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Rio 2016 Olympic Media Update

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Thanks so much for the salute, BTH. Does have its cons with the aforementioned time limits when they come though. I mostly do this at my school library ones for hours while doing my Google hunts for this. But sometimes I do it at public library ones too. Much rather have my own laptop or smartphone so I can have the time and patience and work around my work hours when needed regarding the popular media updates. 

Got a whole slew of media updates from around the world in the last several days that I was working on until the 2-minute warning log off time limit struck. 

I noticed on NBC Olympics' overall schedule on the NBC Universo side that the Colombia-France women's soccer match is missing from its pre-Opening Ceremony soccer schedule--and it comes right after the USA-New Zealand match at 8pm CT. Why? Never mind the fact the rising Yoreli Rincon-less Cafeteros are playing top contenders Les Bleues, and that Colombia is a Spanish-speaking nation that can certainly attract the Latin/Hispanic TV audience on NBC Universo. Maybe NBC Universo programmers would prefer to finish things off for the day with the Team USA evening match with the Football Ferns to maximize the TV audience base there. Saw that in the early going that 4-6pm ET time slot NBC Sports Network TBA on August 3 would have to be used for the Brazil-China women's soccer match in a simulcast on the NBC Olympic Soccer Specific Channel, which actually comes on at 3pm on USA and NBC Universo with the regular pre-game presentation omitted. Another (and much bigger) glaring omission and missed opportunity for NBC Universo/Telemundo Rio 2016 TV schedule: no Spanish-language commentary for the Opening Ceremony. This is a shame not having a Spanish version of the OC instead of the Olympic preview in its place. How come? If there was an incentive to finally have an Opening Ceremony broadcast to the US Hispanic/Latin TV audience in Spanish and boosting the attraction to it, this, considering the interest would be very high with this Summer Olympics hosted in Latin America in a long time despite being held in Brazil, a Portuguese-speaking nation, would definitely be it. Maybe Telemundo and NBC Universo didn't want do this out of respect for NBC's wishes to have it under the desired 6:30pm-12am CT primetime time slot under that 1-hour delay, because if left to its own devices, Telemundo, which I think will actually show the Spanish broadcast if it did, and NBC Universo would likely air it live, causing a discrepancy and viewers may turn to that. Now if a compromise could get reached with NBC in offering a SAP option on TV during its presentation of the Opening Ceremony and online/mobile, that would be a workable idea. 

Former Dutch Olympians Edith Bosch, Robin van Galen, Erben Wennemars, Maarten Ducrot, Herbert Dijkstra, Ruben Houkes, Gregory Sedoc, (who recently retired after the European Track and Field Championships in Amsterdam and will serve as NOS' guest track analyst), and Maarten van der Weijden all headline NOS' unprecedented and ambitious Dutch Rio 2016 coverage that will be on Nederland 1, online (nos.nl/rio2016)/mobile app, NOS Radio, Smart TVs, and Teletext "antytime, anywhere". Plus being also followed on Facebook and Instagram. Under the 5-hour time difference from Rio De Janeiro, from 7-9.00am Dutch time Jeroen Stomphorst comes on NOS Studio in Rio with an overview over what has happened last night in the Olympics. Thereafter, from 9-10:00am, you can see the Match of the Day of the Olympic Basketball Tournament, also the last job of Mart Smeets, a former basketball player back in the 1960s and 1970s, for the NOS. May last longer. At 14:00 (2pm) the first of three editions NOS Rio Live begins with 4 hours of live sports, co-anchored by Rivkah op ten Veld and Sjoerd van Ramshorst. Then at 18:00 (6pm), we are brought back to the Netherlands in Amsterdam when briefed by Tom Egbers and men's water polo coach sidekick Robin van Galen at NOS Studio in Rio. This program will also alternate every day with journalist Gert van't Hof, who reports live from Rio. Following those 45 minutes, Dione de Graaff and Herman van der Zandt takes over as co-anchors at 18.45 (6:45pm) with the second edition of NOS Rio Live that goes up to 23:00 (11pm). At 23:00, NOS will host a daily latenight talkshow at  the NOS Studio Olympic Park co-hosted by former judo champion Edith Bosch and Henry Schut as sidekicks as they welcome and interview the medal winners, losers, their coaches, and guests from outside the sporting world in a studio space they received with the help of Studio France in having exchanged at a beautiful corner of the Rio Olympic Park. NOS' third and final edition of NOS Rio Live takes Herman van der Zandt and Dione de Graaff from 23.45-5 (11pm-5am) gets interactive with sports fans during the Olympic night. NOS Rio 2016 Olympic features will include Erben in Wonderland with former Dutch speed skater Erben Wennemars daily showing his astonishment with his and of other athletes performances and Mulder vs. Mulder with the fanatical speed skating twins Ronald and Michel competing in various Olympic sports such as judo, rowing, track, and swimming. The winner between the twins will be made clear at the end of the Games. 



11 Dutch Olympians the NOS recommends us to follow on Instagram:



Surely NOS' Dutch Rio 2016 broadcast coverage will place a heavy emphasis on sprinter Dafne Schippers, the women's and men's field hockey teams, Epke Zonderland, swimmer Naomi Kromowidjojo, the women's volleyball team, and the Euro powers women's handball team, which could medal down in Rio, some judoka, diving, and surely sailing coverage. Bit of a shame the Dutch women's water polo couldn't qualify for Rio De Janeiro in a world qualification tournament held in its own backyard in Gouda, they'd get some mention too if they did. It'll be a little painful. If you see the video from the first NOS links, there's a video with many Dutch Olympians in various sports like those mentioned all singing Peter Allen's I Go To Rio to get into the mood and spirit of that.

After Grant Hackett's airplane drunken groping of a man on the flight home, a "stuff-up" in his words, following the Australian National Swimming Championships in Adelaide that he tried but couldn't qualify for, the Seven Network didn't want the public embarassment or court controversy that Hackett later apologized for and removed him from the swimming commentary post--Hackett grew concerned he couldn't do it this time like he did in London 2012 for FOXTEL. Now he landed a similar swimming analysis post with previews and reviews for the Doha, Qatar-based BeIN Sports, which holds the Middle Eastern rights to Rio 2016. Hackett is set to arrive there in Doha at its studios later this month to prepare on a two-week contract. Away from the massive media scrutiny in Australia to concentrate on work. Hackett's contemporary Ian Thorpe is currently working as Star Sports swimming commentary an Asian region away (what is it with Aussie swimming legends going to non-traditional swimming hotbeds to do TV commentary?). Interestingly, the BeIN Sports Olympic swimming couldn't be done live even with the time difference. BeIN Sports is also shown down in Australian TV with 3 of its Al-Jazeera-owned channels on FOXTEL, but because 7 holds the Australian Olympic broadcast media rights, it's highly unlikely much of that coverage will not be blacked-out. Maybe Hackett's swimming analysis could get shown. Doubt it though:



Colorful general press release involving the CBC/Radio-Canada's 1275-hour TV across its broadcast partners (CBC, Radio-Canada, TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, RDS, and 4000-hour live streaming/on-demand Rio 2016 coverage on the web and mobile platforms, include an enhanced Rio 2016 app for iOS and Android with Ron MacLean, Andi Petrillo, Scott Russell, and David Amber as studio anchors and the studio set with many individual color photos and profiles of its sportscasters in various sports from Donovan Bailey to Karina LeBlanc to Kyle Shewfelt to Mark Tewksbury to Clara Hughes to Steve Armitage to Byron MacDonald to Nigel Reed to Windsor Lancers women's basketball head coach Chantal Vallee to Clare Rustad to Andrew Chang to Scott Oake. Will look for the French version with their own personalities:


CBC/Radio-Canada taps Twitter Amplify for enhancing and complimenting that aforementioned 1275-hour TV coverage across its broadcast partners and 4000-hour live-streaming/on-demand Rio 2016 social network Olympic coverage with the promise of social media innovations like expansive digital offerings, tweets, and near-live video materials in attracting and engage younger Canadians to its overall Olympic coverage:



SuperSport presents 7+ 24-hour channels--the four channels used for the 2012 London Olympics: SS4, SS5, SS6, SS7 plus three additional channels: SS12, SS13 and SS14 that will be dedicated to the Rio Games, while other channels like SS1 and SS3 will, where available, carry chiefly overflow content like soccer, sevens rugby, and golf--that promises to show all 306 medal sets for a total of 2500 hours, but doesn't mention the online/on-demand hours. SS12 will act as a dedicated 24-hour Olympic news channel which will be produced by the International Olympic Committee. SuperSport's roving reporters in Rio will be Crystal Arnold, Carol Tshabalala, James Wokabi, and Rui de Oliveira (SuperSport Maximo's Portuguese coverage) reporting directly from various venues and the team village. Former South African Olympic champion Ryk Neethling will be poolside providing insights on the exploits from the likes of Chad Le Clos, Michael Phelps, Cameron van der Burgh, Kirsty Coventry, and others. In addition, the Blitz channel will broadcast regular updates and direct viewers to the big events of the day. An 80-person staff will be involved with producing the live broadcasts out of SuperSport HQ in Johannesburg with another 20 involved in production at the International Broadcast Centre in Rio De Janeiro. Multiple live feeds will be made available to SuperSport, which will then “cherry pick” the best content, much of it with a Pan-African leaning like with Kenya and Nigeria, for the Olympic channels. Given that many of the major events will take place in the very early mornings – South Africa and much of Sub-Saharan Africa is five hours ahead of Brazil – video-on-demand will be a major component of SuperSport’s Olympic coverage. Extensive event highlights will be available via the DStv Catch Up service, which will include every gold medal-winning performance. Highlights packages will also be broadcast throughout the day with live streaming through www.supersport.com, the SuperSport and DStv Now apps, its social platforms, and DStv Catch Up. I'll look to see what SuperSport Maximo is up to more specifically in the Portuguese-language coverage very soon along with the Brazil soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball and Angola women's handball, for example.


SS4 Opening ceremony, swimming, athletics, marathon, walk, closing ceremony 
SS5 Hockey, handball, volleyball (beach and indoors), gymnastics, trampoline
SS6 Tennis, basketball, four cycling disciplines, table tennis, badminton 
SS7 Boxing, weight lifting, judo 
SS12 Olympic News Channel 
SS13 Watersport: rowing, diving, etc. 
SS14 Fencing, modern pentathlon, equestrian

SS1 Golf, Sevens rugby (when not clashing with live non-Olympic sport) 
SS3 Football (when not clashing with live non-Olympic sport)

SS12, SS13 and SS14 (channels 212, 213 and 214) will be available in all territories


Several articles on NBC Olympics and Comcast plans on its massive and ambitious 6755-hour Rio 2016 coverage involving the X1 Infinity, online and on-deamnd streaming, its mobile app, the roster of 11 TV channels, social media, using multiple camera angles, 4KTV, and its 85-hour VR coverage bringing forth that "Olympic nirvana" that we Americans could possibly ever need. Including the wishes from the Spanish audiences. No upgrading the gigabyte capacity, though:






RTE Sport presents Ireland's most comprehensive Summer Olympics coverage ever across television, radio, online and mobile, focusing on Team Ireland in particular as they take their place alongside the best athletes in the world at the ultimate international sporting event that includes the likes of former Irish Olympians Derval O’Rourke, Sonia O'Sullivan, David Gillick, Michael Carruth, Kelly Harrington, Gavin Noble (triathlon) Neville Maxwell (rowing), Mark Irwin (hockey), Martyn Irvine (cycling), David McHugh, Maurice O’Connell (sailing), Ailis McSweeney, Jerry Kiernan (athletics), Andrew Bree, Grainne Murphy, and Barry Murphy (swimming). A few of these panelists like O'Sullivan and O'Rourke will be on hand in Rio De Janeiro with others based back in Dublin. Beginning early each morning on RTE2 with Daire O’Brien taking Irish viewers through the events overnight in Rio on Rio 2016: AM including major athletics and swimming finals. From 1pm Joanne Cantwell will present Rio 2016: Daytime which will see many of the Irish boxers like Katie Taylor, Paddie Barnes, and Michael Conlon in action. Darragh Maloney takes over for Rio 2016: Tonight at 5pm each day as the action hots up in Brazil and which will also feature the Irish boxers in action. Peter Collins will take us through the night from 11pm each evening with Rio 2016: Late Night as the major finals take place on the track and in the pool. Rio 2016 on RTÉ2 and RTÉ Player will feature a stellar array of expertise on panels across not only the traditional Olympic headline sports of athletics, swimming and gymnastics but of course boxing and all of the Irish story--and will feature live and on-demand video streaming of all of RTÉ 2’s Olympics output, special Rio 2016 clips section with focus on Team Ireland as well as a live video stream of RTÉ News Now. The RTÉ Sport website will offer a definitive guide to RTÉ's Olympics experience, curating the station's TV and radio coverage and directing the user to the day's up-to-the-minute Olympics news and highlights with lots of content coming from the OBS--that includes 24/7 news, clips, features and focus on Team Ireland, live video streaming of every competition session from Rio 2016, supplementary live feeds for golf and sailing, all 3,250 hours of competition available in full and on-demand, 24/7 streaming of the Olympic News Channel, athlete biographies, interactive medals table, photo galleries.

For the duration of the Olympics, the RTÉ Sport website will present a dedicated Olympics site combining news, analysis, previews, commentary, statistics and tables, as well as presenting the best action direct from RTÉ Player. In addition an RTÉ Rio 2016 app will be available on iOS and Android with live video streaming of every competition session from Rio 2016. RTÉ Radio 1 will have updates and reports throughout the day starting on Morning Ireland and continuing on Today with Sean O'Rourke, the News at One, The Ray D'Arcy Show and Drivetime. The John Creedon Show will be extended to 11pm and become John Creedon's Olympics On One for the duration of the games and John will have live action from Rio alongside his regular mix of tunes and chat. Late Date will also feature Olympic action bringing you live coverage of the key events from 11pm to the late night/early morning hours--During weekends, RTÉ Radio 1 will have updates on The Marian Finucane Show and all the events and analysis on Saturday Sport and Sunday Sport. RTÉ 2fm will have Game On live from Rio every night with news, reports and action from the heart of the Games. This Olympics this year in Rio De Janeiro will see the Summer Olympics debut of RTE News Now with RTE Sport's television coverage will be increased by 200 hours as RTÉ News Now will feature blocks of full key sessions and rounds live from Rio, taking over the channel from early afternoon until late night each day of the games for viewers in the Republic of Ireland:


Jimmy Magee will cover his 15th Olympic Games with this one next month in Rio De Janeiro for RTE being the broadcasting legend that is! Deval O'Rourke and David Gillick also present their thougths on Team Ireland in the lead-in:


General overview of BBC Sport's Rio 2016 coverage that will be on BBC1, BBC4, BBC2 (sometimes when pausing for news hits), 24 live BBC Sport Olympic streaming channels and BBC Red Button, and BBC iPlayer with all that 3000 hours of coverage in various platforms:


France's RMC Sport Radio's and Next Radio TV's radio coverage and segment plans for the duration of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics from August 5-21 with its Dream Team Olympique team on Monday-Friday to the weekends like Integrale Rio:





Little late for this but gotta put Before Rio from RMC Sport hosted by Jacques Monclar, Loïc Briley, and Pierre Dorian on that comes on 21H à 22H (9-10pm), premiered on April 18 that replaced the Tony Parker Show on that time slot. 100% Olympics on that radio show that also includes info from the 100-day countdown show at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris:




It's not going to be 700 hours of transmission as previously reported for TVP Polska's three channels--TVP1, TV2, and TVP Sport--but 800. 13 hours a day between TVP1 and TVP2. With a strong focus on swimming, volleyball, handball, and track and field along with wherever Team Polska competes--with TV advertising rates setting a record high in those sports. All three channels will also be available free on tvp.pl along with the other OBS-produced Polish streams. TVP's Rio team will be 40 people. Commentating anchors include Peter Dębowski and Jacek Laskowski. In handball, viewers will hear Maciej Iwanski and Peter Dębowski. For athletics that responsibilty falls on Vladimir Szaranowicz, Przemysław Babiarz, Marek Jozwik, and Marek Rudziński. Dariusz Szpakowski will take up canoeing and football. TVP's Rio 2016 studio guests will be, among others, Otylia Jędrzejczyk, Leszek Blanik, Sebastian Chmara, Sylwia Gruchała, Czeslaw Lang, and Kryzstof Ignaczak:




Confirmation TVP Polska will have sailing in its Rio 2016 transmission with the schedule:


The Viasat Sweden Olympic roster of sports channels with the temporary name changes/additions for the Swedish TV Rio 2016 coverage goes likes this, ICYMI:

Viasat Fotboll--Viasat OS Fotboll

Viasat Sport--Viasat OS Sport

Viasat Golf--Viasat OS Golf

Viasat Hockey--Viasat OS Ridsport

Viasat Motor--Viasat OS Tennis

Viasat Xtra--Viasat OS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 channels

Also worth noting that TV3, TV3 Sport HD, TV10, and TV16 on the MTG/Viasat free-to-air terrestrial side will handle the coverage too with no changes to the dial. Does indeed confirm the new TV3 Sport will get involved. 

CBC Sports airs the final Canadian women's national soccer team's final pre-Olympic tuneup friendly soccer match against France's Les Bleues at the Stade de l'Abbé-Deschamps in Auxerre, France this coming Saturday. Scott Russell will host CBC Sports’ coverage of the match as part of the network’s Road To The Olympic Games broadcast on Saturday, with 15-minute pre-match coverage beginning at 14:45 ET/13:45 CT/11.45 PT with the game itself coming live on 2pm CT. Veteran play-by-play commentator Nigel Reed will be joined in the booth by analyst, Dr. Clare Rustad, an Olympian and former member of Canada’s Women’s National Team. Fellow Olympian and former National Team goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc will join Russell as a special studio analyst, providing additional insight and analysis pre-match, during halftime and following the match. Radio-Canada’s French-language coverage will feature Claudine Douville and Jean Gounelle providing play-by-play and analysis. Also confirms the Canadian women's soccer matches will begin CBC/Radio-Canada's Rio 2016 braodcast before the Opening Ceremony against Australia's Matildas live on Wednesday, August 3 at 1pm CT with pregame coverage coming at 12:30pm:


CBC promo: https://twitter.com/CBCOlympics/status/755749745583353856

TV5Monde Afrique held a press conference with TV5Monde CEO Yves Bigot SearchYves Bigot and his area manager Denise Durand Epoté as its Africa present in Abidjan, Ivory Coast at the Sofitel Hotel to formally announce the Sub-Saharan African pay-TV French-language Rio 2016 broadcast across 46 Sub-Saharan African nations. Football, basketball, athletics, swimming, boxing will all be on the menu as all the African favorite sports that includes Africans or African diaspora is involved but also other lesser known sports like equestrian and fencing. It promises indeed to extend a wider window of media coverage across 14 screens or streams which will take place continually. "Although we are official distributor, we are not exclusively national channels. This is in any case, be sure to allow African to follow not only the competition, but track your athletes, your teams, finalists ... we will play a live map in 14 venue locations where the competition will take place," says Bigot. Coverage times is like TVN Chile's structure:



The Guinean men's soccer team, the Syli Nationale or the National Elephants, won't be there in Rio De Janeiro this August to compete. But they're very interested in not just the soccer to watch and learn but also eager to promote TV5Monde Afrique's Rio 2016 coverage, particularly in soccer. At least three of its members are. Note the Slazenger logo on their jerseys are blurred out:


Congo-Brazzavillian basketball star Giovan Oniangue, currently playing professionally for France's ProA's Paris-Levallois Basket, also lends his support for and to encourage Sub-Saharan African TV viewers to watch TV5Monde Afrique's basketball TV coverage like for France's Les Bleues:


Gotta be some encouraging news for Southern Cross Austereo's DAB+ pop up radio station 7 Rio Live coming up in terms of increasing radio listenership:



Headlined by basketball legend Oscar Schmidt, sprinter Robson Caetano, 3x Olympic champion Cuban volleyball legend Mireya Luis, gold medal volleyball star Dante, judoka Carlos Honorato, Antonio Tabet, Totoro and Portugal (members of the Troupe of the Funds) on the daily range from 18h to 20h (6-8pm Brazil time) on Fox Sports 2, swimmer from Moscow 1980 Djan Madruga, and Moises Cohen, FOX Sports Brazil presents its Rio 2016 sportscasting analysis team:


Most interesting one in the bunch is Cuban volleyball great Mireya Luis in what seems to be an "all is forgiven" act by Brazil. You may recall 20 years ago back in Atlanta at the OMNI Arena she was involved in that infamous post-game spat against the Brazilian women like Ana Moser in the semifinal match that intensified that rivalry during the 1990s, denying the Brazilian women a chance at gold. Since apologized for her role in it. Not for the first time a Cuban is involved in Brazilian Olympic TV coverage with boxing great Felix Savon enlisted on SporTV's roster for this Olympics:


The Brazilian recession is forcing much of Record TV's Rio-based Olympic staff to travel to the IBC by bus?! I though Record could be more absorbing to the major Brazilian economic crisis than this. Anyway, Record will mobilize 1200 professionals to cover the Olympics with about 450 in Rio. The station plans to spend eight to ten hours a day for the Olympics. Top anchor Adriana Araujo will head the coverage from Jornal da Record, Reinaldo Gottino, Lucas Pereira Marcos Leandro, and Dudu Vaz are the announcers, with Eduardo Ribeiro, Vinicius Dônola, Luiz Carlos Azenha, Fernando Scherer, Roberto Thomé, and Mylena Ciribelli --all of them traveling by plane:


Trend seems to be with the Infront Sports & Media's Sub-Saharan African Rio 2016 deal with the 48 nations and territories there is a mixture of government-operated national broadcasters and some private media ones on the terrestrial side. With Nigeria, Seychelles, Mozambique, Kenya, Cameroon, Mauritius, the Ivory Coast, and Senegal, I don't see this changing soon with perhaps turning more towards the national broadcasters that are seen as more solvent.    
































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Still learning how to how use this new-look forum. Like dealing with uploading videos on my posts instead of just links. How about editing here, rereading before uploading, and of adding/deleting some words even after you post and the length of them?Austria's ORF officially announces it will broadcast 600 hours in total on the TV side combined between ORF1 and ORF Sport+ with live daily HD-quality Rio 2016 coverage in 400 hours with ORF1, designated as Austria's Olympic TV Channel, coming from 14:00-5:00 (2pm-5am Austria/MET)--230 hours on ORF1, 130 on ORF Sport+, and add in 200 hours of news and highlights. Making it Austria's biggest Summer Olympics TV broadcast ever. Plus it'll be subtitled with audio comments for the blind/deaf/hearing impaired. ORF's Rio studio anchors are Alina Zellhofer and Rainer Pariasek with several ORF editors, producers, and managers in both Rio De Janeiro and Vienna. In fact, the ORF Studio will be located in Ipanema Beach in the area of Arpoador rock, located in the northeast portion next door to the more famous Copacabana Beach that was built by the Austrian company Hochsitz Loidl GmbH in Oberndorf bei Kitzbühel temporary house is identical to the ORF SPORT-WM-house in Schladming, 2013. Incidentally, in Austria-house of the Austrian Olympic Committee of ORF SPORT is represented with a fixed camera and can also transmit from there if needed. This building has two TV studios with an outdoor area with the entire area shared by both ORF and the Swiss TV channels (SF2, RTS2, and La 2). In addition, the building right on the beach hosts a Friends of the Olympic Games Lounge and a media area of the city of Rio with a public area Olympic fans can view videos and images of the Olympic Games in Innsbruck in both 1964 and 1976 respectively and the two games in Switzerland--St. Moritz 1928 and 1948. There will be more ORF live cameras used at both the opening and closing ceremonies, sailing, beach volleyball, swimming and athletics available. In addition are four "flying" ORF camera teams with reporters and reporters at the venues go. Hopefully with all this coverage this time, Austria will walk away from Rio De Janeiro with some medals after being shut out of London four years ago. 

ORF1 will air both live the Opening Ceremony on August 5 from 1:20am (0;20) hosted by Boris Kastner-Jirka and the Closing Ceremony with Michael Berger on August 21 at 1:30am (0:30). There's a list of the ORF sportscasters on the press release with several of them handling numerous sports. Already this week ORF1 has aired live the Olympia Farewell Party for Team Austria from Vienna with 2.5 hours of subsequent highlights now showing and before that the announcement of the 68-strong 2016 Austrian Olympic Team held in Vienna's Hofburg. ORF Sport+ also showed an Olympic documentary called Every Split Second Counts: The History of Olympic Timekeeping. Says that ORF will start its coverage on August 5 with Opening Ceremony. But actually its overall coverage comes on ORF Sport+ with the two days of pre-Opening Ceremony Olympic soccer tournament already on August 3 with 3 women's games live starting at 17:50 (Sweden vs. South Africa, Brazil vs. China, and Germany vs. Zimbabwe) and 2 men's games (Brazil vs. South Africa and Argentina vs. Portugal) with highlights of those 5 games carrying on until the official start of the Olympics.  Afterwards, ORF SPORT+ will usually transmitted 16:00-1:00 (4pm-1am) live from the games. On the broadcast schedule are the Olympic comeback with golf and other ball and martial/combat arts such as tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball, hockey, boxing and wrestling. Commentator in the boxing matches is boxing expert Sigi Bergmann. As a special service ORF SPORT + will also regularly bring forth the Olympic News Channel in English, so that all viewers and viewers can obtain current information about the games. 

ORF radio stations Ö1, Ö3, FM4, and ORF-Regionnalradio will also get involved with 3 special programming with guests regarding the history of the Olympics up to now this year and Austria's place in it on Ö1 starting on Saturday, July 23, August 1-6, with Hitradio Ö3 sportscaster Michael Kasper, Wolfgang Eichinger and Gerhard Prohaska getting into the nitty-gritty in the compitition from Friday, August 5 to Sunday, August 21 with the sports highlights direct and live from the Ö3 studios at the Austria House with background information on the preparations for the Austrian athlete / inside.In addition, they report on the country and people, celebrities, events and parties, as well as anecdotes and curiosities off the sporting competitions. In the Ö3 messages and -Journalen for the Ö3 listeners and insights about medals, disappointments and successes of athlete and are kept up to date. In Ö3 alarm reports, summaries, interviews, analysis and comedies are presented. In addition, provide the Austrian Olympic athlete / inside at their respective competition day in Ö3 clock a first major challenge: Sabrina Filzmoser (Judo), Thomas Zajac (Sailing), Nico Delle Karth (Sailing), Alexander Horst (Beach Volleyball), Clemens Doppler (Beach Volleyball), Bernhard Sieber (rowing), Paul Sieber (rowing) and Beate Schrott (hurdles) compete against Ö3 Ringer Host Robert Kratky on "Early Kratky - The Olympic Edition" on. While there is to win medals in Rio, it is in this special issue (always heard shortly after 8:00 in the Ö3 Wecker) for the honor - so true to the Olympic spirit "Being there is everything".

19-year-old Deniz Onaral from Feistritz an der Drau will be at the Olympic Games for four weeks as an intern here Ö3 and an online diary at oe3.ORF.at lead. Hitradio Ö3 and the Austrian Olympic Committee have sought reinforcement for the Austria House in Rio de Janeiro and Deniz was able to prevail against the many candidates. He tells in his blog as it runs behind the scenes of the Summer Olympics, his experiences in Rio de Janeiro and the summer job of his life in Austria House.

As for the online and mobile streams, surely there will be an ORF app made available for this and the live and on-demand streaming on sport.orf.at, ORF Extra, and ORF TV-Thek. However the press release doesn't say how many streaming channels will be made available to Austrians. Next week, ORF starts its Brazil-focus on a series of Brazil-themed documentaries and movies: 



VTV in Vietnam, as made known by its Head of Sports Program Productions and journalist Phan Ngoc Tien, plans to have its Vietnamese Rio 2016 live coverage of sports such as soccer, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton along with the anchor sports like swimming, gymnastics, and track and field. Expectedly, VTV will cover, report, and follow each and every one of the 23-person team of Team Vietnam in their Rio 2016 exploits that can also be followed on Thethao.vtv.vn. VTV's opening ceremony presentation of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games will be broadcast live on VTV6 & VTV6HD from 5:45-9:30am Vietnam time on August 6. Much of the Olympic sports transmission begins for the Olympic days from 23:00-10:00 on VTV6 & VTV6HD from August 6-22. The evolution of the Olympic men's soccer at the Rio 2016 Games will be broadcast live on two channels, VTV3 and VTV2, from August 5-20:



Park Sun-Young, Bae Song-Jae, Gim Yeong-Seong, and Bae Gi-Wan are co-hosting South Korea's SBS' Opening Ceremony broadcast live with the two Baes and Gim also involved in the Closing. 10 members of this well-experienced SBS' sportscasting team in Rio De Janeiro will be involved in the play-by-play of various sports, very likely reporting the action on monitors at SBS's IBC studios in Rio because of the multiple assignments in many cases:

Bae Gi-Wan--archery, Opening/Closing Ceremony, golf, swimming

Kim Jung-IL--Athletics, Judo, Wrestling

Choe Young-Ju--Rhythmic Gymastics

Jeong Seok-Mun--Badminton, handball, shooting, swimming, table tennis

Bae Seong-Jae--Badminton, Opening/Closing Ceremony, soccer, swimming

Yun Seong-Ho--Badminton, Beach volleyball, swimming, volleyball

Jo Min-Ho--Soccer, Gymnastics, handball, Taekwondo

Jung Woo-Young--Athletics, fencing, table tennis

Name Unknown yet--Badminton, Beach volleyball, soccer, Modern Pentathlon, table tennis

Gim Young-Seong--Opening/Closing Ceremony, golf?


The SBS Olympic analysts will arrive next time.

RTL Television Luxembourg (Tele Letzebuerg) has the transmission rights to Rio 2016, but with only daily ten minutes of highlights with the strong emphasis on the small contingent of Luxembourg athletes in Rio De Janeiro. So no more of that wall-to-wall coverage--and even both ceremonies--that its neighboring nations will get but the Luxembourgans will see anyway with satellite dishes from the likes of ZDF/ARD, the BBC, Nederland 1, Een/Canvas, France Televisions/Canal+, and RTBF's La Deux, despite the recent increasing investment from RTL Luxembourg in sports television transmissions:



Of course, not everything from TV2 Norge's 5600 hours can be put onto TV2, TV2 Sporten, and TV2 Sumo. Between 9-14 warehouse staff in Oslo fashioned endings while Rio sleeps. From 14 to 5 Norway time, the channel present from Brazil. Dissemination of live sports is TV2's primary focus, studio portions being shorter and more concentrated. So what happens? Priorities get made. Sports such as handball, track and field/athletics, rowing, cycling, sailing, shooting, swimming and wrestling will be prioritized. These choices are based and interrelated with Norwegian participation. Large international sports such as tennis, gymnastics, soccer, beach volleyball and basketball are to set prevail on linear television channels like TV2 Sportkanalen. One of the first Olympic highlights from a Norwegian perspective centers on a handball match between Norway and Brazil on Saturday, August 6. That same day is Edvald Boasson Hagen from the Norwegian participants who embarks on his first cycling leg. TV2.no also will play an important role, and becomes instead one can see news, highlights, live broadcasts, statistics, and history with viewers following the press conferences live and interviews with athletes before and after competitions. Annemarta Giske will get involved with TV2 studio broadcasts from Oslo with Ingrid Halstersen and Erick Thorstvedt over in Rio De Janeiro as studio anchors. Furthermore, TV2 joins NBC and Globo/SporTV as the only TV channels permitted to have studios inside the Olympic Park, which means a lot to have the studio there in the Olympic Park as it gives the channel a strong and memorable presence that that'll lift the whole Olympic experience. It's situated right next to the tennis courts and overlooking many of the arenas. Viewers will get the feeling of being a part of what's happening throughout the day.

As far as the TV2 team goes, at least 60 people will head to Rio De Janeiro with the first wave already there. Others will arrive later like Andreas Thorkildsen for track and field as an expert. But only track and field and handball for analysts are going to Rio with the rest back in Oslo. In major sports that are popular to Norwegians and are successful in like handball and athletics, explanations aren't needed much. TV2 has spent a lot of time getting its sportscasting team acclimated with many Olympic sports in question that many in Norway are unfamiliar with like archery and are key to being successful in conveying what happens in getting Norwegian viewers engaged and to understand. Norwegian national sports federations were consulted to contribute online under numerous exercises and answer questions from viewers:






TV SLO2 will have a multitude of live feeds, the focus will be on the Slovenian performances and transfer the vast majority of all other final decisions, and of course the celebration. TV SLO 2's Olympic programming will, began with recordings of nightly events at 9:45am. From about 2pm-5am (14-5 Slovenia time) the next day will be more or less live transmissions. At 21pm (9pm) it will take place the show, which will be managed by Sanja Modrić as studio anchor, together with special guests Matic Osovnikar, a sprinter who represented Slovenia at three Olympics. For track and field, Peter Kavčič and Andrej Stare will cover it for TV SLO2. Events shown and not shown on TV SLO2 can be viewed on the MMC-TV website live, which, along with the entire basketball, soccer, and handball Olympic tournaments, includes Olympic sports that aren't popular in Slovenia like rugby 7s, which will also account for radio coverage too. A special portal in www.rtvslo.si/rio2016, which is entirely devoted to the Summer Olympic Games. The portal is a detailed daily schedule for all sports and disciplines, the results of written and awarded medals in all the 306 final decisions in 28 sports. The main emphasis will be Slovenian Olympic Team, where there's a special place selection of men's handball team, which has a dedicated handball tournament additional subportal. The team of journalists MMC will in time Rio working 24 hours a day, and will keep you covered all key and high-profile events. Even before the Olympic Games it will provide a number of interesting content, interviews and chats. Via the website you will all the happenings Rio that can be watched live,

Program at Val 202, associated with the Olympic Games, produced under the watchful eye of the press, which has its own Rio radio studio. Listeners will be able to listen to the Val 202 Olympic radio program every day from 17:45 to 5:00 in the morning. In addition to the sounding of the competitions the Olympic Games are traditionally present in regular sports broadcasts Val 202, such as morning sports stories and morning and afternoon Val sport. Already in July the team radio audience warmed up with Olympic memories. Olympic will also be broadcasting jevi channels on social networks: 



HRT2 in Croatia has an 11-part documentary series on past Croatian Olympic medalists since Croatia's secession from Yugoslavia. Each in a span of a hour like with Blanka Vlasic, Sandra Perkovic, Croatian men's water polo team against Hungary in London, and tennis partners Ljubičić/Ančić. Will also show on August 5 an 80-minute Olympic doc a short time before HRT2's Rio 2016 coverage starts with Cropacabana and live covering of the Opening Ceremony.  

Just checked Iceland's RUV channels as it just now as I write this putting up the August TV schedule. The Icelandic terrestrial coverage starts with two women's soccer games live and on-demand on the newer RUV 2--Brazil vs. China and the USA vs. New Zealand. RUV comes in with the live coverage of the Opening Ceremony as RUV 2 takes 2 days off--not even touching the men's soccer matches the Thursday prior--and handles the bulk of the OL 2016 coverage apparently as RUV 2 just handles the soccer and nothing else. So far. As far as Stod 2 Sport is concerned, we still don't know yet if it will get involved with its multiple sports channels for Icelandic subscription TV. 

There will be Rio 2016 Olympic action on Estonia's new Russian language channel ETV+--but minus the Russian commentary because ERR wasn't yet granted the rights to show its own Russian commentary. Just the venue/international audio. Instead, immediately after the daily Russian nightly sports news broadcast on August 1, ETV+ kickstarts its Olympic TV coverage with journalists Igor Savelyev and Alexey Margijev making an overview of the Olympics ahead, summarizing the main events and results. ETV + gets a reporter relaying the latest information and interviews with Rio de Janeiro in fellow journalist Andrian Tšeremenin. News from the Olympic Games can be viewed at etvpluss.ee and on ETV +'s social media accounts. Prior to the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the broadcast of the Estonian Olympic Team's introduction on ETV + gets aired on August 5 after midnight. ETV2 will also be involved in the Estonian transmission of Rio 2016 with ETV's commentary of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies simulcasted on Radio 4 and on the ERR mobile app for the whole coverage:


A general overview of what RAI plans to do with its 5600 hours of coverage on TV, online/mobile, and radio and the breath of coverage it plans to use with:


KAZSport's Rio 2016 promo profile of Kazak Olympic and World boxing champion Daniyar Eleusinov, who will compete in the 69 kg weight class:


Mediacorp has secured a deal with Southeast Asian/Central Asian regional broadcast rights holders Dentsu for delayed telecasts, daily highlights, and feeds from the Olympic news channel for between 10-12 hours daily with the deal is said to be worth about US$2 million (S$2.71m). Mediacorp's crew in Brazil will also produce content. The sum excludes other costs, which may go beyond the $1m mark. So for those who wish to see Joseph Schooling perhaps make Olympic history for Team Singapore at the pool by medaling live as it happens, they'll be out of luck. And the subscription TV side still has yet to strike deals with Dentsu, balking at the latter's S$6 million offer of "live" free-to-air TV!



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I do not know if a story about an Olympic athlete who will not participate in the Rio 2016 can compete for the IOC awards broadcast . But the TV Globo ( Brazil ) exhibited an amazing story just now on Eric Moussambani ( Swimming - Equatorial Guinea - Sydney 2000) . The report suffers the athlete and their historical participation in the games was very well produced . Brazil was already awarded twice about reports of olympic athletes in both 2010 and 2012 when the RECORD TV trasmitia the event. - Today the TV GLOBO opened enough space in the mornings for the torch relay in São Paulo. It was very cool! Many people followed the torch in the country's largest city . - On Sunday , TV GLOBO officially starts olympic coverage. As of July 31 will anchor its direct programming of the Olimpico Park studio.

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This will be a decidedly shorter post than what I normally write on this thread. Partly because A: it's Sunday right now and the library hours are obviously shorter and B: I still need a chance to fully navigate my way with this new thread as I still learn to make mistakes. So it will be brief posts this time before we go back to normal. 

Nations and national Olympic broadcasters that we know will show the pre-Opening Ceremony Olympic soccer for Rio 2016 on TV and maybe online so far. Will certainly amend this as we go along:

NBC/NBC Universo (USA)

CBC/Radio-Canada (Canada)

Globo/SporTV (Brazil)

SuperSport (South Africa/Sub-Saharan Africa)

Seven Network (Australia)

ORF Sport+ (Austria)

Viasat/TV3 (Sweden) 

SKY Sport NZ/PRIME (New Zealand)

ARD (women's soccer)/ZDF (men's soccer) (Germany) 

ESPN (Latin America/Brazil) 

SBS (South Korea)

France Televisions 4/Canal+ (France)

RUV (Iceland, women's soccer only)

Claro Sports (Latin America)

TV2 (Norway)

Belarus 5 will cover the events of the Olympics 2016 24 hours a day that will no doubt include the Belarussian women's basketball team. Belarus 1 will broadcast the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. A great deal of exclusive news will be aired by other traditional TV channels as well. The total broadcasting time of the Belarussian Television and Radio Company TV channels will constitute 33 hours per day that equals to 500 hours for 16 days. This same small online piece also mentions Belarus 5 Director Aliaxandr Kaziukevich receiving the IOC Special Prize  in Sports and Innovations with references to its  sports working achievements in 2015:


General overview of the new SporTV Olympic app where Brazilians can get access to all 56 live Olympic streaming channels and all the events on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs: 



Former MTV Brazil VJ Didi Wagner takes over from Aurora Bello hosting an Olympic-themed SporTV 4's late night show Madruga SporTV with co-host Roger Flores with them situated overlooking the Rio Olympic Park starting August 5, Opening Ceremony night:



Between Aug 7 and Aug 21, for the first time since the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games in that there will be no live televising of any Olympic sporting action in Singapore. Mediacorp will broadcast daily but delayed highlights and telecast for up to 12 hours of coverage of the Games on Okto, its designated channel for sports content, and Toggle, its over-the-top service platform including sports highlights, and up-to-the-minute news coverage of Team Singapore’s participation in the Games on the free-to-air side--because of Singapore's small viewership market in comparison to neighbors Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia regarding revenue in Dentsu's eyes. Of the three daily highlights shows, two will showcase highlights of the games in general while the third is a half-hour Mediacorp-produced program with a special focus on Team Singapore athletes in Rio De Janeiro. Daily coverage of the Olympic Games will include Team Singapore’s events with all daily highlights available for catch-up on Toggle. But in addition, Mediacorp will telecast from Rio De Janeiro both the opening and closing ceremonies live on Aug 6 and Aug 22 respectively (Singapore time). In the run-up to the Olympic Games, a special documentary series, Countdown to Rio, will be aired on Okto, which focuses primarily on Team Singapore athletes competing in the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games. Olympic reports will also be carried on Channel NewsAsia, Channel 5, Channel 8, Suria and Vasantham in their breakfast shows and daily news programs. There will be pages dedicated to Games coverage in TODAY newspaper, and all Mediacorp radio stations will provide regular updates of the Games throughout the day in the four official languages

Dentsu's asking price for the 2016 Games is understood to be about a quarter of what Hong Kong's TVB paid. No official information is available, but reports said Hong Kong's free-to-air broadcaster TVB paid about US$25 million for the rights to the Games. Furthermore, under this current contract with Dentsu, Mediacorp can only air an event at least 1-hour after the session has concluded:


The EMTEK Group in Indonesia sealed a deal with Dentsu to possess the Indonesian Olympic TV rights for Rio 2016. EMTEK's channels that will carry the Summer Olympics this August are SCTV, Indosiar, Channel O, Nexmedia, and all will broadcast the 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. No doubt they will cover the entire 2016 Indonesian Olympic Team in the seven sports participating--cycling, badminton, beach volleyball, swimming, weightlifting, rowing, and archery:


Really insightful and excellent piece from Radio World about how the 97 worldwide radio Olympic broadcast rights holders prepare themselves for Rio De Janeiro with the OBS providing them with all the tools and mechanisms essential to ensure a quality radio broadcast from the Summer Olympics. Not limited to just the world feed through the BBC, ARD, VRT, RTBF, and Radio Slovenia:


With the ban on Russia's track athletes affirmed by the CAS, I wonder if Channel One back in Russia will live to its promise of completely omitting the track and field altogether.  

ZDF and ARD both will use Avid's MediaCentral Platform for the upcoming Summer Olympics:


More insight in FOX Sports MX's Rio 2016 this time from the presentation side of things including the presence of ex-Mexican athletes in diving, fencing, gymnastics, race walking and taekwondo and what will the FOX Sports Mexico Olympic broadcast days will be like:



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Let's try again with the 15-second Rio 2016 TV promos from TV5Monde Afrique involving the Guinea's Syli Nationale men's national soccer team and Paris-Levallois Basket's Congo-Brazzavillian basketball star Giovan Oniangue and see if they can work that you won't have to click on the link





Serbia's RTS will have an area of 150m2 at the IBC in Rio De Janeiro with 30 people reporting to help present the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics to Serbians under a 5-hour time difference on the electronic side of things with RTS2 designated as the Serbian Olympic Channel. With 12 journalist-commentators in the production team--Slobodan Šarenac, Goran Stepić, Predrag Milinković, Predrag Strajnić, Aleksandar Stojanović, Nedeljko Kovinjalo, Vladimir Mijaljević, Radoslav Simić, Petar Denda, and Miloš Krivokapić with Sanja Ljubisavljević handling the Rio 2016-related news and information coming out of the Games, in addition to RTS executive producer Zoran Trifunovic, the cameramen, editors, producers and implementers that totals 13 people, plus 10 more technicians, while the RTS radio program have another four men--Milan Bigović, Vlade Radičević, and Sasa Mikic with technical director Dragan Arsović. Seven commentators will get placed for RTS this August at the Maracana Stadium (where Sarenac and Stojanovic will be there at least for the Opening Ceremony to cover), Joao Havelenge Olympic Stadium (track and field/athletics), the Maracanzinho Gymnasium (volleyball), the Caricoa Arena (basketball), the Rio Aquatics Center (swimming and water polo), and the Rio Tennis Center (tennis).

Some of the more popular Olympic sports like basketball, tennis, water polo, and volleyball will actually head towards RTS1 with perhaps sometimes kayaking, shooting, and rowing. Also on RTS1 will be broadcasting throughout the Olympic competition Olympic Afternoon (17:20 to 18:10--5:20-6:10pm Serbia time), which will host famous athletes and sports officials, and will turn from the Rio studios. RTS2 will start the full day with the replay of various Olympic highlights from the previous day and then the live footage from the afternnon-early morning.  By the beginning of the Olympic Games, RTS2 will broadcast the show In My Sneakers as well as the Sixth Circle quiz show. Surprised soccer isn't given any due here. Will show it but not being based at the football stadiums, since it's spread over the nation.

When you contemplate, and see how much there will be in the transmission, live shows, talks, and obligations will be contributions to the daily news program (RTS Sports Editor and Director Zoran Markovic), you will realize that this is in relation to the world situation, however small in number forty. For this, all in RTS' undertaking for the entire two years. Doesn't say how many hours overall:



Sports Video Group's Karen Hogan takes its own look at how NBC tackles the "biggest media event in history" in preparation with its massive 6755 hours overall coverage in multiple platforms and all the tech toys it has in its arsenal, a definite far cry to when NBC covered Atlanta 20 years ago with its purely-broadcasting 171.5 hours (should've been much more in retrospect):


We do know that Alessandro Ambrosio will be involved in NBC's fun side of the coverage like Portuguese lessons. Fellow Victoria's Secret attractive Brazilian supermodel Angel Adriana Lima will join her in also providing the sexy in the coverage in offering themselves as NBC's cultural ambassadors in food and other culture for Ryan Seacrest's late night segment and in other various NBC Olympics' platforms. Both are crazy for Neymar. The segments surely are designed to be light-hearted and fun. But I can also understand why some sports TV viewers see this development as superficial fluff in the coverage and less about the sports and Brazil's hard issues that need reporting to attract the guys:




(a more socially conscious one in the next link where I agree with at least of some of the points mentioned in) 


BBC Sport sends a team of 455 accredited broadcasters to Brazil, mostly in Rio De Janeiro, later this month. Nearly 100 more than what the British Olympic Association will send representing the British Olympic Team (or Team GB) from all across the UK. Since Britain's not the hosts this time, the BBC staff is 40% below the total number of accreditations for London 2012 and 35% below Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games in 2014:



24 hours a day for Argentina's TyC Sports, including 17 hours live broadcast from Rio De Janeiro with every Argentinian athlete shown with twice daily summaries, one at 7am and another at the end of competition. TyC Sports will also provide 6 additional simultaneous multiscreen channels online/mobile/smart TV on TyC Sports Play live and in full with variety of features in interaction and integration with social networks. The Argentinian sports TV giant will send a special envoy of 60 there with an additional 100 still based back in Buenos Aires coming with 5 tons of equipment between technical and set design ready for 200m2 at IBC with its own research, production area, central control, control study, two islands editing and web copywriting and exclusive images, 6 own cameras, 6 personal mobile trucks with 1 additional mobile one for Argentina's men's national soccer (football) team, and 1 exclusive camera inside the Olympic Village for Argentine athletes to leave messages like it did with last year's Pan American Games in Toronto.

Gonzalo Bonadeo is the face for TyC Sports' Rio 2016 coverage, and he'll be joined by Hugo Conte, Martin Jaite, Sergio "Cachito" Vigil and Andrés Kogovsek, who will contribute their knowledge and the Olympic experience that catapulted as undisputed referents of volleyball, tennis, hockey and handball, respectively. Alongside with them, Juan Martin Rinaldi, Joseph Montesano, David Carlin, Juan Carlos Meschini, Rodolfo Depaoli and Ariel Senosiain will relate and discussed the alternatives of different sports teams. Guido Bercovich, Paul LaMedica Agustin Fantasia, Fernando Cicutti will tour the different locations the national delegation in accompanying the coverage of training and developments of Argentina's athletes:



Dominican Republic residents will have to watch the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games on Claro Sports' 4 channels (1 + 3 additional and temp HD Olympic channels) that will provide 3200 combined hours (200 on the regular one) and no FTA channels under subscription and online/mobile. Maybe it will send them to that side to ensure it will be there along with satelitte:



Two of Bulgaria's beloved Olympic medalists, triple jumper Tereza Marinova and gymnast Jordan Jovtchev, are now Olympic studio hosts for BNT1 and BNT HD's Rio 2016 Olympic coverage. There in Rio De Janeiro, Marinova is entrusted with the presentation of the studio program on BNT. The Bulgarian outlook program Olympics Today with Tereza Marinova will be broadcast every day during the Olympics with At Home and Abroad at 18:00 on BNT1. Olympic Studio plans to have Bulgarian and foreign sports stars, known and respected coaches, and sports specialists visiting to comment on and analyze the most interesting moments of the competitions. Also on BNT, Marinova will comment on and analyze races of "Queen of sports" - athletics. Jovtchev for his part is also on the other side of the camera. Viewers will be able to see the new Olympic champions being with the winner of four world titles on his show Rio Line with Jordan Jovtchev. The program will summarize the most interesting in each of the Olympic days with reports, interviews and comments from the place of events. It will be broadcast every day in the early morning, with repetition from 12:30 on BNT1:



Apparently, M5, following its launch on August 1, will join M4 Sport in the broadcast of Rio 2016 as a parallel channel like with involving Hungarian Olympians for the Hungarian market and then takes over the Paralympics afterwards:



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On 5/10/2016 at 11:20 PM, Oooswald said:

I've found this:


No ideia if is legit.

Awww i was about to post my found, well it seem it's real as it got copyright climed by IOC, i find another source which is ident compilation:


But man that new OBS logo which anyone could do in mspaint in minutes >.< IOC related logos going downfall recently

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On 7/25/2016 at 6:25 PM, daniel anderson400 said:

Channel Seven is showing the Olympics on their main channel, even for highlights, and relegating the AFL to 7Mate. They have never done that, have they before?

Does seem to suggest that 7Mate is not going to be 24/7 with its Olympic realm that will focus on the male sports; the AFL is too high profile and established in the Australian sports market to be just dropped, even temporarily, in favor of a massive global event. The Seven Network can do this now with the advent of digital TV down in Australia and of the end of anti-siphoning laws.

Was writing about the SVG link but Quaker beat me to it in the uploading. B The Summer Olympics and top-level broadcasters like NBC certainly and very much like embracing new technologies that wasn't existing previously during the last Olympics as we evolve away from just traditional TV presentations in the past 20 years, when it was becoming more fragmented audience-wise. Nonetheless, they have to keep with the latest technologies that change the way how we digitally view them and our favorite athletes and watch wherever you go and whenever. One latest development as we embark on Rio 2016 is the involvement of the authenticated streaming service on smart TVs with hookups from Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox One, and Win10--you didn't they weren't going to be excluded from this, weren't they?--to stream that record 4500 hours, a 1000 more than in London 2012, NBC Olympics will send on a live day from 7am-11pm US/Canada/Mexico CT. But there are restrictions like authenticating video 5 minutes+ and a temp pass for up to 30 minutes of coverage. OBS-produced streams are this year auto-synchronized with data overlays are some of the things in this great insight into NBC Olympics' digital plans with lots of Olympic tech debuts. However, the real bad flaw is no cordless option to watch, meaning you must go through the telecommunication/satellite/cable giants for access:



Great interview with Gary Zenkel from Recode that gives a lot more insight about NBC Olympics' digital plans and clouds. He's blown away by VR on Samsung. That and the Zika concerns:


I'd be remissed if I didn't mention that the currently-underway USA Basketball 2016 pre-Olympic Selection Series of exhibition games across the USA, both men and women, are shown not just on NBA TV here in the USA but also under a Facebook simulcast live online streaming:


Even Facebook's USA Basketball page will simulcast the other games like in the women's ones for Canada, Australia, and France:


Interesting development that just emerged out of Denmark hours ago with its long-awaited news regarding DR's and TV2's upcoming Rio 2016 coverage. They're going to largely divide what they cover. Will be some shared coverage like Caroline Wozniaki's tennis matches, men's soccer, handball (both men's and women's games), and track and field. But for DR's portion that will total 500 hours between DR1 and DR3, those two channels will exclusively carry in their rights badminton, swimming, road cycling, tennis (without Wozniacki), archery, gymnastics, BMX, beach volley, mountain bike racing, Source, triathlon, fencing, weightlifting, synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, field hockey, long-distance swimming, taekwondo, and the closing ceremony. Bigger events going to DR1. Two additional Internet streams on DR's dr.tv and dr.dk will allow to see even more Olympic action from Rio De Janeiro.

TV2 will exclusively have the rights towards the opening ceremony, sailing, rowing, track cycling, canoe/kayaking, shooting, golf, equestrian, table tennis, basketball, wrestling, women's soccer, boxing, rugby 7s, volleyball, kayak slalom, water polo, trampoline, modern pentathlon, and judo on its channels TV2 and TV2 Sport



Kinslager and ASTRO Arena Malaysia strikes a 2-year deal in which the former will supply specially tailored attire ranging from blazers, jackets, skirts, and image consultantcy to raise its professional standards among others for Astro Arena’s 20 sports hosts during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics and beyond like next year's SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur:


RTVE's VR app  Heroínas: Vive Río (Heroes: Living Rio), five short documentaries will tell the stories of synchronized swimmers Gemma Mengual and Ona Carbonell, canoeist Maialen Chourraut, horse rider Beatriz Ferrer, the national team of rhythmic gymnastics, and the rugby women’s team. All the characters, as well as their training tools, were 3D scanned to integrate them into the VR video and the interactive menu. During the shooting, three 360° cameras, drone cameras and remote-controlled systems were used with the sound recorded and produced with those same cameras to enhance the experience. All part of the 4500 live hours/6000 VOD (including the 600 TV hours, mainly from Teledeporte) in RTVE's Rio 2016 coverage with a Rio De Janeiro project staff that smaller than what was the 200-person covered in Beijing:



Additional insights into SporTV's new 2016 Olympic-oriented app and its capabilities for Brazilian Olympic fans:



Alright, now we know what the general coverage will be like for all the Brazilian Olympic TV participants thanks to this. We certainly know a lot more from Globo and SporTV with to a lesser extent ESPN and FOX Sports Brazil. But now we got all of them thanks to this:

GLOBO: 10 hours a day--morning, afternoon, and night with potential changes along the grid depending upon the competition; Globo's major TV news programs-- Good Morning Brazil, Jornal da Globo, and Fantastico--will all be based at the Olympic Park along with Olympic Ballad everyday in August; O Encontro (The Meeting) will appear during the first week but a couple of programs like the telenovela Malhacao, Video Show, and Afternoon Session won't appear; on August 5 the Opening Ceremony will pre-empt Old Chico of course; Will also offer an exclusive second Olympic channel on the Globo Play VOD digital platform 

BAND: will dedicate 14 hours daily to Rio 2016; will have a real-time web broadcasts, the website of the issuer, and will also issue its own smartphone app; Band will feature a team of 40 commentators, among them are athlete analysts like Brazil's Olympic volleyball medalists Marcelo, Negrao, and Virna.

RECORD/RECORD NEWS: Record will broadcast approximately 135 hours of the Summer Olympics in roughly an average of 10 hours a day like Globo. Record News will also get involved in the Olympic broadcasting with over 20 hours a daily. Its newspapers will gets involved with special blocks devoted to the Olympic Games

SporTV: Of course, 4000 hours with 16 HD channels altogether on the TV side with an additional 40 live streaming channels 24/7 online/mobile that will also include those same 16 there; will include 110 commentators that will include Olympic legends

ESPN Brasil: 3 channels, 700 hours in total featuring 50 sportscasters in diverse Olympic sports with the help of 500 ESPN professionals from around the world to help in the production of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

BANDSPORTS: During the Olympics, just 30 minutes of daily programming from the sports network will not be dedicated to the Olympic Games. Bandsports will take 23 hours and a half of programming with the events: this will include daily journals, daily bulletins, live competitions and, at dawn, reruns. While Bandsports has priority events with great popular Brazilian appeal--such as football and volleyball--Bandsports will focus on sports such as track and field/athletics, swimming and judo.

FOX Sports Brasil: The two channels that will each have 24 hours of Olympic programming. In addition to the live broadcasts, reruns and analysis, Fox Sports major attraction in its coverage is three members of the Funds Port Group comedy team: Antonio Tabet, Gabriel Totoro, and Rafael Portugal. They have a daily slot in the channel, getting involved in the sports broadcasting, opening and closing ceremonies of the Games:



More news about Band's upcoming Rio 2016 broadcast coverage: it built two studios, one inside the Olympic Park and another back at the IBC, it will devote 200 hours worth of Olympic sports coverage and will have a large team of commentators and reporters including Nivaldo of Cillo and Fernando Fernandes. After breaking up with the Brasilierao soccer after 10 years of coverage sharing with Globo due to the economic crisis:


Band's Rio 2016 Olympic sponsor vignette

There's an assortment of Internet videos involving the Lithuania Olympic Team members on the local media giant Lietuvos Rytas TV's website to look at as we await the Lithuanian Olympic broadcaster bring forth their schedules:


TVes Venezuela in the troubled nation plans to show 12 comprehensive, uninterrupted, and exclusive hours a day live in HD on national FTA from Rio De Janeiro with the nation's best writers, sportscasters, and guests--Luis Chourio, Francisco De Andrade, Darwin Silvera, Alberto Marquez, Aldrhym Adrianza, Pedro Zarlengo, Thomas Munoz, Mary Carmen Fariña, Vito Martinez, Cesar "Nanou" Diaz, and Geraldine Madabhy among them--to cover all 86 of Venezuela's athletes with its own TV cameras too it can have being that it likes to proclaim itself as the Golden Generation for its athletes:




SBS South Korean Rio 2016 analysts/experts:

Bak Seong-Hyeon--archery

Park Kyung-Mo--archery

Shin Soo-Ji--rhythmic gymnastics

Kim Joo-Young--rhythmIc gymnastics

Hyun Jung-Hwa--table tennis

Kim Yong Il--wrestling

Kim Dong-Moon--badminton

Won Woo-Young--fencing

Jang Ji-Hyeon--soccer

Yi Do-Hui--beach volleyball, volleyball

Kim Young--golf

Bak Jong-Hun--gymnastics


Japan's U-23 men's soccer team takes on Olympic hosts and favorite Brazil led by Neymar in a pre-Olympic international soccer friendly down in Brazil that TV Tokyo will broadcast on July 31:


Ceske Televize--CT for short--has a roster of engaged sportscasters made up of former and current Olympians like canoe slalomist Vavrinec Hradilek, who wants viewers to approach the track from a different perspective, Jana Komrsková from gymnastics, volleyball player Krystin Kolocová, and in cycling Lubor Tesar. Everyone will speak about the sporting events and help accompany at the Czech Television studio inside Rio's IBC with anchors Robert Záruba and Jaromir Bosák. And we still haven't gotten any news and developments regarding Nova Sports:


Adriane Galisteu hosts a temp live program on FOX Sports Brazil on a temp contract for the Olympics called Good Night FOX that will close the live Olympic programming day on the FOX channels with highlights, summaries, and interviews:



More Slovenian Olympic TV, online, radio, and other media news for Rio 2016. TV SLO2 will show 14 hours of live nonstop Olympic action from early afternoon to 4-5am. At 9:45 in the morning TV SLO2 will show previous day's highlights. Come 21pm (9pm), a studio show managed by Sanja Modrić, together with special guests like Matic Osovnikar, sprinters who represented Slovenia at three Olympics. Program from 14 pm to midnight we connect in our studio. The TV SLO2 team from Rio will present daily briefings for all daily-news broadcasts filmed statements by Slovenian and foreign athletes preparing for special Olympics stories, and tried to conjure up the Olympic beat of Brazilian cities in Slovenia, etc.

Program at Val 202, associated with the games, produced under the watchful eye of the press, which will be held in Rio had its own radio studio. Listeners will be able to listen to the radio Olympic program every day from 17:45 to 5:00 in the morning. In addition to the sounding of the competitions the Olympic Games are traditionally present in regular sports broadcasts in Vala 202. Daily morning and afternoon rush of the sport (at 9:15 and 17:45) and morning sports stories at 6:40, weekly and also in Sports Sabbath (every Saturday between 19:30 and 22:00) and on Sunday afternoon sports (every Sunday from 13 to 19 hours). Olympic colored and enriched as well as news programs. You can listen to an exclusive story with scenes, conversations with key actors, analysis, commentary, reportage, short, comprehensive reporting. Already in July the team radio audience warmed up with Olympic memories every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am and interviews with Slovenian Olympians on Saturdays at 12am. Along with great 24-hours a day features, content, and interviews from its MMC journalists



RTP's Rio 2016 Olympic TV promos captures people or RTP personnel emulating what the Olympic athletes are doing. Not a new concept of course as we've seen various Olympic broadcasters, particularly with European ones, doing this. RTP Portugal is no different here. In this case, an Olympic couch potato emulates what Russia's high jumper Ivan Ukhov does in London when landing on the sofa hearing the RTP commentary:


The Latvian Viasat Sport Baltic edition will have its Opening Ceremony broadcast co-hosted by Aivars Zakharov and Peter Siksnis


The First Public Channel of Armenia will show the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics like with many past Olympics. But there's little info right now. We can certainly expect weightlifting and wrestling on that along with both ceremonies, swimming, track and field, and some soccer. Will it be wall-to-wall this time instead of just in programming blocks? As for ITV Azerbaijan in its intense rival, all we know right now is the Opening Ceremony will be on 2:55am Baku time.   

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Emphasizing on more the digital tech stuff along with the TV coverage on Telemundo and NBC Universo.

Miha Zibrat will host the Slovenian coverage of both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies from Rio on TV SLO2.

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45 minutes ago, Quaker2001 said:

Inside the Games has re-surfaced the story about NBC asking for the Parade of Nations to be re-ordered to be in English instead of Portugese.  Didn't buy it then.  Don't buy that this will happen now.

So sad.. the first time the Parade could be in Portugese and NBC is trying to take that away...

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Viasat Sport Baltic Lithuania announces it will air 300 hours of Rio 2016 action on its flagship network. Several of the Lithuanian version sportscasters and on its FTA sister channel TV3's basketball during this time include Nerijaus Kesmino, Vaido Čeponio, Maksimo Vojevodino, Mindaugo Rainio, Žydrūno Grudzinsko, Vytauto Jasučio, Nerijaus Vasiliausko, and Žilvino Aleksandravičiaus 


Add SevenWest Media to the Twitter Amplify Olympic partnership:



Seven's staff is 450-people strong for the average of 23 hours of daily coverage:


We're seeing the evolution in broadcasting and online/mobile. But this takes a look at the Olympic accredited photography evolution through Getty Images with robot cameras and 360-degree views:


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On 7/27/2016 at 3:43 PM, intoronto said:

That's a shame. Steve Armitage is really good calling the action at the pool for the CBC, wherever the top-level pool may be. 

Ukrainian First National Television says it will bring over 200 hours of the exclusive Ukrainian TV coverage of Rio 2016 with additional footage on the First's (aka UA's) website. From Kiev to Lyiv to Donetsk to Odessa to Dnipropetrovsk to Kharkiv, UA's daily Olympic broadcast will start at night with morning repeats:


The National Olympic Committee of the Ukraine and the Ukrainian government gave the 44-member 2016 Ukrainian Olympic Team a sendoff in Kiev before jetting off to Rio De Janeiro on July 23 that was live on the Ukrainian First National Channel that was at one point sober and had a parade to the stage (don't worry, it does work)


DISH Network gets involved in providing the NBC Olympics Rio 2016 coverage. Several models of its Hoppers will be used. Man, I wish I'd have something like that right now along with other tech devices:


Andrés Cantor, joined by Ana Jurka and Miguel Gurtwitz, present six special stories of perseverance and dedication, with some of Rio's biggest Hispanic/Latin stars like Neymar, Mariana Pajon, Javier Culson, Paola Espinosa, Carlos Balderas, and Daniel Leyva, this Saturday, July 30 at 5pm CT on Telemundo called RIO 2016: EN BUSCA DEL SUEÑO OLÍMPICO:


Info for the cord-cutters who want to watch the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, particularly like to watch via Playstation Vue and Sling (and must deal with their limitations):



Another story regarding the big NZ media boycott against coverage Rio 2016 due to SKY NZ's unwavering stance, which could set a dangerous precedence down there with SKY's clout and despite SKY's claims its regulations are more liberal than in many nations. Yep, no positives from this: 


Meanwhile, TVNZ has yet to be willing to strike its own TV Olympic broadcasting deal but is on the verge of doing so. Mediaworks' TV3 is closer right now. Moreover, SKY NZ's PRIME will run the Rio 2016 Olympics for 18 hours a day:


A combined 731 hours are planned for CT2 and CT Sport. Both 24/7. Everything starts with both the women's and men's soccer tournaments before the Opening Ceremony for the marathon of Olympic sports coverage. 8 additional Internet Olympic streams will be made available on CT where you can watch up to 10 sports at once and choose in accordance to their preference. CT2 will handle the majority of the medal events with CT Sport involved with the variety of ball sports. Ceske Televize will send a large team and build a new studio that will include the likes of Robert Zaruba, Jaromir Bosak, Another studio is present at Lipno with anchors there Petr Vichnar and Darina Vymětalíková. It's also involved in the OBS production of canoe slalom in Rio. CT maintains its relationship with the IOC since its debut broadcast in 1956.


Not having the Mexican TV broadcasting rights of Rio 2016 for TV Azteca and Televisa will total in a red bath of $45 billion:


FOX Sports Latin America gets ready to open a new headquarters in Barra De Tijuca inside Rio De Janeiro with 3 floors, 4000m2 space, 20 technical rooms, three studios, eight image editing islands and two sound three switchers, four studios off tubes, 27 offices to house the entire staff and two underground garage floors with about 200 professionals of the company will come from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, all with local production that 80% of FOX Sports Olympic productions will come from next month:


PRIME NZ's Te Arahi Maipi comes to the rescue for the special Maori/Pacific broadcast of Rio 2016, like making sure the prenunciations of Maori and other Pacific Polynesian/Melenesian names are accurate:  



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Looks like Armitage isn't the only notable name who will miss Rio with health issues..




Craig Sager has returned to MD Anderson to continue his fight against leukemia.  He is preparing for a third bone marrow transplant which will prevent him from covering the Olympics in Rio. We wish him the best in his continued recovery.

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