martins will serves as the faces of this real Olympic TV marathon that RTP has prepared for us. As is tradition, the RTP will in its emissions with expert commentators of the various sport.

RTP's Antena3 is also present in the Olympic Games Rio 2016 with the Opening Ceremony scheduled for July 29 live. Antena3 signals the arrival of the Olympic Games to Rio de Janeiro with Aleixo Olympic, a show that Bruno Aleixo (and his usual "employees" Busto and Renato Alexandre) devoted one episode to each of the 42 sports of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. From Monday to Friday mornings on Antena3 radio, at 8:30 am and at 9:20, repeat at 15:20 and 17:20. The Olympic flame burns in the 3 to 19 August.


Further broadcasting details involving the planned RTP1's Olympic Beaches (Praias Olimpicas) with hosts Vanessa Oliveira, Jani Gabriel, Francisco Menezes, and Antonio Raminhos on location in Rio De Janeiro as they visit several of Rio De Janeiro's numerous beaches:



RTP and the Olympic Committee of Portugal continue their media protocol partnership:



Finally we are getting heavily into the CCTV's Rio 2016 broadcasting plans. We know for sure, having assumed we've paid attention to its channels, that CCTV-5 and CCTV-5+ will act as anchors for the Chinese coverage. It already has some Olympic TV programs in the forms of what's literally called Rio Horn (latest non-Chinese Olympic news and developments leading up to Rio 2016), People In The Olympic Year (largely on the Chinese Olympic hopefuls), Rio Action/Star Poly Rio (further athletes profiles and the interesting characters and places in Rio De Janeiro and Brazil), Go To The Olympics, and VR tests. Right now, both channels are constantly airing retrospectives on the recent Summer Olympics like Beijing and London, China Sports, and even the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies. We still gotta know how many hours exactly CCTV and CNTV are showing the Olympics. With CCTV's VIP Sports app through NeuLion for Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, Chinese consumers can get access to 5700 hours of Olympic action (same as online coverage) in HD at all the Rio venues that will include mobile live chat and interactive fun while watching. CCTV's online version will have free view display library, making things easy to find, new video downloads, a new MINI push pop, pushing exciting information, a new user center to manage personal video more conveniently, and a more optimized interface that's more visually attractive. It'll even get involved with 3D Olympic TV:



Is this CCTV's Rio 2016 TV guide for CCTV5 and CCTV5+? If so, please translate this


And CCTV will offer Chinese viewers will engage in 100 hours of VR360 panorama coverage, live and on-demand, with Samsung:


Will the Seven Network in Australia learn the Olympic TV broadcasting lessons from the past? Will the Australian public, spoiled rotten since Melbourne back in 1956, become above that constant griping that's always expected with every Summer Olympics regardless whoever handles the Australian Olympic TV coverage with the commercials, sappy backstories that stereotypically remind people of VH1's Behind The Music, fawning post-event interviews, and the jingoism. Sounds familiar, Americans? But this is about the rapidly-changing Australian broadcasting landscape with online gaining prominence as Seven takes a page from FOXTEL with multiple channels while keeping it FTA as it allows more events shown online and the amount of Australian sports coverage rises and heads to the subscriber side:


General overview of what Seven plans to do regarding their upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic coverage that includes that additional 3250 hours online/mobile to go with the 1000 hours already in the free offering with the daily TV segments and the Seven Network's channels involved along with additional info since Seven's formal announcement since Seven's team of broadcasters were announced. Does say Leisel Jones, Lisa Curry and Perth’s Eamon Sullivan will serve as part of the panel of experts with athletes' relatives and Samantha Armytage, David Koch, and Natalie Barr back in the Sydney Redfern studios during Sunrise 


That 7 Olympic app just got offically launched over the weekend with a A$20 upgrade option included as part of the Plus7 streaming/app service:


Here's ABC Radio Olympic Grandstand gets ready for Rio 2016 with live coverage of cycling, field hockey, basketball, rowing, soccer, rugby sevens, swimming, track and field, canoeing, and triathlon, along with the opening and closing ceremonies from August 6-22 with Gerard Whateley, Alister Nicholson, Quentin Hull, Rob Woodhouse and Patrick Johnson broadcasting the biggest moments. Be it on ABC Radio's local stations across Australia, Grandstand Digital as a dedicated Olympic channel, an ABC Radio mobile app, and online:


The International Olympic Committee's rights deal with the Arab States Broadcasting Union allowed the ASBU to submit the United Arab Emirates' Olympic broadcasting rights to both Abu Dhabi Sports and BeIN Sports, a Qatari sports operation. Abu Dhabi Sports 1HD will be running Olympic features and documentaries from August 1 with news and preview programmes slated to begin on Wednesday August 3 at 3pm UAE time on AD Sports 2HD as the United Arab Emirates sends its biggest-ever Olympic team. BeIN Sports will began running Olympic retrospectives and preview programming as well from August 1 on their flagship station. Both Abu Dhabi Sports and BeIN Sports begin their first Olympic event programming by showing the the women’s soccer tournament matches, starting on Wednesday August 3 at 8.30pm on Abu Dhabi Sports 1HD and 3HD. BeIN will begin their women’s soccer coverage at 8pm on BeIN Sports2HD that very same day. Abu Dhabi Sports 4HD will begin to include Olympic programming on Thursday August 4, at 7.45pm with men’s soccer. BeIn Sports 13HD will carry the first men’s matches. As for the Opening Ceremony, it will be carried on AD Sports 1, 3, and 4HD beginning live at 2.45am on Saturday, August 6 (7.45pm in Rio). BeIn’s Saturday morning programming info is as yet unavailable:


The public places Canadians can watch the CBC's coverage of Rio 2016. Starting with British Columbia (Vancouver and Victoria):


In Winnipeg:


The Cypriot Olympic exclusive electronic coverage of Rio 2016 (read: Greek) will come principally at the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation's RIK DYO and sometimes on RIK ENA with the HD coverage coming from RIK HD with live broadcasts beginning early in the afternoon and completed during the morning hours. Repeats will be broadcast from 9am and will last until early afternoon. Beyond the television broadcasting the Athletic RIK Service will keep you informed their friends of the Olympic Games with constant information with as if the information programs of radio and television:



Real-time stats and other Olympic data and timing integration, live broadcast and in-venue scoring solutions, and on-air graphics presentations from Rio De Janeiro for NBC Olympics will come from SMT:


NBC goes into Rio De Janeiro to cover everything Olympic- and Brazil-related. Warts and all. Good, bad, and the ugly:


TV Tokyo Channel 7's portion of the Japan Consortium starts August 10 with women's table tennis singles semifinals beginning at 9pm up to midnight. Then it's back on August 12 with judo qualifying rounds at the men's 100kg+ and women's 78kg+ and the 20km men's walk, August 14 sees them return with only a nearly 2-hour weekly highlights show from 3:30-5:25pm. August 15 brings on Japan-Argentina women's volleyball preliminary game in the daytime 8-10:15am and the late-night men's table tennis team semifinals and more of that same men's table tennis team semis on August 16. But it's track and field that's TV Tokyo's Olympic centerpiece by showing the men's and women's 400m hurdles semi-finals, the men's high jump, women's 1500m final, and the men's 110m hurdles finals on August Wednesday 17. It finally concludes its segment for Rio 2016 with the men's 200m semi-finals, the women's 200m final, the women's 100m hurdles finals, and the men's javelin qualifying rounds. The BS Japan version will have the women's table tennis singles semifinals on August 22 from 7-9am and the men's team table tennis semifinals on August 16, the women's 1500m and the men's 110m hurdles among a few other events there at Joao Havelenge Stadium and the Men's 200m semi-final and women's 200m final and other events there on August 17-18. All the latter 3 broadcast events from the table tennis will come on from 2-4pm. There will also be daily highlights on TV Tokyo.

TV Tokyo's Olympic sportscasters are primary sportscaster Kotaro Koizumi and Reina Akimoto with TV TOKYO announcer Akihide Nobunari Oda. Its Rio 2016 official theme song is from Wagakki Band's "Revival" and "Mi La Lee":


DD National in India will take care of the India-centric terestrial TV coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics, usually from 9:30am onwards, unless something important or involving protocol in the Indian government scene gets priority. DD Sports can't get involved in the live Olympic telecasts on DD Sports as that channel is not covered in the ambit of the Sports Broadcasting Signals (Mandatory Sharing with Prasar Bharati) Act 2007. However, DD Sports had commenced special pre-event programmes on the Olympics in June this year that are already mentioned here:



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Bosnia-Herzegovina's Rio 2016 TV coverage will be provided by BHT1 and the Serbian language RTRS. RTRS will start many Olympic TV broadcasting days from 14 in the afternoon until the early morning live and then recordings afterwards in sports like athletics, swimming and gymnastics to team sports--basketball, handball, water polo, and volleyball, as well as archery, rowing, taekwondo and tennis, with special emphasis on competition and success of athletes and team and from the former Yugoslavian/Balkan region. Still trying to find the BHT1 TV info. Did find the TV schedule that says it will show both ceremonies, basketball, soccer, handball, water polo, swimming, track and field: 



Remember all that controversy regarding Sri Lanka's potential TV broadcasters over who actually held the rights and the sublicensers from London? No such controversy this time. Sri Lankan free TV Olympic coverage will come on the Eye Channel and Rupavahini.

Morten Ankerdal and Natasja Crone are TV2 Denmark's studio anchors in TV2's largest Olympic broadcast ever at the Olympic Village but with additional locations at Copacabana Beach and at the sailing harbor. As already mentioned here, it will be dedicated coverage on TV2 with the best of the Olympics going on. TV2 Sport, Denmark's most watched sports channel after one and a half years, also will handle the pre-Opening Ceremony women's and men's soccer games--4 in the women and 5 in the men and continues to have 24-hour round the clock Olympic coverage with news and updates. Mikkel Beha and his son Emil Mide Erichsen became solid anchors on sailing, and Christian Bækgaard is reporting from Copacabana with all the latest from the Olympics. This team is purported to be very competent and committed team of commentator seats on the basis of TV 2 SPORT, where professionalism, presence and personality are important parameters. Well-known names such. Thomas Kristensen, Dennis Ritter and Jimmy Bøjgaard will guide viewers through the major sports such as handball, athletics and sailing, respectively. It does - combined with experts, several of whom are former Olympic medalists - that we can give the Danes really good company during the transmissions, In Rio, a six-man team including reporter Stine Bjerre Jorgensen, Rasmus Staghøj and Thomas Bilde be close to the events during the Olympics. We send live anywhere in Rio, so we can bring the Olympic atmosphere directly home in the living rooms:


In Moldova, the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics will exclusively be shown on TRM's Moldova 1 and Moldova 2. Since London 2012, TRM created a new 24-hour second TV channel to go along with TVM and got renamed Moldova 1 to coincide with this change. Very likely Moldova 2 will carry the bulk of the Rio 2016 Olympic coverage. Neither will televise the pre-Opening Ceremony soccer that'll take place. But M2 will start things with a 1-hour preview at 4am (which will come in subsequently at that time slot as a highlights show) and then returns with the 6:35am presentation of the Opening Ceremony on Saturday that will go on at least to 9:50am. Sports coverage won't begin until 2:25pm that will go onto 4am Sunday. M1 will have the Opening Ceremony live at 1:50-5:05am early Saturday morning with a rebroadcast at 9:45am-1pm. Its live sports will arrive on 3-5:20pm and 5:15-6:55pm with the Russian news acting as the interruption. Then it resumes at 7:40-7:55pm with the Olympic Messenger then immediately goes for another hour of Rio 2016 live transmissions at 7:55pm. It concludes the first day with the 9:20-9:55pm programming and again at 10:20pm-0:35am due to news (in both Romanian and Russian), weather, and commercials/promos. Sunday morning will have 5-hour programming block at 1-6am and returns with 8:15 handball before coming back at 3-6:40pm again with the Russian language news interrupting. At 7:14 resumes the same programming structure like Saturday night.

Finally got Slovakia in--and that nation was late coming in. RTVS' Summer Olympics coverage in Rio De Janeiro begins on Friday, August 5 at the TV1 for leaks after midnight the first Olympic Studio, opening ceremony starts at 12:55 on the Jednotke (One). RTVS' Rio broadcast ends on the morning of August 21 at 4:10am with the entire closing ceremony. However, the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics from August 6-21 August will belong practically all the Slovak broadcasting on Dvojka (Two) with many sporting disciplines and audiences find the unit. For sports fans RTVS will deliver daily almost a combined 30-hour program broadcast will begin at the Rio Olympic studio and live broadcasts each day except for bringing 50-minute previous day summary, all of the final game, medal ceremonies, as well as reports of our representatives. Reviews and direct inputs directly from the scene of the Olympics will be transmitted via radio reporters regularly to deliver to Slovakians.

The RTVS Internet streams will include not just Jednotke's and Dvojka's but eight additional HD-quality parallel running onlinestreams, where they will be placed alongside live broadcasts from disciplines that don't fit television.  At the Olympic site RTVS will be published profiles of all our Olympians, won't miss up to date and detailed program of disciplines, statements, updated information directly from the scene of the Olympics posted by our editors, video archive and nations' medals counts. RTVS will send to Rio De Janeiro 10 commentators, three editors and 4 radio reporter: TV broadcasts will feature commentators and editors Marcel Merčiak, Pavel Gaspar, John Hudok, Lubos Hlavena, Tomas Košec, Vladimir Genda, Olga Hamadejová, Viktor Kiššimon, Stano Ščepán, Peter Štefanec, Alfons Juck, Milan Stanko, and Lubica Melcerová, RTVS radio reports and news are prepared by the radio reporters Matus Čunderlík, Svetlana Barátová, Adam Bohus and Martin Balážik:


The Hungarian M4 Sport and M5 Rio 2016 sportscasting team is Istvan B. Hajdu, David Székely, Jenő Knezy, Máté Ujvary, Benedek Mohary, Tamas Vásárhelyi, Péter Szekeres, Péter Vargo, Gábor Szabo, Mariann Horváth, Zoltán Bartha, and Viktoria Szőke with reporters Viktor Tihany, Judit Berkesi, Matyas Molnár, Róbert Bobacs, Istvan "Koko" Kovacs, Bálint Toth, Kriszta Deak, and Bettina Farkas. The M4/M5 studio hosts are Gundel Takács Gábor (not doing commentary this time), Zoltan Szujó, Andrea Petrovics-Mérei, and Oliver Török. On the radio side it's Zoltan Novotny, P. Fülöp Gábor, and Laszlo Gulyás to keep the Hungarian listeners informed:



SABC News' live presentation of the press conference announcement of the 200-person Rio-bound Team South Africa 2016 by SASOC this July in Johannesburg's Melrose neighborhood. Though South Africa's first post-apartheid Olympic gold medalist swimmer Penny Heyns later expressed concern over the lack of female South African swimmers on the team: 

Nippon TV's 2016 sportscasters are Sho Sakurai, Sanma Akashiya, Shinya Ueda, and Rie Tanaka:


Along from the official worldwide Olympic sponsors like Coca-Cola and Samsung, TVB Hong Kong has advertisers lined up including local businesses for its 500-hour TV presentation on three of its five channels despite its undisclosed high fee reported to be US$25 million with an additional 2000 hours online/mobile and on its MySuper TV service on 8 channels and 100 hours on 4KTV. This Strait Times articles gives some insight on TVB managed to fight to ghet the free-to-air coverage along with that advertising:


Once again, ETV+ will not have Russian commentary on its portion of the Rio 2016 coverage. But it will be over 100 hours on ETV+ with the scheduled live broadcasts from the official opening and closing ceremonies, as well as competitions in volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming, fencing, shooting, judo, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, rowing, soccer, Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, beach volleyball, weightlifting and boxing. But it will have Sports News journalists Igor Saveliev and Alexei Margiev analyze the goings-on of the Olympic competition. In Rio de Janeiro ETV+ will send special correspondent Adrian Cheremenina over with news releases from fellow journalist Sergei Mikhailov. All the latest news from the Olympic Games can be tracked on etvpluss.ee portal, as well as on the public television channel in Facebook and VKontakte. Says that Match! TV will offer similar route in their coverage:


LTV7 starts things for Latvia with Olympic Studio with Uģis Joksts and Inese Vaikule on 22:00, 23:50 and 01:10 Latvia time as they see a number of stories produced by LTV filming the group in Rio, hear our athletes, coaches and functionaries. Also about the same in Rio is ready for the Olympics and how safe or unsafe there you can feel all the athletes and guests:


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I guess I was pre-mature. The NBC Universal listings are still mostly in blocks so its difficult to decipher exact times of events being shown. I swear that the listings would say specifically what would be airing at each time except during the prime time show in previous Olympics. 

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13 minutes ago, dtd2 said:

I guess I was pre-mature. The NBC Universal listings are still mostly in blocks so its difficult to decipher exact times of events being shown. I swear that the listings would say specifically what would be airing at each time except during the prime time show in previous Olympics. 

They did a better job of breaking things up than they did for the last Summer Olympics, so this is at least an improvement over that.

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1 hour ago, Quaker2001 said:

They did a better job of breaking things up than they did for the last Summer Olympics, so this is at least an improvement over that.

Agreed that it's much better than 4 years ago.  On my Comcast X1 DVR, the listings are broken down into 1-2 hour chunks.  This means I don't have to set my DVR for a 10 hour block of programming (20% of my DVR capacity) when I really only want to record an event that takes place for 90 minutes in the middle of the day.

I'm no fan of Comcast cable and generally hate that it's the only option I have for pay TV where I live, but I think the coverage that is going to be available through the X1 box is going to be amazing.


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