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Rio 2016 Olympic Media Update

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Bruce McAvaney certainly is getting up in age though still doing a solid job with this year doing double duty with Rio 2016 and AFL. I expect he'll once again do studio anchoring job, the ceremonies, and track and field with Raelene Boyle again, I guess. He's been doing the Olympic track and field since he was with Ten from way back in 1984, when that was "Australia's Olympic Network". Mel McLaughlin is really the future for Seven the way how that network sees it, assuming she joins this summer. She's a big soccer fan, and I can see her doing some soccer assuming the Matildas qualify out of Asia.

ICRT's TeleRebelde announces this month for Rio 2016, among other major ICRT-televised sports like Superior League basketball, World Series Boxing, Guanatanamo-Havana cycling, Caribbean Series/NBS baseball, Havana Judo Grand Prix, Futsal Caribbean, and the Latin American Triathlon, there will be two channels devoted to the Olympics on the free-to-air side: one will be a 24-hour Olympic channel with strong emphasis on the Cuban Olympians in various sports (volleyball, boxing, swimming, track and field, judo, wrestling, beach volleyball, weightlifting) with the other featuring alternative non-Cuban Olympic events of high interest to the Cuban public, while not interfering with the regular programming. Mario Hererra will part of the team as a sportscaster:

Band recruits ex-Brazilian athletes in judoka Henrique Guimarães and diver Juliana Veloso to the Olympic broadcast team:

Globo nabs Ambev, Itaú Bank, Brasil Foods, Casas Bahia, Johnson &Johnson, and Vivo as its 2016 Olympic broadcasting sponsors in October:

Adriana Araujo is part of the Record team bound for Rio:

YLE's Areena has a new look for Finns to use for it well ahead of Rio 2016 with technical upgrades and packing more video and audio content including your own YLE user ID and better adjustable quality on both counts with live messaging. Still working on the geoblocking issue for ex-patriate Finns

RAI is expected to bring forth 7-8 million euros in advertising revenue for Rio 2016. Interesting that a subscription TV entity like SKY Italia is bucking the trend of such companies balking somewhat on the Olympics due to the high costs of the TV rights:

TV5 Philippines, part of the Sports5 Olympic broadcasting family, has the exclusive rights of one of the three 2016 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments, namely the one in Manila:

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Now it's breaking and official: Mel McLaughlin will join Seven and dumps Ten in time for Rio 2016 after her Ten contract expires in March (notably with her Melbourne Renegades' Chris Gayle saga)! She's got the knowledge about various sports. Her fans will rejoice even more if Seven gets the A-League TV rights and chase it hard:



TVN Chile debuts a brand new weekly Rio 2016-themed preview show on Sunday afternoons at 12pm co-hosted by Pedro Carcuro, Gustavo Huerta, and Manuel de Tezanos all apparently rotating as hosts, called Podio ("Podium"). As you would expect, Podio will mostly focus on Chile's Rio 2016 Olympic hopefuls in their short


We now know for sure that TV2 handball analyst (or expert as the Norwegians would call them) and former player Bent Svele will pair up once again with Harald Bredeli for TV2 Norge's coverage of Rio 2016, principaly with the world champs and defending Olympic gold medalists Norwegian women. Too bad they can't call the Norwegian club handball or the the women's tune-up games in Ulsteinvik for those belong to TV Norge, which happens to be owned by Discovery Communications, the future European TV rights holders of the Olympic Games starting in 2028:



Last time we heard from Infront Sports and Media and TV Sport Media, they recently were in productive meetings in Nigeria with the Nigerian Olympic Committee, which they were looking forward to back in September. Meanwhile, a general outlook on what it plans for the exclusive free-to-air Rio 2016 TV and radio coverage to 43 of the Sub-Saharan African nations and territories (including Tanzania's Azam Media's Channel 8)--as well as nonexclusive online/mobile version--has been revealed with 200+ hours of includes a live and delayed high-quality signals and highlights from all sports with coverage of sports (including those that are popular with an African-specific coverage of sports in a specific broadcast feed) as well as full coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies. In addition, broadcast sponsorship opportunities marketed to brands with a focus on the African market. Commentary coverage will be provided in English, French, and Portuguese likely with a mixture of European and African sportscasters. Note that South Africa has its own FTA deal coming from SABC with SABC Sport producing and that Equatorial Guinea is actually a Spanish-speaking nation that will likely take the Portuguese coverage instead of French despite being surrounded by French neighbors:


Gearhouse Broadcasting purchases 14 Alchemist HD SDI converters ahead of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil this summer, as well as the UEFA Euro 2016 football championships being held in France, also this summer in June:




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Estado De Sao Paolo newspaper reports SporTV will present a diverse roundtable discussions of 12 Olympic legends, both Brazilian and foriegn, from various sports everyday throughout the course of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics following the competition days in groups of five, speaking on the events of the day:



Jose Ramon Diez takes his extensive Olympic TV directing experiences back to the Olympic movement in Rio De Janeiro following some tense disagreements with RTVE's current President of RTVE, Jose Antonio Sanchez. Likely with the OC:



Get a load of the recording of the CBC/Radio-Canada's new Rio 2016 Olympic theme music from Toronto! No, it certainly hasn't forgotten about the traditional CBC Olympic elements from the score

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And Hamish and Andy very well will join Mel to Seven to get involved with its Rio 2016 project, which will surely include Seven's still-unannounced radio coverage of it:

To be fair to Record, it has some former athletes and coaches involved in the Olympic coverage in the recent years like Oscar Schmidt and Rene Simoes. But this time with Rio 2016, it lacks an abundant amount to recruit who are willing to be there at least for a short time, for one thing, Record obviously lacks a sister sports network down in Brazil like Globo's SporTV and Band's BandSports. And this is a major reason why Globo/SporTV is so far ahead of Record with its cast of sportscasters, most notably its "Time Ouro" for over a year and has since expanded since being designated the official broadcasting partner with its upcoming temp expanded channels and live streaming channels. Band meanwhile is just now recruiting ex-athletes. So Record's going have to work extremely hard in deploying their efforts to woo some over and during their coverage:

Mart Smeets' farewell NOS assignment after 42 years of work there with NOS Studio Sport and being frequently non-existent recently? Calling the Olympic basketball in Rio De Janeiro. Hope he gets an abundant amount of games to cover even if they're not televised on Nederland 1 and just online/mobile for the 69-year old polarizing figure in the Dutch TV sports scene:

Clearer overview of Viasat Lithuania--and very likely for the other Baltic republics Estonia and Latvia with likely a record number of athletes from those nations competing, especially from Lithuania. Viasat Sport Baltic's main sports channel will show at least 300 hours of coverage. Viasat OS 1-6 will handle at least 1000 hours combined, supposedly showing all. Both entities will each have Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian commentaries in their respective nations and for their viewers. All three Baltic nations will have the Viasat OS, the additional Olympic News Channel throughout the days. Doesn't say anything regarding Viaplay but we can expect similar execution to that of Sweden's:

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We're still largely in the dark regarding much of Record's domestic coverage, save for its Olympic TV programming not completely overshadowing the nighttime telenovelas and building its temp sportscasters with former Brazilian athletes like in diving and judo to further build the staff. But during Record's Programmacao 2016 presentation days ago in front of the Brazilian media and advertisers at Sao Paolo, we know that Record News will be on hand to help cover them 24 hours a day and likely offer extensive wall-to-wall daily programming blocks to it as well. Plus Record holds one of the Rio 2016 official Olympic radio stations:


Quite possible that comedian Fabio Porchat's new weeknight late night show will debut during Record's coverage of Rio 2016 in August with possibly also serving as a special guest for the coverage:


Read how NBC Sports' massive 2600-strong Rio 2016 personnel will cope with the dreaded Zika virus if necessary:


1 million+ viewers online/mobile saw the US Olympic marathon trials from LA live:


Time to get ready for NBC Sports' upcoming 2016 AT&T American Cup Gymnastics Competition from Newark's Prudential Center this weekend with gymnasts from 11 nations competing:


Then there was that FINA Diving World Cup broadcasting matter from NBC Sports too a few weeks ago:


Don't smile for your credential photos for the Olympics or any other sports events. Ever!


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And in keeping with the International Women's Day theme here, 7 says it would very much like to promote and get more women's sports following the Matildas' success in qualifying out of Asia in Osaka, Japan--and Seven's ratings success with the matches on 7mate, up from the four previous Monday entertainment programmings for example when facing Japan. 7TWO will focus on female-centric sports like the Matildas, the Opals, gymnastics, women's diving, the Hockeyroos, synchronized swimming, women's kayaking, and the women's water polo team. Definitely, it will promote them heavily as well they should. Also says that Seven will host the Asian Beach Volleyball Championships from Sydney's Manly Beach over Easter weekend. Major storylines like the swimming, the ceremonies, and track and field will be on Seven's main channel:


Apparently FOX Sports Brasil is taking a comedic direction in their coverage with the Back Door comedians of Antonio Tabet, Gabriel Totoro, and Rafael Portugal every day during the primetime coverage from 6pm-1am Brazil time on FOX Sports 2 claiming "a certain ignorance" to some Olympic things, aspiring to be Gloria Pires of the Olympics. Maybe this is going to be like what we seen and heard about Mexico's FTA coverage of past Olympics like on Televisa and TV Azteca:


What lots of French people don't know about musicals director Elie Chouraqui is he actually played volleyball for France 112 times and was captain. You can imagine he was thrilled when France Televisions gave him a nice summer job offer in analyzing the Rio 2016 Olympic volleyball along with short segments and maybe other sports. Former PSG star Rai will help cover soccer down there for them too:


9 HD channels including a mobile app with Mario Cesar Otálvaro, Antonio Casale, Daniel Angulo, and Jessica Vera headline a 40-team Claro Sports personnel bound for Rio 2016 (3 of the HD channels will be devoted to Colombian Olympians here with the others to the other) starting with historical coverage content on July 1 leading up to August 8 throughout Latin America:


Claro Sports also did the FINA World Diving Cup:


Little more revealing info regarding OBS' 130-hour trialling of 8KTV down and VR in Rio with NHK's help in preparation of Tokyo 2020:






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Here comes Viasat's brand new OS Rio 2016 promo that just went up hours ago promoting the Swedish athletes' "drive, strength, and passion" towards Rio. I think the Swedish athletes featured here are swimmer Sarah Sjostrom, cyclist Emma Johansson, long jumper Khaddi Sagnia interspersed with Swedes everywhere watching Team Sweden succeeding and a shot the top anchors like Carolina Kluft, Ola Wenström, Niklas Jihde, and Frida Nordstrand (?) as the Viasat programming studio hosts. Can't really identify who the other Swedish athletes are here. If you can, please help:


Part of the Brazilian comedy team Casseta & Planeta will help cover SporTV's coverage of Rio 2016:


Denmark's TV2 Rio 2016 Olympic webpage:


Everando Marques will be there for ESPN Brasil covering Rio 2016, although as of this article, we don't know what assignment it'll be. Basketball, maybe? Since he does the NBA games there:


World Cup track cycling and the Orange Lions women's soccer team's now-ill-fated Rio 2016 Euro soccer qualifying campaign were part of last week's NOS' NPO 1 and nos.nl's Studio Sport Saturday along with the speed skating:


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Agence France Presse launches AFPTV Sports, ready for Euro 2016, Rio 2016, and Copa America 2016:


LiveU will be back in Brazil for Rio 2016 with 300 IP-bonding units that carry potentially up to 50TB of data and 15,00 hours of live video to be used by 80 broadcasters (pretty much all of them):


Another article on Rio 2016's OBS using 8K and VR. Plus coverage will be up to 7000 hours captured using high definition and 5.1 Surround Sound.

OBS also plans to try the Wider Colour Gamut and High Dynamic Range coverage:


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Look for the recently-Comcast purchased OneTwoSee take on a bigger challenge this summer with NBC's Rio 2016 coverage with its data analytics and Xfinity, especially with smart TVs/online/mobile:


Been a while since Seven dropped some Rio 2016 promos. But now Seven has released a couple of them this week. First one embraces Australian residents across the nation wherever they are happily proclaiming they'll be "cheering for Australia" and for their native/ancestral nation...even if it's also the USA in the case of one while watching on the Seven Network, all in a bid to embrace Australia's growing multiculturalism. No doubt I too would cheer on for Australia:

Seven's other one stars the just-qualified Matildas, the synchronized swimmers, the men's water polo team, Australia's men and women's rugby sevens (pun unintended) team, female swimmers, its cyclists like Amy Cure and Georgia Baker, its BMXers, and athlete hopefuls in a 3:25 minute extended promo. All happily lip-synching and having fun to Jessica Maubroy's "Where I'll Stay". It premiered on Wednesday night following following My Kitchen Rules. Apparently Maubroy's has been chosen as Seven's Rio 2016 official coverage song:


NBC Sports likes to remind everyone that Americans will be united for Rio 2016 regardless of political affiliation

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Another really good Seven Rio 2016 promo that just now hit, capturing many great Australian Olympic and Paralympic golden moments over the past 60-70 years with the calls from start to celebratory finish and golden glory (too numerous to mention) in recalling the prestige Australia has in the Olympic Games. Australia no doubt add at least a few more onto the collection with Rio 2016. The earlier ones had only a few camera angles to choose from in the selection:

Look for the likes of Kerri Walsh-Jennings, Gabby Douglas, Alison Felix, Nathan Adrian, Brad Snyder, Carlin Isles, Rudy Garcia-Tolson, and Scout Bassett as Team Citi Team USA Rio 2016 in multiplatform promotional material this spring and summer:


Competition for marketing and title sponsorship in CCTV China's coverage of Rio 2016 expects to be fierce:


Brazilian artist Bianca Mol, she of Girl Flypaper, will present 11 episodes set to her illustrations to playfully educate Brazilians of some Olympic sports' rules starting with judo called Painting the Olympics on Globo's Esporte Espectacular:


A preview of the Olympic water polo qualification competition in Gouda, Maureen Koster aiming at a medal in the 3000m at the World Indoor Athletics, and a profile on Dutch Paralympian Michael Schoenmaker on NOS' Sports Sunday this past weekend:


The CBC finally has a promo for their comprehensive 1700+-hour coverage of Rio 2016 that came up earlier this month on Canadian TV, where it shows (mostly) recent many Canadian Summer Olympic moments from Barcelona onward--and the emotions that come with it. At the very end, you can the CBC's Rio 2016 presentation design that will be used online/mobile and on TV for the intros. No shades of green here like we saw with its shared 2014 FIFA World Cup coverage with Rogers SportsNet:

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Seems pretty certain the American women, the defending Olympic gold medalists, will make it to the FINA Olympic Women's World Water Polo Qualification Tournament in Gouda, Netherlands on Saturday and likely win, depending on the opponent. And the NBC Sports Network will be there to cover it live at 3:30 CT along with NBC Sports Live Extra and Paul Burmeister (play-by-play) and USA Olympic silver medalist Julie Swail (analyst), very like the duo down at Rio De Janeiro this August:

RAI 2 officially will be the Olympic Network for Italians with over 350 hours provided for its Rio 2016 coverage during its duration. RAI Sports 1 and RAI Sports 2 will come along with a combined 800 hours with a mixture of live, tape-delayed, and encore presentations:

Does say at the very bottom of this article that SKY Sport NZ will provide 12 channels of Rio 2016 coverage. Still awaiting what its FTA sister TV network PRIME will cover:

CBC/Radio-Canada ready to show what its Rio 2016 studio set overlooking Barra Olympic Park that both the English and French arms will have differing views while keeping a central 360 desk space for multiple looks during broadcasts:

Rio 2016 will certainly help spearhead the growth of Internet sponsorship and advertising spending this year, according to Zenith Optimedia:

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Ronaldo will be on hand at the MIP TV convention in Cannes next weekend April 4-7 to publicly bring forth the latest developments from Globo/SporTV has in store for its eagerly-anticipated massive Rio 2016 coverage like delivering an insider’s guide to the huge range of sports broadcast facilities and in-house technologies at Globo, Latin America’s biggest TV conglom. For example, we can expect Globo will employ lots of its own cameras for many events:


Like with Jessica Maubroy's "Where I'll Stay" for Australia's Seven Network, Namie Amuro's still-unreleased inspirational "Hero" was chosen as NHK's official broadcast song for its Rio 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic coverage. Makes its debut for NHK at the All Japan Gymnastics Championships April 3:


When China's CCTV gets to air the Chinese broadcast of Rio 2016, it will employ, according to Wikipedia's CCTV-5 entry, CCTV-1, CCTV-2, CCTV-7, CCTV-12, CCTV-News, and CCTV-HD along with CCTV-5 and maybe CCTV-5+ (formerly CCTV-22).

Like to be interested in how M4 Sport's new director Heder Barnat will present his vision of what the Hungarian TV Rio 2016 Summer Olympics coverage will be:



ESPN Brasil will employ a 150-person team that will have a 700sq m space inside the Rio IBC. Furthermore, the Interactive Sport channel, which does not have the Olympic rights, plans to have an interactive studio in front of the Olympic Park for implementing to conduct interviews and Olympic-related programming:



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STAMFORD, Conn.March 28, 2016 – NBC Olympics will present an unprecedented 76 hours of coverage of the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials across NBC, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extraincluding more than 60 hours of coverage in primetime – in the months leading up to the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. NBC Olympics’ Trials coverage spans nine sports – swimming, track and field, gymnastics, diving, rowing, wrestling, water polo, field hockey, and volleyball.

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Not much to see regarding Westwood One Sports US Rio 2016 Olympic radio coverage right now. Will do play-by-play on select sports like USA basketball and soccer along with nighttime daily coverage of wrap-up sports


Ryan Lochte naturally getting down with the samba dancers in nothing but his Speedos and his gold medal in a 5-second promo bumper for NBC's Rio 2016 coverage that premiered at the 6-month mark

Band's Rio 2016 promo with its coverage sponsors attached down in Brazil. Some like Bradesco as obvious if you pay attention. But there are others that aren't as of yet on Globo's or Record's counterparts like Salamitos, Schin beer (made by Brasil Kirin, a Brazilian arm of Japan's Kirin beer), and RicardoElectro.com

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Possible that the French swimming commentating duo of Laure Manadou and her former swimming coach Philippe Lucas could get lured from France TV like with last year's World Swimming Championships in Kazan, Russia to Canal+ for Rio 2016 with their popularity:

Dragomir Mrsic's interview on how he answered the Viasat call to be its taekwondo expert for its coverage this year down in Rio "bringing the personality", being in a Tom Cruise vehicle "Edge Of Tomorrow" and other acting jobs, and of Sweden's prospects in the sport:

NBC just reached the $1 billion national advertising sales mark for its Rio 2016 coverage. The fact these Games are in a more favorable time zone for NBC and the significant east coast markets that are an hour behind, Brazil holds lots of soft power to many Americans like its tourism presentations, viewers can't skip commercials in real time, and the very strong prospects for Team USA overall all clearly play a role in the huge interest:

USOC Media Summitt with over 100 US Olympic hopefuls and very much 7x as many reporters at UCLA earlier this month:

We know the popular Mel McLaughlin, new to Seven, will be involved in the Rio 2016 coverage. But there could also be plans for her to have her own new nightly sports news program on Seven after the Olympics. I know Nine does after the national news. But Seven never did in such a sports-mad nation:

Some ways it's good to see RAI back in the comprehensive Italian Olympic TV coverage on the free-to-air side with its sure to be great coverage with its sister sports channels for its first Summer Games broadcast since Beijing 2008 and its 800 hours. But in this era of media Olympic broadcasting, technology, and consumption, I now wish SKY Italia would still handle things at least on the pay-TV subscription side and cover events that RAI just can't do more completely not counting replays/encore presentations on its multiple SKY Sports channels. Naturally, RAI will grant greater emphasis on Team Italia Azzurri that can go at least 1400 hours. Wonder if this is a "I'll scratch your back, you'll scratch mine" type of negotiations involved when SKY, which actually holds the rights during this cycle, and RAI got together. Because remember, SKY Italia had the comprehensive London 2012 coverage on its multiple channels with Italia 1 doing the free-to-air realm and two years later did likewise with Sochi 2014 with RAI restricted to highlights. Were there talks of even sharing a broadcasting team together?

To that end, the following is a collection of 11 10-second Olympic RAI bumpers with an overhead camera with the glimpse of the action for judo, volleyball, diving, badminton, track, men's high bar, women's uneven bars, floor exercise, swimming, fencing, and wrestling in various background colors to match the grounds. All from London 2012 with the RAI slogan for Rio 2016 "Lo Sport E DI Tutti" (Sport and Everything). We'll get the 15-30 second ones soon.

A newer Claro Sports Rio 2016 promo hit a month ago

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"Doc" Emerick will not do water polo down in Rio for NBC like he did in London and Athens. In fact, he's passing on being part of the NBC Rio 2016 sportscasting team altogether:


Latest on Mel McLaughlin's transition to Seven. Yes, she will be the nightly primetime sports host too. What Olympic capacity she'll have still remains TBD:


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Why? Patrick is a studio host, not really a play-by-play guy. They need him there more. They can find someone else to call water polo.

Really, when was the last time we can recall Dan Patrick doing play-by-play in a sport, let alone water polo? He's likely reprising his weekday and weekend studio anchor host gig at NBCSN in Rio De Janeiro.

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