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Rio 2016 Olympic Media Update

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Surely the full NBC TV schedule should be coming out tomorrow or Tuesday? The first broadcast is in 17 days. I can't ever remember NBC waiting until this close to the Games to release the full schedule.

I'm surprised we haven't more leaks, especially with all the little announcements. Might have been the British Open that held some things up. With the beach volleyball schedule having come out last week, hopefully that's the last piece of the puzzle and we have the full schedule this well

Worth noting.. CBC had originally said early July for their schedule release. They've since changed that to late December. So it's not just NBC that's being held up

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I'm surprised we haven't more leaks, especially with all the little announcements. Might have been the British Open that held some things up. With the beach volleyball schedule having come out last week, hopefully that's the last piece of the puzzle and we have the full schedule this well

Worth noting.. CBC had originally said early July for their schedule release. They've since changed that to late December. So it's not just NBC that's being held up


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I read in the Brazilian internet an interesting topic .

With three channels broadcasting in Brazil (TV GLOBO, RECORD and TV BANDEIRANTES TV) will have three channels sharing the same cake.

GLOBO TV traditionally sucks the audience, and will quietly stay in the lead (with growth in audience) . But what about the other channels ?

They will have to decide what is left of the audience. I believe that the RECORD TV and TV BANDEIRANTES take this into account because no want to lose audience.

In April , during the impeachment of Rousseff , GLOBO TV isolated in the lead but the RECORD TV and TV BAND lost to SBT (single station that did not show the vote) .

Still , I hope this does not undermine the coverage in Brazil . The TV GLOBO is amazing transmissions, but want to have more choices.

The silence of the TV RECORD and BANDEIRANTES TV still scare me. Are 19 days there and only 17 to football!

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GLOBO NEWS accompany arrival to OC .


The cable television station ( GLOBO NEWS) the Brazilian equivalent of CNN and owned by TV Globo . It also has plans for 2016 .

The newspaper Christiane Pelajo in GloboNews , the edition of 16h , held daily in São Paulo, will also be present in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games and will be anchored surroundings of the Maracana , the opening stage on August 5 .

On the date in question there will be extensive coverage . As the program airs from 16h to 18h and the ceremony will start at 20h16 , the newspaper practically become a content service , with information on transportation , security, and everything about the movement in the area closed around the stadium .

The scheme for the arrival of the authorities at the ceremony also deserve a special approach . The day before , as the Rio de Janeiro, Pelajo will make a story about the Olympic atmosphere in the city .

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Apparently the delay on NBC will be of 30 minutes.

They'll do a 30 minute pre-show starting at 7:30pm it seems.

Was just going to say the same thing. The broadcast starting at 7:30pm doesn't mean NBC will start showing the ceremony at 7:30. They'll have their opening intro and whatever other business they want to handle then. I would guess their plan is for their coverage of the ceremony to hit at 8:00pm ET, still on a 1 hour delay.

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Glad there will be an Opening Ceremony pre-show on NBC at 6:30pm CT. At least that will make the 1-hour delay little more tolerable. Surely there will be an interview or two with notable US Olympians and perhaps with IOC President Thomas Bach like there was on Super Sunday 2015 when NBC had the Super Bowl--just hope it won't interrupt like it did with London by inserting Ryan Seacrest's interview with Michael Phelps in place of Abide With Me. But not counting on it. I'm sure, like with Globo News albeit on a smaller scale NBC will touch on the security, transportation, and development around the stadium. Remember when the Canadian Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium with Vancouver planned for a touch of celebrity with a red carpet scene for the Opening Ceremony at BC Place? Could we see something like that during the show? I was wondering the 1-hour delay had something to do with affirming many NBC affiliates' wishes to leave the lucrative syndication programming following the news at that time slot at 6:30pm untouched.

As far as getting the Opening Ceremony's Parade of Nations into English instead of keeping it in Portuguese, may be onto something regarding NBC worried of American TV viewers switching over once the United States enters Maracana Stadium rather early than usual, knowing our general collective ignorance of other nations and of the need to build the anticipation for their arrival. But as said just earlier, there wouldn't be as much rival TV programming in August with that going on at that time. Never mind the serious fragmentation of TV consumers these days.

Makes you wonder who's going to do the intro's celebrity voiceover to officially start the NBC coverage this time to follow Bob Costas (1996, 2002), James Earl Jones (2000, 2004), Andre Braugher (2006, 2008, 2010), Emily Blunt/Ewen MacGregor (2012), and Peter Dinklage (2014). Wonder if NBC would select a sole actress this time. A Brazilian could be used. Maybe Alice Braga. Gisela Chipe does the NBC Rio 2016 promo voiceovers. If NBC brass prefers to stay consistent, they could stick with her for that.

Agreed that NBC's Rio 2016 TV scheduling comes rather late this time than it normally does, understandably with the late qualifying events. But as long as we get it very soon.

According to Wikipedia's 2016 Summer Olympics broadcasters entry, Spain's RTVE will also double as tiny Andorra's Rio 2016 TV/online/mobile/radio broadcaster, despite that French is spoken there too and it can also receive France Televisions and Canal+ for the French coverage.

BuzzFeed and NBC team up with Snapchat to expand NBC Olympics' Opening Ceremony social media presence with...Ryan Seacrest hosting in LA with YouTube stars The Fine Brothers, iJustine and Flula participating in "the first-ever social media opening ceremony" with the intent to reach younger viewers. Now that's a little disputable given that there has been live commentary of recent Olympic Opening Ceremonies on YouTube that you can still listen to:

A behind-the-scenes look inside NBC Olympics' "We Are All--United" for the Olympics promo that's designed to bring together people, specifically Americans in a bitterly divided and discontenting time, under sports:

Denmark's TV2 Rio 2016 promo easily would be like those TV news intros worldwide, music and all.

This is TVP's Polish Rio 2016 Olympic programming segments--TVP1: 17:30-19:20 and 22:50-05:00, TVP2: 13:00-17:30 and 19:20-22:20, TVP Sport: around the clock 24/7, and TVP Regional: 24:00-5:00. In addition, the TVP channels will also retransmit events and many programs, presenting scenes of interviews, comments and interesting facts about the players. Since August 1, TVP starts a called program Halo, here in Rio, which will be emitted for 3 weeks:

Arqiva leases 8 additional DTT streams that are a mix of standard and HD and will be accessible via the Red Button and available on Freeview HD, Freeview Play and YouView receivers to the BBC for the duration of the Rio 32016 Summer Olympics August 5-21 that will bring 3000 hours total:





Could it be possible that we could see the OBS-supplied VR footage of select events and get the NBC coverage or the Viasat version in, say, Germany without having been forced to view only the ARD/ZDF commentary while logged in there? Currently unknown at this point. Another thing, the 360-degree images can also be viewed via PC, laptop, tablet, or any smartphone. ZDF's recent productions were viewable even with various VR smartphone adapters:

SKY NZ's got a controversial ultimatum to other NZ media regarding the use, rather the restricting, of its video footage even as satirical GIFs and not even criticize SKY TV's commentators (no longer in the access rules) for 45 minutes-3 hours it issues that led to some behind-the-scenes fights with NZME and Fairfax that impacts how New Zealanders could get Olympic access online and mobile instrumentals. This also means NZ journalists must sign up to its Media Access Rules or else they can't get accredited Olympic media status and use its position as rights holder to circumvent New Zealand copyright law and deny other organizations’ journalists access to the games if they don’t agree to its demands. Making them force to scale down their journalist ranks in Rio. While SKY NZ, fearing loss of value on its rights it paid for, has the NZOC on their side, NZME and Fairfax has TVNZ and TV3, but the TV entities are more receptive to compromise. Unlike Australia, New Zealand has no law required certain major events to be shown on FTA TV but will be shown on PRIME, so this makes it an "extremely sensitive" issue. Can see why some Kiwis progressively hate the SKY behemoth. But they're enforcing the IOC's media rules.

In any case SKY's PRIME will have the Summer Olympics from 11pm-3pm daily, and on Sky Sport 3 and 4 plus 10 pop-up channels plus a new app:

RTP1 Portugal's daytime Olympic coverage is going to be at one of Rio's beaches. And this new program Olympic Beach encourages Portuguese viewers to form teams in it:

As part of the tie-in to the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, Mexico City Canal 22's Confabulario TV, an arts and cultural show with journalists from the channel and El Universal newspaper, will have one of segments on the Brazilian artists currently residing in Mexico to show that Brazil "is more than soccer and samba" and other views that draws Brazil to the world:

South Korea's SBS' very colorful 15-second samba-sountracked Rio 2016 promo. Just please don't ask me what the flying slogan says in Korean at least for right now:

Romanian voice actress Maia Morgenstern does the Romanian language voiceover for the Olympic PSAs on TVR:

TVR will have 17 sportscasters for their 600-hour coverage including Dragos Bocanaciu (judo, athletics) and former gymnast Monica Rosu. Team is still being filled out with Telejurnalu getting impacted on TVR1 with its times:

The Portuguese Olympic Committee launches a new video/media portal with SAPO that both media partners RTP and Sport TV can share:


Add some BBC staff members like Richard Conway are already boycotting Rio due to their own Zika fears:

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To keep at the accustomed TV time slot, in NBC's eyes and its research, that many Americans--and that many advertisers can maximize their revenue--will be able to watch it at the most optimal on TV with a lot of them on the US east coast, where the bulk of the top US markets are, at 8pm ET (7pm CT where I'm at) for the ceremony proper airing. Not the 30-minute preshow. Puerto Rico interestingly shares the same time zone as Rio De Janeiro and much of Atlantic Canada. Will they get it live on Telemundo or will it get embargo at the same time as NBC will? For those out in the West Coast, it'll be taped delayed entirely for them at 7:30pm PT to say nothing of Alaska/Hawaii.  


Asinine it surely is for NBC to even consider that, AlexDS69.


Going to get more socially-network integrated for NBC Olympics' massive Rio 2016 coverage with further details involving US Olympic gold medalist legends participating with the social media stars and Nervo and The Chainsmokers playlists inspired by the Rio 2016 Olympics on Spotify that will be shared on social media. Staring to think some of this will be on the 30-minute NBC pre-Opening Ceremony show:


On the Mauritius Broadcasting Company's sports channel, MBC Sports11, it is showing 4-times daily a 23-minute+ magazine show 2016 Rio Olympic Games: Countdown To Rio at around roughly 10:54am, 14:54, 18:06, and 21:09. You can best be sure this channel will cover Rio 2016 on TV in Mauritius after its deal with Infront Sports & Media is announced as part of the Sub-Saharan Africa territory. Will it be a combo of English and French on the coverage and perhaps the return of MBC Sports 2.


SuperSport Albania will also be shown in Kosovo to cover them, where there's a massive Albanian ethnicity.


SKY Mexico's back in the Summer Olympic Games with multiple channels on VeTV (111,122, 550, 551), VeTV Plus (111,122, 548, 551), SKY (111,122, 548, 551, 555, 559, 563) all in SD, SKY High Definition (111,122, 548, 551, 555, 559, 563, 1111, 1122, and 1555) in SD/HD, and Neuvo SKY HD (1111,122,1550,1552,1553, 1558,1559):


More on the SKY TV New Zealand Olympic media access regulations dispute but with a focus on NZME and Fairfax arguing their side of the issue:


Since London four years ago, Digicel just bought the controlling rights to SKY Pacific out in the Pacific Islands from Fiji Television Limited and BlueSky Samoa. Not everyone in Fiji can get clear receptions of terrestrial broadcasters Fiji One and the FBC, especially with the Olympics coming up rapidly. But Fiji One will supply the full live feed coverage to SKY Pacific


Able's freely-offered closed-captioning assures the Olympics on PRIME will be watched by all New Zealanders and will be available for the opening and closing ceremonies, for daily coverage between 6am – 3pm NZ time, and for the 6pm highlights, all clearly identified by the CC logo on screen. Shocked it wasn't automatically the case on all NZ's TV sets:


The Matildas (Australia) and the Football Ferns (NZ, still call them the SWANZ) women's soccer teams pre-Olympic tuneup games were shown on FOX Sports and ABC TV (Australia) and on SKY Sport (New Zealand):


Can very well be Sveriges Radio's RadioSporten's Rio 2016 radio schedule. But it seems there will be more to cover everyday. Does have an emphasis on the Swedish Olympians like swimmer Sarah Sjostrom:

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Well it's about time we've got something! Although this is less a release and more a media insider giving us the info. I was tweeting with him a bunch last week. Hopefully he has more good info to come

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Seriously - coverage starts two weeks from tomorrow. I can't believe we don't have the full schedule yet!


Interesting thing about that, according to the author of the article..


Siva Nagarajan ‏@maseeh4alum  2h2 hours ago
@jtannenwald is there still no full TV schedule for all the events?
Jonathan Tannenwald
@maseeh4alum There is, but it's 110 pages. I haven't had time to really read the whole thing. Just skimmed for soccer tonight.
Jonathan Tannenwald ‏@jtannenwald  1h1 hour ago University City, Philadelphia
@maseeh4alum It was sent around as a gigantic attachment to an emailed press release. I don’t know where else it is yet.
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Meanwhile in Atlantic Ocean, a portuguese ship is going to Brazil....

It is now one month that the School Ship Sagres sailed from Lisbon. Sailed for twelve days straight until you reach the first port in Praia , Cape Verde .
On July 6 he left again towards Brazil crossing the equator on the 13th .
The ship arrived to the first Brazilian port in Recife on 19 July and at this point already follows journey to the next port in S. Salvador .
Continue to monitor the images from the trip NRP Sagres and leave a message to the ship: https://www.facebook.com/MarinhaPortuguesa/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1169280513093130


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I was hoping I would get to a lot of the latest updates today including my thoughts on the NBC Olympic schedule that Quaker brought up. But after the forum went down to bring forth a new and improved one yesterday, I waited a while. As I was writing over an hour ago on what was to be a lot on my entry with lots of developments and news worldwide, I got a 2-minute warning to log off my public library computer. Tried in vain to submit replay. So we're just gonna have to wait to defer things and place in blocks because I literally got a list of developments to touch upon. Will definitely try again tomorrow.

TVN Chile announces its programming times with its unprecedented transmission in Chilean Summer Olympic history as the exclusive broadcaster. After the 3 live pre-Olympic men's soccer matches, the Opening Ceremony will get shown live from 19-22:00 (7-10pm, Chilean time). Mondays to Fridays TVN's Rio 2016 Olympic coverage will come on, though not as complete wall-to-wall as perhaps hoped, at 12-13:30, 18:30-21:00 (6:30-9pm), and from 23:30-1:00 with a mixture of live and compact coverage with best of the day culminating with a midnight overview. Weekends and on Monday, August 15 (Assumption of Mary Day--a national holiday there) will have the TVN Chile programming on from 9-13:30, 14:30-21 (2:30-9pm), and from 23:30-1:00 (11:30pm-1am), only stopping for news programs like 24 Horas and 24 Central. Closing ceremony goes on live 20-22:00 (8-10pm):


DD Sports India currently has Olympic Games programming in the leadup to Rio 2016's start with Olympic Hour live on both Saturdays and Sundays, Olympic Konnect on Saturdays at 9pm India time and repeating on Sundays at 8am, Mission Rio 2016 Friday nights live at 8pm and repeated on the following on Saturdays at 8am, and Olympic short films and an Olympic quiz. Every night on DD Sports at 22:00 (10pm), there's a 30-minute program called Olympic Flashback: Down Memory Lane, which I'm sure has plenty of Indian (and maybe some Pakistani, Bengali, and Sri Lankan too) Olympic history in it along with the overall international ones. Still looking into what role will DD Sports, DD National, and Doordarshan will handle the FTA side in India:


Canal 7 TV Publica Argentina will show a pre-Olympic 3 Nations men's basketball tournament with Argentina taking on Australia and Lithuania at Technopolis in Buenos Aires from July 26-27 that feature 10 NBA stars from the 3 teams:


CT Sport's and CT2's preliminary Rio 2016 Olympic TV schedule for the Czech Republic. CT Sports starts things on Wednesday, August 4 with three live women's soccer matches starting with Sweden vs. South Africa and 4 men's soccer games kicking things off with Brazil vs. South Africa live following the three women's soccer games on an encore presentation . Apparently CT2 won't come on until the Opening Ceremony (simulcasted on CT Sport) that will be live and co-hosted and commentated by Vladimír Drbohlav and Michal Dusík.


CT Sport has Olimpisky Magazin coming on Wednesdays at 17:35 (5:35pm), starting April 5. Programming of each Czech-centric episode comes upon the third link:






UPDATE: Fairfax Media and NZME both chucked their 18-team (9 each) print media accreditations team planned for Rio De Janeiro and the 2016 NZ Olympic Team over SKY NZ's "spectacular" Olympic media conditions to other NZ media outlets!







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Durban, the fact that you come up with such detailed posts while working on a public computer absolutely amazes me. I can sit in my chair all night with my laptop open and I can only come up with posts containing a few sentences. I tip my hat to you.

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