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Rio 2016 Olympic Media Update

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Agreed. It's already been hinted that this will be Hammond's last Olympics and I think he'd be perfectly happy to retire from TV aside from horse racing. No idea who would take over track & field from him on that one. I think they can find something better suited for Tirico though.

My vote to replace Hammond on track & field would be Terry Gannon. He did the 2001 and 2003 IAAF Worlds for ABC/ESPN, and IMO he's one of the most underappreciated sportscasters in the business. He deserves a more prominent assignment than rowing or golf or whatever else NBC assigns him to this summer.

NBC is going to have a number of difficult talent decisions to make after this year. Many of their prominent announcers and analysts are in their 50s or 60s and certainly aren't going to last until the (current) end of NBC's run in 2032. This is probably a good time to replace some of this talent with people who will be around for the next 4 or more Games, but in most cases, there isn't an obvious choice for a replacement. For example, Rowdy Gaines is 57, and his current contract ends this year (his previous contract expired in 2012 and was renewed for only 4 years). I'm sure NBC would love to bring in Michael Phelps, but I'm not sure how good he'd be as an analyst. Rowdy could easily do one or two more Games, so maybe they would bring in Michael as well and try a 3-person booth. Tim Daggett is 55 and probably has one or two Games left at most. Al Trautwig is 60 so probably has 8-10 years left at most as well (I can't stand him so it's partially wishful thinking on my part that he'll be replaced after this year). Cynthia Potter will be 66 in August, and I have to think Rio will be her last Games (NBC has used Laura Wilkinson in the past so she seems to be the likely replacement). NBC has already replaced some of its "older" talent over the last 4 years, so it will be interesting to see how many people will be replaced after Rio.

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FranceTV Sport also has Rai being its Olympic ambassador in Brazil. Canal+ won't announce its Rio sportscaster lineup and other coverage plans outside of what it already has until May 19. RMC Sport on the radio dial will cover it through "20 heures sur 24" with 20 sportscasters involved:


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Apparently Dan Patrick will be hosting weekend coverage from Copacabana as well.

I just listened to the interview. Sounds like he's hosting every day. He mentioned the broadcast center during the week and that Copacabana is for the weekends. Not sure how the logistics of that will work, but it sounds like a fun assignment for him to be out of the studio on a few days.

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Flow Media took the 100-day mark to announce it will broadcast the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics in HD on Flow Sports across the West Indies markets (largely the Caribbean Commonwealth nations) and up to 3 additional HD channels with over 2000 hours of live action from Rio De Janeiro. Plus, it will develop an "innovative" to those markets Flow Rio 2016 Extra app for tablets and smartphones. Flow has nabbed several Olympic hopefuls from that region to tie in with its campaign and regional endorsements like gold medalist from Grenada Kirani James, Khalifa St. Fort (Trinidad and Tobago), Delano Williams (Turks and Caicos), star hurdler Jaheel Hyde (Jamaica), and 2015 Pan Am Games gold medalist and high-jumper Levern Spencer (St. Lucia). And that's not all, Flow Media is going big with its "text to win" contest with winners getting a guided Rio tour, two tickets each to some highly popular Olympic events to West Indies residents, and grand farewell dinner:

In interest of fairness to the French-Canadian side of things, Radio-Canada will show 275 hours live from 6am-11pm (Canada/US CT) headlined with Marie-Josee Turcotte headlining it on primetime from 6-11:30pm. She'll be with Patrice Roy for co-hosting the Opening Ceremony and with former freestyle skiier Dominick Gauthier for the Closing both at 6pm. Guy D'Aoust will anchor the SRC afternoon segment from 12-6pm with Alexandr Despaite and Martin Labrosse co-anchor the Olympic morning segment from 6-10am with Alexis Lancer being in-between at Copacabana Beach. Other French-Canadian former athletes recruited for the Radio-Canada broadcast along with Gauthier and Despaite include Bruny Surin (track and field), Sylvie Frechette (synchronized swimming), Anne Pelletier (diving), Eric Lucas, and Rene Pothier. Starting every Tuesday on May 31 on 6:30pm up to the start of the Games, there will be a series called Je Vais A Rio (I Am Going To Rio) following a dozen Canadian Olympic hopefuls through training and competition.

RDS and RDS2 will present a combined 300 hours from 5-11pm, based on the scheduled events, hosted every day by Claude Mailhot with over 40 years of experience. Largely with Pierre Houde describing the athletics competitions play-by-play with track legend Bruny Surin (sprints) and Laurent Godbout (field events) as the headliner sport. 2000 hours too from them online/mobile/console for up to 20 events at the same time. Radio-Canada Premiere has Alain Gravel reviewing competition in three daily 15 minute blocks broadcast live from Rio to 7:45am, 11:45am, and 4:45pm. Afterwards, Marie-Louise Arsenault will host a daily magazine show from 8-9pm. In addition, Premiere PLUS offers a series premiere: In the heart of the Rings , including 15 reports on the Olympics prepared by Robert Frosi.

Band gets former gymnast Victor Rosa for its Rio 2016 coverage:

Not bad Telemundo and NBC Universo. 200+ hours of extensive coverage--unprecendented for US Spanish coverage. Of course the coverage emphasis is on the Latin American Spanish-speaking Olympians in various sports that are strong contenders, not just in the traditional ones with Latin appeal. Starts with the women's soccer on August 3 and includes both ceremonies live. It will be there during Mexico's Olympic gold medal defense campaign. Not to mention online/mobile coverage on NBC Deportes:

More on the Claro Sports and Canal 22 and Canal 11 getting Rio 2016 coverage, snubbing longtime Mexican broadcasters Televisa and TV Azteca: Claro Sports will show on its general channel 16 hours daily of competition while the two public TV stations will show several hours not unlike what happened with Sochi. Overall for Claro Sports, it will present 3250 hours. Not having the Olympics for the big commercial networks means no roping big-time advertising sponsorship, which means Carlos Slim can make deals through selling broadcasting rights as well as getting some advertising space for Claro Sports with 12.8 million Internet users, 30 million TV households with 14.3 million of them having pay-TV, and 107.1 million cell phone users in Mexico. But it may beyond economic--Slim and his America Movil likely wasn't convinced the two Mexican commercial TV entities, who actually don't mid getting shut out this time, would provide ample, consistent, wall-to-wall Summer Olympic sports coverage. That, and the possibility the Summer Olympics won't be a good ad revenue generator or of high priority. Indeed, TV coverage hours have dropped for the two since Sydney.

Also, Claro Sports will have three daily news reports throughout the day including the competiton with Javier Solorzano anchoring the nighttime coverage and cultural aspects about Brazil, including Mexico's relationship with the now-troubled South American nation:

ESPN Brasil kickstarts its Rio 2016 "Not Broadcasting. It's Vocation" campaign yesterday having a little fun with weightlifting using a crew member as Ze Elias and Rogerio Sampaio of ESPN Brasil speak in competition mode, in this case. It's the use of sports in everyday settings with ESPN sportscasters in their red polos. Others are to follow in the Basement Films-produced promos with the participation of Everaldo Marques, Fernando Nardini and Magic Paula (Basketball) and Paulo Soares Amigão and Fernando Meligeni (Athletics). ESPN Brasil will show over 700 hours of Olympic action on three channels--ESPN Brasil, ESPN, and ESPN+--with its staff direct from Rio De Janeiro and will use LED screens and CPTM with the Watch ESPN app and website for the Latin market:

Magic Paula and Fernando Nardini comment on Everaldo Marques' balled-up paper last second shot to the wastebasket at the offices

Marketing promo press release:


50 former athletes are involved in the ESPN Brazil sportscasting team. ESPN Brazil will offer special Olympic-related programming like Ball Time and Sports Secrets, history, analysis, and former athletes leading up to Olympic Games. During it, there will be Olympic trivia and history:

For the whole ESPN Latin American contingent, there will 500 professionals on board to tackle those 700+ hours during the months of July-August as they all get together. Greater and innovative tools are afoot for them to use. Will have its own Copcabana Beach studio as well as that 700 sq. m IBC space, and space at an external studio with panoramic views of the Olympic Park located in Barra da Tijuca will host the channel productions for all countries:

ESPN Brasil Rio 2016 Olympics analysts profiles in their now-trademark red polos...so far

Thailand's TV Pool consisting of Bangkok Entertainment Company's Channel 3, the Army's TV5, Bangkok Broadcasting and Television's Channel 7, MCOT's Modernine TV and the Public Relations Department's NBT all have money transparency, Thai Olympic TV broadcasting acquisition rights funding, and FTA digital TV interest/inclusion issues to confront for Rio 2016:

Spain's RTVE's Jose Antonio Sanchez announces at the ADO. COE, and Danone Yogurt's 100-day countdown that TVE will broadcast over 1000 hours of coverage of Rio 2016 in multisignal and multiplatform form with TVE professionals all over Rio De Janeiro, even on demand, like with La 2 and Teledeporte on the TV side and rtve.es online and mobile apps. Teledeporte airs Objectivo Rio and has lots of info on RTVE.es, TVE's channels, and RNE Radio:

ZDF-Mittagmagazin hosted by Christina von Ungern-Sternberg tackled the 100-day mark of the Olympic Games yesterday:

NBC selects the 100 "must follow" social media Twitter handles for Rio 2016. Many of them surely from the NBC Olympics sportscasting team:

Newly-launched KairosWebTV is working with Nigerian TV Olympic Consortium and the Nigerian Olympic Committee in presenting live and on-demand web streaming TV in the upcoming Rio 2016 with its own sports TV web channel Team Naija:


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NBC surely is interested in Chris Collinsworth's son Jac, the ND Live host and NBC's Notre Dame football sideline reporter and looks and sounds like his dad, to be down in Rio at the Olympic Village talking to the athletes likely closer to his age and place a more his own self-deprecating humorous spin on it to attract the crucial Millennial viewers. Regardless if it's TV or digital videos. Jac's been in front of and behind the camera since 8th grade and hasn't even graduated from college at Notre Dame:

With all those millions and the very high production values NBC Universal is using for its Rio 2016 production, it seems odd that the CBC beat NBC to the punch regarding virtual reality coverage first at the 100-day mark. Nonetheless, I do expect NBC will make its own announcement regarding that soon since VR is getting commonplace and encourage Americans and Canadians in the CBC/SRC's case to buy the googles. As far as NBC hours go, I'd say 100+

YLE brings forth over 600 hours live from Rio De Janeiro--TV2 will have about 380 hours and Yle Femmalla (aka FST5 and YLE Fem) about 235 hours in Swedish. YLE Olympic Radio Voice will be a total of 220 hours. Rio Areena offers races almost 3300 hours of live broadcast in Finnish, Swedish, and English in 36 streams with the option with or without commentary. The YLE Olympic crew surely is having fun getting ready for Rio. Might be the most fun broadcasting team around.

The Finnish network's sportscasting crew will include Inka Henelius, Christina Kekäläinen, Mikko Kekäläinen and Piia Pasanen with the YLE Rio studio anchor presenters being Laura Arffman, Jere Nurminen, and Ile Uusivuori. Journalists Mika Lehtimäki and Tuomas Raja (track and field), Vesa Hanski (swimming), Jarkko Ala-Huikku (wrestling), and Eero Lehtinen (sailing). Daily coverage is supposed to start at 7am with Morning Today and news throughout the day and up to the late night hours as its plans to make itself a 24-hour Olympic TV Channel for Finland and also provide access to sports Finns rarely see or where there's no Finnish. Actual daily sports comes in at 2pm Finland time. Swedish YLE Radio Olympic material will be on YLE Vega and YLE Radio Voice's Olympic coverage goes from the afternoon to 6am.

YLE Finland will also be responsible for the world feed television production of the track and field at the Joao Havelenge Rio Olympic Stadium during the Summer Olympics as it was in Beijing and London:

NBC won't have the biggest accredited team down in Rio De Janeiro with its 1600-strong contingent. That distinction comes from hosts Globo with 2000 professionals, which does include SporTV. By contrast, Record and Band will send 200 each. In what's going to be the biggest and ambitious TV project without question in Brazilian TV history. What's interesting is Record will keep its team because of the upcoming 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru three years from now, even with little sports projects forthcoming after Rio 2016:

Sport TV, the Portuguese pay-TV sports multichannel set not to be confused with the Brazilian version with a spelling difference, will devote two of its 8 channels (includes 2 for Africa and 1 in the Americas) to Rio 2016 Summer Olympics that will also include interviews, news, and entertainment. Plus, Sport TV 2 will show a daily 10+ minute daily info program called Children of Olympus that premiered on April 27 at the 100-day mark:

The breakdown of RAI's three Olympic channels as follows: RAI 1 will focus on Team Italia Azzurri with analysis, interviews, TG, and specialist program; RAISport1 will do track and field, swimming, diving, fencing, boxing and gymnastics; and RAISport2 will have basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, soccer, water polo and rugby. Says the other Olympic sports not regularly part of the RAI TV roster may or may not get televised and instead restricted to online/mobile like, strangely, tennis. Equestrian, sailing, archery, taekwondo, wrestling, judo, and shooting may likely get short shrift unless Italy is significant in it. Kinda makes you wish SKY Italia will take care of that and be more comprehensive:

RDS is airing a new 10-part, 30-minute documentary series focusing on the Quebec Olympic athletes called Nos Athletes (Our Athletes) from April 21 to June 24 profiling Meaghan Benfeito (diving), Roseline Fillion (diving), Jennifer Abel (diving), Pamela Ware (diving), Antoine Valois-Fortier (judo), Karine Thomas (synchronized swimming), Jacqueline Simoneau (synchronized swimming), Ariane Fortin (Boxing ), Benoit Huot (Para), Aurélie Rivard (Para), Marie-Ève ​​Croteau (Para), Hugo Barrette (cycling), Audrey Lacroix (swimming), and Katerine Savard (swimming):

Elie Chouraqui has a very interesting Olympic experience and has a fondness for Brazil:

France 2, 3, and Ô has the French TV rights to the European Swimming Championships this May 16-22:

You can also check what FranceTVSport's Olympic cycling TV/online/mobile schedule will be on with 11 of the events going to be on France 3:

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That better be good. Otherwise that LatinXTC's funny Colin Farrell GIF will be me if this doesn't go well throughout the NBC coverage IMO.

Malaysia's RTM on its 70th birthday will broadcast a combined 500 hours through TV1, TV2, and TVi, and all RTM's online/mobile forums of Rio 2016 this August:

Says that ASTRO, also in Malaysia, will cover Rio 2016 Summer Olympics but doesn't mention any general info on it...yet:

I think for Sport TV in what I didn't mention in my last post is that I expect the first two Sport TV channels, Sport TV 1 and Sport TV 2, will cover Rio 2016. But will they be 24-hours each?

Mexican actress and recording artist Ximena Sarinana will temporarily leave the mics from those behind and team up with Javier Solorzano at Claro Sports' Rio 2016 Olympic co-anchor chair

The massive Globo family invited Brazilians all over with Globo Esporte and RJTV like with Fernanda Gentil, Raphael Sibilia, and Mariana Gross with all the sportscasters with news, stories, and other developments on the 100-day countdown to the Olympic Games. Plus, two new Brazilian Olympic medalists members of Globo/SporTV's Time Ouro were named on that day with Emanuel Rega analyzing men's beach volleyball and bronze medalist sailor Lars Grael:

Band's soon-to-be-assembled upcoming Olympic TV scheduling is forcing its MasterChef Brasil to now air twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays up to May 22 and onto July to avoid the Olympics all in August like with many other Bandeirantes TV programming:

But Bandeirantes TV is taking its Cafe Com Jornal (Coffee With The Journal) morning news team to Rio De Janiero throughout the Olympics including Luiz Megale and Aline Midlej:

On the day that Puerto Rico defaults on its ever-crippling and massive debt, let's use this day to celebrate what numerous Puerto Rican athletes are capable of doing and are trying hard to accomplish for this August down in Rio De Janeiro, as you'll see with footage in various sports from last year's Toronto 2015 Pan American Games with PROC President Sara Rosario in association with Telemundo in a campaign that started this January

Can't really make out even with the Google translation what this is exactly about regarding TV3 Estonia (Eesti) and its Olympic track and field TV rights it selected as the MTG's free-to-air TV channel as the popular Estonian Olympic sport under the terms of agreement. But it seems that the track and field will have Eestisse Vikerradio commentary and not from the Viasat Sport Baltic Eesti TV side to accompany the live imagery on TV3 with Margus Uba and Timo Tarve staying in a Tallinn studio with just only a reporter on location in Rio. Making comparision to what happened in 1984 under Soviet Central TV:

A little preview of what's to expect in the social media Olympic realm and its influence that's actually underway thanks to the aforementioned Snapchat:

Latvian Television (Latvijas Televīzija or LTV) agrees to terms on the Rio IBC studio operation costs at 214,000 euros--technical services, that is--with plans to release coverage info in June to Latvians for LTV7 and TV3 Lietuva:

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Got the almost 2 minute TVN Chile promo for its Rio 2016 coverage. As you would expect, it does some by the numbers on Olympic facts pertinent to this edition of the Games and a specific emphasis in showing Chilean athletes like gymnast Tomas Gonzalez (gymnastics), Francisca Covetto (shooting), Kristal Korbrich (swimming), Natalia Duco (or is that Karen Gallardo?) (track and field), and Barbara Riveros (triathlon) mixed with many other international athletes. TVN still hasn't revealed its live Summer Olympic programming plans for this August as of yet, but we could expect more extensive, long-running programming blocks this time as the official and exclusive Chilean TV terrestrial broadcaster that America Movil annoited in January and with no Canal 13 around this time as a joint partner:

TV2 Norge's Siri Avlesen Ostli will be on hand in Rio De Janeiro to interview some of the biggest track and field stars along the sidelines involved with Johan Kaggestad and Jorn Sunby at the Olympic Stadium but not without her 1-year son, who will remain in Norway. She'll Skype with him though:

Davy Wathne won't be present for TV2 for Rio 2016. He also won't be around for TV2's coverage of Euro 2016 soccer championships in France this summer, citing the overall tremendous depth of sportscasters TV2 has in its stable:

A profile on YLE Rio 2016 Olympic studio anchor Mikko Kekalainen, making his YLE Olympic TV debut here after a few on the radio side. One of seven actually for YLE. Wife Christina is a sports reporter too:

Gerard Holtz's legendary time with France Televisions winding down will not include Rio, contrary to what was initially reported, and will thus conclude with this year's Tour de France. FranceTV Sport offered the 69-year old to stay on for the Olympic cycling but declined because he wasn't interested with his life "now in Italy" with his wife and even declined this year's Paris-Dakar Rally. Laurent Luyal is expected to take over the cycling sportscasting:

Canal+ will show a 110-minute documentary at 8:55pm (France time) on accomplished French judoka and serious potential Rio De Janeiro flag bearer Teddy Riner premiering on May 22 called In the Shadow Of Teddy Riner:

Does seem apparent that Brazilian soccer legends Denilson, Edmundo, and Neto will cover Olympic soccer for Bandeirantes and BandSports:

Another Brazilian sports legend and Hall of Famer--but not in soccer, here--in the form of basketball player Oscar Schmidt--joins FOX Sports Brasil. He was with Record for several years. Guess his contract there expired and decided to move on elsewhere perhaps where basketball will be covered adequately on a domestic Brazilian TV network that will cover the Summer Olympics:

If only SBT agreed to join the TV broadcasting of the Summer Olympics in its own backyard with Globo, Record, and Band. On the other hand, SBT hasn't really done them since the 1990s, when virtually ALL the Brazilian commercial free-to-air TV networks showed the Olympics in varying hours (even now-defunct TV Manchete), and it would have to get reacclimated. Did cover the Dream Team basketball games and Brazil's back in Barcelona. Thus it won't get official Olympic access like with many non-Olympic broadcasters on certain things and thus be cloaked:

SES partners with Eurovision in a capacity agreement to help broadcast the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics worldwide with Eurovision leasing several transponders on the NSS-806 satelitte:

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Mel McLaughlin, Todd Woodbridge, Hamish McLachlan, Jim Wilson, and Kylie Gillies will not set up shop in Rio De Janeiro, as previously thought due to time zone differences and logistics. Instead they will all be in the attractive new studios in the recently gentrified Redfern neighborhood in Sydney. Also, there's still a shot for Grant Hackett, who tried but didn't qualify to make the 2016 Australian Olympic swimming team, to be a poolside reporter for Seven at the Aquatics Center despite his drunken sexual assault on a guy afterwards:

Ricardinho, now with Record TV's Olympic sportscasting team, feels free to comment on his former Brazilian national volleyball teammates and coach Rezende still on and admits he's "rather not easy to handle" as looks forward to perform some work for Record's Olympic promotions and other things:

Oscar Schmidt will commentate on basketball for FOX Sports Brasil and will participate on other sports on its programming guide:

FranceTV Sport showed a special edition of Stade 2 on the 100-day Olympic mark:

Jean Van Der Velde, he of the infamous self-destruction at 1999 British Open that was oh so painful to watch, is France Televisions' Olympic golf commentator:

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt will be covering the starting blocks for FranceTV Sport in Rio alongside Stéphane Diagana and Patrick Montel:

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RTE with the help of Electric Ireland produces Team Ireland multiplatform "Road To Rio" media stings under the #ThePowerWithin campaign:


Not as in-depth as the Wall Street Journal one. But this does touch on NBC Olympics' upcoming promotional blitz partnering with airports, stores, taxis, and amusement parks to provide special Olympics coverage while also produceingSpanish-language content through Telemundo and NBC Universo. Plus localizing ad promotion to get residents there in many areas to rally around their local Olympians and the Games. And even recruiting model Alessandro Ambrosio for Portuguese lessons and comedian Flula interviewing athletes:


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Really interesting follow-up in our discussion here regarding the specter of Bob Costas' future NBC Olympics anchor successor. He's got a potential say in choosing but not ultimately for the anchor chair. My guess is that NBC would like to name one and have ready working and groomed before Tokyo 2020, which I believe will be Costas' final one as primetime anchor even though he's already spent time on the sportscasting job in Japan for NBC. Come 2022, the job is his or hers. Mike Tirico seems to instantly comes to mind for me right now. I'm more than open towards a regular female Olympic sports primetime anchor--no one-offs. Being there for NBC as anchor emeritus would be a wise thing to do having been there and being so good for long. Best thing regarding Bobby Costas is that he'll listen and respectfully consider every option and suggestion afterwards:

Colombia's Caracol and RCN were selected by America Movil as the Colombian terrestrial TV broadcasters for Rio 2016, the second joint Latin American co-broadcasters behind Mexico's Canal 22 and Canal 11 under America Movil rights. They're preparing with full reports on sports venues and previous competitions, tech advances both invested in since the World Cup in Brazil two years ago, training for language classes, knowledge of the social environment of the city or area where the headquarters are located event, cutlural aspects and flavor of Brazil, and partnerships with Brazil's TV Bandeirantes and Bluradio. RCN meanwhile showed the live Rio 2016 Olympic men's and women's soccer draws to kick off their portion of the coverage. No word yet on how both will administer the coverage and the programming blocks, for example. Both are excited in covering the largest Colombian Olympic delegation ever:

SporTV in Brazil recruits the great Cuban multiple gold medalist boxer Felix Savon to comment on boxing:

Now the University of Ciudad Juarez (UACJ)'s Channel 44 joins the Mexican Rio 2016 TV contingent on its Channel 44.3 digital subchannel:

Back in late October, RTM Malaysia was planning to acquire the Malaysian free-to-air Rio 2016 TV broadcasting rights from Dentsu, which it eventually did of course, while it underwent a transition to digital TV to air more hours of coverage under TVM's channels for TV1, TV2, and TVi and include features like new TVM channels, Red Button, online gaming and video-on-demand:

And this is RTM's brief 16-second promo for its coverage that comes equipped with its own social media hashtag slogan #SambaRio

Yep, FranceTV will have twice as many hours than in London 2012 on the TV side. Of course, France 4 will exclusively do the soccer starting August 3 and later rugby 7s. Both France and France 3 will show up to around 21 hours of coverage daily. FranceTV Sport will send a team of 70 sportscasters, 30 analysts (like new ones announced in Lucie Décosse in judo, Brice Guyart for fencing, Laurent Jalabert -road cycling, Michael Llodra in tennis, and Jerome Fernandez and Valérie Nicolas for handball). French basketball legends Richard Dacoury and Yannick Souvre are returning too. Also indicates that, apparently, Canal+, RMC Sport, and L'Equipe will integrate their Rio 2016 coverage under a single branding

Second link says that for many Europeans the Olympics like with the sprint finals such as the men's 100m will come on France Televisions at 3:25am on France 2 with the full overall overall coverage usually ending at 5am. The swimming will come on from the Rio Aquatics Center from 3-5am France time. The mainstream France 2 and 3 channels will carry all or part of the coverage in full events the sister channels will also show maybe with sometimes highlights like with live water polo. Also contains the full list of FranceTV Sport Olympic analysts:

Even 7 News Sydney wants to get into the act as Australia's Official Olympic News source for Rio 2016. Listen carefully, you'll hear John Williams' The Mission score that's also used for NBC Nightly News in the background. Surely their Melbourne counterparts will do this too

Certainly seems as though there's a decrease in the amount of hours the CBC/SRC will offer in association with its partners TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, and RDS as far as the coverage overall for Rio 2016 in comparison to what the CTV-led Canadian Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium did for London. The Canadian English TV realm decreased from the 1114 hours from CTV, TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, and OLN to 850 hours on CBC, TSN, and Rogers Sportsnet. The French is also down from the 704 hours from V and RDS/RDS INFO to 575 hours on Radio-Canada and RDS/RDS2. Though there's a decrease in the total combined English and French TV hours from London, the 1425 TV hours is an increase of the originally-planned 1275 hours announced at the 6-month mark. Of course, there was going to be a gap in hours favoring the English language regardless. But the live streaming will be up from then to 4000 hours with an increase in events like adding rugby 7s. With TSN having expanded onto 5 channels, I expected the sports network will use at least a couple of them to further expand the Canadian Olympic TV coverage along with what the CBC and Rogers Sportsnet will do with their portions while still honoring other sports broadcasting commitments like the CFL, auto racing, golf, and tennis. When the press release came out at the 6-month period, it made official TSN certainly wasn't going to do that, perhaps to keep things fair and balanced among the partners and not utilize TSN's other channels, though it could've show far more Olympic events along with the online option. My guess is TSN (likely TSN1 or TSN2) and Rogers Sportsnet will show 235 hours apiece. This time in the English realm, no OLN to further expand it and perhaps show road races, rowing, and canoeing/kayaking for example. Some of the sports likely will get relegated towards online with this. But the plan is to show more full events like the marathon, road cycling, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and the triathlon. Some sports will get short shrift like, I think, team handball. With the RDS networks, seems with the 300 hours planned the daily average hours will be 20 hours a day. Hope it's true.

But it must obviously noted that there won't be that multilingual arm of coverage for select events from the previous cycle--so that means no Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, Portuguese, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Mohawk, Mikmaq, Ojibway, Cree, Dene, and Oji-Cree. Would have been nice ideally. But there are costs involved and besides may not be worth it with the Olympics being offshore instead of held inside Canada like Vancouver's Winter Olympics in 2010 with the interests in the sports may not be as high, especially with the Aborginal Canadian languages on APTN. Really shouldn't expect a partnership between OMNI, APTN, and ATN with the CBC/Radio-Canada, TSN, and Rogers Sportsnet this cycle, though it would've been nice to see. If I had my way, I'd include several more languages onto the roster. But

CBC Sports partners with Sportscaster Magazine to provide a supplementary Rio 2016 issue ready to hit live on the digital side this June:

Bell Canada, BMW, Canadian Tire, McDonald’s, Mondelez, Petro-Canada, RBC, Samsung, SportChek and VISA are already named the CBC's broadcasting partners. Goes a little more into the upcoming 100-hour 360 VR coverage planned this August. Also adds that TSN Radio in stations across Canada (TSN Radio 1050 Toronto, 1150 Hamilton, 1040/1410 Vancouver, 1200 Ottawa, 690 Montreal, 1260 Edmonton, 1290 Winnipeg, Something has to be done regarding Calgary, Saskatoon/Regina, and Atlantic Canada like Halifax) are a part of the coverage:

Plus, CBC Radio launches a stream Brazilian music channel leading up the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics in August:

Wonder if the new Russian language ETV+ channel will incorporate Russian language Rio 2016 coverage in Estonia?

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We had RTE show its preview show focusing on a series of Irish Olympic athletes on their journey to the Games called London Calling. Now RTE premieres a whole 6-part series starting this Wednesday called the very commonplace Road To Rio that comes on RTE2 at 8:30pm (20.30) focusing on Irish athletes that are a mix of newcomers and experienced one in a wide range of sports with this doc series:


Understating that Telemundo and NBC Universo are excited in using the Summer Olympics to overtake Univision. It will start on August 3 with women's soccer and the 200-hour coverage will range from soccer, boxing, swimming, diving, track and field and basketball with the El Tri as the headlining act with sports that hold a strong Hispanic base. But never fear, Team USA will be featured prominently in the coverage too along with Latin American athletes:


Yes, Team USA Olympic hopefuls are excited about the possibility of going to Rio De Janeiro and Brazil admist all that color and pagentry despite the problems and issues confronting Brazil. Not to mention an overview of the venues:

NBC promo coming in at the 100-day mark celebrating the fire in Olympians preparing for and making it to Olympic glory

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Well now Dan Hicks won't have to pull double duty at the pool and golf course for the first 3 rounds of the men's competition!

There's more than enough people at Golf Channel that they were never going to need Hicks for that. If the men's tournament had been the second week, he might have done that, but obviously not where it conflicts with swimming.

I don't think Tirico will be the guy either. Probably have a bigger assignment for him that to spend all day on Golf Channel.

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