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Rio 2016 Olympic Media Update

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but I am saying what if ABC didn't have MNF though? with CFB they could have used some of the ESPN people for the college telecasts..

Rights to certain events would have been much different if ABC had the Olympics in 2000, so it's difficult to judge these things anyways. It's very possible that they wouldn't have had Monday Night Football in that situation, although I'm not quite sure what year the rights were contracted in comparison to the rights for the Olympics.

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but I am saying what if ABC didn't have MNF though? with CFB they could have used some of the ESPN people for the college telecasts..

That's pushing a lot further into the "what if" realm. Tough to imagine ABC having lost football and getting back into the Olympics, let alone where the 2 might have overlapped.

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Northern Ireland's David Feherty will call golf's return to the Olympics in Rio next summer live in his new exclusive NBC/Golf Channel home. No doubt Faherty will bring his humour to the coverage that won't overwhelm the coverage:



It isn't just NBC's doing in mandating that the Rio swimming semis and finals be set live during the seemingly unnatural near late night in Rio time (10pm-12am); don't forget the Brazilian TV network rights holders have their beloved telenovelas, their TV institutions, they want to show during their primetimes. Nonetheless, the swimmers and coaches from Australia's Dolphins will have to adjust to the competing, timing, dope testing, traveling, preparing, planning, and training for all this during their time. Along with all the other important parties involved:


When I was skimming through the current issue of Monocle magazine, easily one of my faves, I noted a by the numbers sidebar displaying the numbers of what Globo TV/SporTV will have for Rio

--we know there will be 160 hours on Globo TV's coverage of Rio 2016 with 110 hours live included

--2000 crew members involved in the Rio production

--30 commentators including the well-hyped 10-member Golden Team group

--3 studios spread throughout Rio De Janeiro during the Olympic including that multifloored beach house-like studio at Olympic Park for Globo/SporTV

--15 live positions including the Olympic Park, the Olympic Village, and various Olympic venues

--2500 stories airing throughout the one-year countdown starting in March that includes 30 specific series like Olympic Mission and Olympic Ballad

--16 SporTV HD channels and 56 live streaming channels online

The Globo Group recently issued a press release detailing the general framing of its unprecedented Olympic plans down in Rio De Janeiro that will dominate over 50% of Globo TV programming during the Rio Olympics. It mentions that commentators will utilize the digital tactic table for its sportscasters not only for soccer but also for basketball, volleyball, handball, swimming, and beach volleyball for the first time. The 56 live web signals will be 24 hours through the utilizing of its SporTV Play for online and mobile devices, among SporTV Play's features like on demand and apps forthcoming. SporTV will show every thing Olympic 100% including the medal ceremonies and special features. Also includes plans of what Globo Group's Radio Globo and CBN (like online/app coverage) will do as will its newspapers:


Monocle magazine reports on how Globo has learned from its comprehensive coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup to use for the upcoming Olympics and looks forward to Brazilians falling in love of some Summer Olympics they're regularly not familiar with previous along with the passion they bring in the commentating for soccer, volleyball, track, swimming, gymnastics, and basketball. Actually Globo has some Olympic training dating to the Rio announcement:


Norway's TV 2 Sport's Mikael Harstad Groven and Fantoft Havard Grutle, TV2 Sumo will hold a conference in Oslo on e-sport perhaps with Rio 2016 in mind:



I'm sure Edson Viana will be among the sportscasters. But for what sport? Likely soccer.

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Strictly more as an electronic online general press kit for advertisers from SevenWest Media with greater details surely to follow in the coming months. But it does mention that PLUS7 (+7), a hybrid broadband and catch-up TV service. Does mention Seven also holding the Australian radio broadcast rights too. But it doesn't own any radio stations or have affiliates that can take up its coverage as far as I see. The video here pulls a Canal+ in NOT showing any footage from London 2012 because the Nine Network and FOXTEL had the Australian Olympic TV rights almost four years and just going to Beijing and Torino when 7 had them (not to mention scenes of Rio, definitely among the world's sexiest cities with Bruce McAveney's voiceover):

Seeing that SporTV is doing Eurobasket through SporTV2 with Roby Porto as play-by-play man and Byra Bello as the analyst over in Lille, France, could we see them do this for the Olympic men's basketball with Hortencia Macari coming in only for the women's basketball games?

We don't quite know what Viasat Sweden have planned for its general details on Rio, except that we know Karolina Kluft, Ola Westerhof, and Goran Zachrisson will be there. Likely that MTG's free-to-air Swedish TV channels TV3 and TV10 will both return for the Summer Olympics with an emphasis on the Swedish Olympians and on some Summer Olympics sports that are popular to Swedes that the nation didn't qualify. Viasat only announced a handful of commentators for Rio like Glenn Strombeck, former Sweden, Nigeria, and Iceland soccer coach Lars Lagerbeck, and most recently . From back in its Sotchi subpage, Viasat mentioned (as I noted there on the Sochi 2014 version of this thread) it will air 5000+ hours of Rio. Viasat Golf will be there for the Olympic golf. Viasat Play will have lots of use as it did for Rio 2016. Viasat Sport, the anchor sports channel from it, will have to take part again. Safe to assume Viasat Fotboll will broadcast Olympic soccer matches both men's and women's--and even the UEFA women's Olympic tournament between Sweden, Norway, and The Netherlands--with hopes that it won't conflict on the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League, Orange Ligue 1, and the FA Cup. There's a possibility a handful of group games will move towards another channel to avoid previous soccer broadcast rights commitments. Wouldn't it be fun if Viasat Hockey got to air all the Olympic field hockey down in Rio De Janeiro during this time? Viasat brought forth up to 7 Olympic-specific temp channels for Sochi 2014, not counting Viasat Sport and Viasat Hockey. So I expect Viasat will carry around 16 Olympic-specific temp channels with plenty of chances for numerous replays, Olympic news, medal ceremonies, and documentaries, so they can cover everything. No word on a Drommen Om Rio series yet.

Saw an ESPN Brasil video in the leadup of the Rugby World Cup. Could Clevi Oliveira, Fernando Portugal, and Antonio Martoli do rugby sevens for ESPN Brasil if it gets some Olympic rugby games like they apparently are for the upcoming Rugby World Cup? Or move to Globo/SporTV?

Rai, the former Brazilian international and PSG player, will be an Olympic soccer analyst for France Televisions' Rio 2016 Olympic coverage along with being on Stade 2 and Tout le Sport, a reprise of his involvement with FT when it helped cover the 2014 FIFA World Cup also in Brazil:

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The Indian ad market surely will get a get in both television (with Star Sports and DDR) and fast-rising digital media sales leading up to Rio 2016 among other major events next year among the BRICS nations:


US marathon and cycling fans will get unprecdented live coverage of the 2016 US Olympic Team Trials on TV and streaming online/mobile next year from NBC's family of networks, Universal Sports included. First time men's and women's marathons will air live nationally in LA:



Don't know much about Cesar Conde, the new chairman of NBCUniversal Telemundo and NBCUniversal International Group. Based on this article regarding his promotion, he will make sure that NBC Deportes will get aggressive in ad sales for its Rio 2016 broadcast in the ever-increasing and lucrative Latin/Hispanic market. Also aggressive in its promotion in the months leading up to it through Telemundo and NBC Universo featuring athletes from the Spanish-speaking world--and US Latin/Hispanic Olymians--like we just saw with promos of women's soccer stars from those nations like Yoreli Rincon. And have the Olympics so unprecedented comprehensively covered in US Spanish TV and online/mobile, perhaps with Spanish commentary on all events, even ones that may not get televised and work to get the Winter Olympics better US TV Spanish coverage with the gradually-rising prominence Latin Olympians there. Unless we get more concrete and official word later on next year, I'm (provisionally) thinking Telemundo will have the live exclusivity on both ceremonies (unless both aim for simulcasting) with a several events shown daily, but NBC Universo, with a repeat airing, will have the wall-to-wall bulk of the daily coverage for around 16 hours with perhaps its own primetime segment encore presentation:


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Not a shock at all that Seven locked up the Swimming Australia TV rights from 2016-2025 after SA mutually parted ways with Ten with the former, most significantly, having the Australian Olympic/Paralympic TV broadcast rights very likely up to Beijing 2022 and 2024 (if exercized) in Games that will be far more favorable to it on their time zones. Any good Australian swimming fan or follower knows that swimming is Australia's Olympic heart and soul, and Seven plans to innovate in its broadcasting on several platforms with expansion. Not to mention the Commonwealth Games, Youth Olympics, and the European Games during this very span. Also displays tremendous faith in Australian swimmers after a few Australian swimming scandals before this TV deal. Seven is shoring up some sports events now:


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NBC Universo is American TV viewers' home for the Spanish-language men's 2016 CONCACAF Olympic Soccer Qualification Tournament live coverage this October, including defending Olympic gold medalists Mexico:


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South Africa's SuperSport announces early last month in Port-Louis, Mauritius a basic Rio 2016 broadcasting plan for now: Multichannel coverage with at least 6 SuperSport channels for across sub-Saharan Africa (I'd say likely more--maybe 8-11) with a more progressive emphasis on African athletes than previous like identifying with help of national sports governing bodies and stakeholders across the continent the African medal contenders, so it can create stories around them leading up to Rio De Janeiro--and will cover every Olympic medal stage event an African is involved with dedicated crews. I can definitely see some examples.

Surely if you have been paying attention to SuperSport's pan-African direction in the last several years, it will no doubt bring about special coverage emphasis to not just South Africa, Nambia, and its Lusophone Southern African neighbors Angola and Mozambique (and include other Portuguese African nations like Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and Sao Tome And Principe) on SuperSport Maximo but also Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. Maybe Ghana as well. Given its just-announced plans it has with the Zambian Premier League and a Zambian magazine sports show, SuperSport will include Zambia onto this. Maybe even Zimbabwe. What SuperSport doesn't say at the moment is will it get into greater language coverage like in Afrikaans, Zulu, and Swahili for at least some some events like it does with this year's Rugby World Cup for the first two languages? Starting to also think we will see more of a pan-African team of sportscasters and crew (with South Africans as the majority both in Rio and in Rustenburg) with a mix of Olympic legends from the other nations involved:


Given the growing popularity of the NBC coverage of the Barclay English Premier League and crew of Rebecca Lowe, ex-Reggae Boy Robbie Earle, Kyle Martino, Arlo White, and Robbie Mustow and how that changed US TV coverage of soccer, it would make great sense to include them into the NBC Olympic soccer coverage. Like to see them get involved in the Olympic soccer coverage before, halftime, and after games like on the NBC Olympic Soccer Channel next August for the most part as studio analysts back at the NBC headquarters. Martino did his over in London as the only men's one for analysis. White was also on location. I also expect many of the same commentators like John Paul Dellacamera, White, Kate Makgraf, Cat Whitehall from London to return. If the US men qualify this time, we can expect at least a duo on location for the US men's matches like we saw with the women (White and Brandi Chastain). For the women's matches, there should be some studio analysis too. Don't know if the FOX crew used for the Women's World Cup have exclusive contracts to FOX or other broadcasters elsewhere. Don't think so initially, why not import much of them over like Ariane Hingst, Kelly Smith, and Heather Mitts, if so?

Wish there was an Olympic Handball Channel. But that's not hapenning. The United States doesn't have the top-notch international success pedigree in that sport nor the potent numbers built up nationwide for that to be a reality.

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One other thing: I may have mentioned this already here. But since TSN has 5 channels that it will no doubt use next year for Rio. It would make sense for RDS to have close that amount on its own French-Canadian side? Maybe it will announce this expansion next year in time for that with RDS, RDS2, and RDS INFO SPORT, assuming the Canadian Olympic contingent expands more into team sports and other events perhaps. Based on its London coverage, RDS' will be more internationalist.

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FOX Sports Latin America (excluding Brazil) premieres the Olympic preview and news program FOX Olympic Central (Central FOX Olimpico) this fall:


Globo TV's Golden Team member and women's basketball Olympic analyst Hortencia Macari shares her Brazil international basketball career memories on SporTV Olympic Ballad (very likely geoblocked outside Brazil):


SporTV Reporter with Vanessa Riche chronicled in mid-September the Rio 2016 Olympic Organizing Committee's long and complex journey in their preparation for next year's first Summer Olympics and Paralympics in South America and the 2000-strong team behind it:



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Olympic Games Biz reveals a little more info on Azam Media's purchase of the Tanzanian free-to-air and non-exclusive media rights to Rio 2016 through Switzerland-based Infront Media than what Sports Pro revealed: In Tanzania, it will be shown from 6-9 live hours a day with daily highlights and a daily news program on DTV and ZBC2. Like with all the other Sub-Saharan African nations and including South Africa's SuperSport, coverage this time will be more African-specific and popular African sports with English, French, and Portuguese commentaries provided with help from African media specialist TV Media Sport producing the African-specific broadcast feed:


Ikegami provides its longtime broadcasting collaborater NHK a "world's first" exterior high quality 8K broadcast vehicle months ahead of Rio that won't be as big and heavy when it goes around the world broadcasting global sports events for the Japanese TV network, like its 8K trial transmissions:



Worth noting here that Lars Lagerback will extend his soccer analyst job with Viasat towards the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League along with his upcoming Rio 2016 assignment:



TVR and the RTC asks Romanian prime minister Viktor Ponta to allocate $560,000 so that TVR can cover the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics in 400 hours (both live and recorded) through TVR 1, TVR 2, TVR 3, and TVR HD because TVR has no money! Uh-oh...



We haven't heard anything from Norway's TV2 on their upcoming Rio 2016 broadcasting plans. Maybe it likes to wait until sometime close to November to start announcing. When Sochi 2014 was close, it started releasing news just about right away largely because Norway is more of a Winter Olympics power.

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STAR India confirms its pledge to cover the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro. Doesn't say how its coverage will be conducted, but surely it will place emphasis on the South Asian Olympians and feature field hockey, shooting, boxing, and archery as well as the usual anchor sports swimming, track and field, and gymnastics with basketball and beach volleyball not far behind. Star Sports consists of 4 channels, but could it temporarily expand to more Olympic channels and get more comprehensive coverage and news and replays with many sports? Definitely not out of the possibility and likely expected. When Star Sports did Sochi 2014, it was mostly on 2 of its channels with on some days a third to fill programming needs. Will cover online and mobile too, maybe that's where the comprehensiveness could go instead of TV:


Should be an interesting discussion with insights at Drexel University about NBC's Olympic productions with the multiple Emmy-winning NBC President of the Olympics Jim Bell this month:


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TV 2 Norge actually does have its Rio-OL 2016 website up, flanked with TV 2 Helga and TV 2's Samantha Skogrand Twitter-like message and photos shared on location in Rio and also profiling Norwegian Rio Olympic hopefuls in a webseries Drommen Om Rio. I'm sure we'll see Skogrand and Harald Bredeli, Oyvind Alsaker, Asbjorne Myhre, Kasper Wikestad, and Christian Paasche all down there in Rio De Janeiro when the Games hit. No word on the Swedish version of Drommen Om Rio like MTG's Viasat and TV3 aired for its Sochi version:


Next door in Sweden, handball analyst Robert Perlskog leaves TV4 to reunite with his longstanding handball sportscasting partnership with Claes Hellgren at Viasat next year with the European Championships for men's and women's and the Olympics looming:


Sorry to all those Australians who like to watch Seven but prefer not to see any references towards Rio 2016 on TV stuffed down your throats. But Seven is determined to adapt in the fast-changing TV-watching landscape during its 2016 unvieling down in Sydney with the Rio 2016 at the heart of this. SevenWest Media promises through its "Australia's #1 TV Network" and also "Australia's Olympic Network" will be "the first unavoidable Olympics" and the "most technologically advanced Olympics coverage ever" all year long for the network's programming with a special app that will show viewers the scores and results, with 200 medals awarded and televised during Australian daylight TV hours. All 28 sports will be shown on demand with subscription, prices TBD. All of Seven's three channels--7, 7Two, and 7Mate--will be made available for streaming through its 7Plus app in time for its Melbourne Cup premiere later this year. Viewers will have control with their Olympic viewing habits that extends to its overhauled tennis coverage:



RAI announces as part of its ambitious plan of its multiple HD channel and even possibly an experimental 4K channel satelitte expansion beginning next year, it will devote at least three of its newer RAI HD channels (and likely its 4K one) to the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics next year to go up to 11 channels in its stable (Rai 2 HD, Rai Sport 1 HD and Rai Sport 2 HD) under TivuSat DTH platform. Though Rai Sport 2 is a temporary channel after Rio:



Sky Italia's Rio Olympic 2016 website:


The following pretty much will answer several questions on why NHK is doing this trial 8KTV production and programming plans with its new equipment and innovations with it on the road ultimately to Tokyo 2020:


Hong Kong's TVB plans to spend HK$200 million on its coverage of Rio 2016, much of the competition airing from early-late morning like much of Asia/Pacific, to broadcast 2000 hours on its multiple free channels with the other 2000-hours half of the 4000+ overall total on the subscription side. This also includes online, tablets, and smartphones along with TV. You can certainly expect the swimming, track and field, basketball, gymnastics, beach volleyball, soccer, volleyball, diving, and maybe rugby 7s. Coverage will focus on Hong Kong, Chinese, and Taiwanese athletes on the free side and will send a 100-team staff to Rio De Janeiro. Whether restaurants will be able to stay open during this span for the ceremonies and other events is another matter entirely:


TVE's Teledeporte airs its weekly show Objectivo Rio at 9pm Spain time. Its latest subject will focus on cycling:


Mexico's Televisa aired at least Mexico's successful U-23 men's team CONCACAF Olympic qualification journey on the road to successfully defending the London 2012 gold down in Rio:


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NET and Claro will allow Globo's SporTV have all its 16 Olympic linear HD channels on its satelitte/cable services in Brazil as well as offering its additional 40 channels on their respective streaming, TV Everywhere, and VOD services. Also says Globo/SporTV's journalistic teams will carry 3G-4G backpacks with mobile linkage:

Yes, Seven's Olympic coverage from Rio 2016 onward will take on social platforms too:

Not much to give you on SKY Television NZ's overall Rio Olympic coverage plans--though we surely know it will be multichannel--but I can certainly tell you it nabbed a key broadcasting role from the Rio 2016 organizers to producing the world TV feed for triathlon, open swimming, and rugby sevens. No big surprise on those three. SKY will send a staff of 30-person staff of contractors. It will be NZ's first Olympic sports world feed production since TVNZ did sailing in Athens 2004. Its coverage and production of the 2011 Rugby World Cup as host broadcaster sealed it:

BandSports aired the World Boxing Championships in Doha, Qatar for Brazilian TV:

Brazilian gymnastics fans surely had something to celebrate with both the men's and women's teams clinching Olympic berths in the sport at the World Gymnastics championships in Glasgow, Scotland while watching it all on SporTV 2 and SporTV Play:

TVS Slovakia will operate under the same amount of money in its budget next year, even with major sports events coming it has the Slovak TV rights next year like the Summer Olympics and EURO 2016:

TVP Polska brought forth a program dealing with the preparations of Polish athletes for Rio 2016. Also provides a debate involving the Polish Olympic Committee President and Andrzej Biernat, the Polish minister of sport and tourism. This took place back in May:

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3x Emmy winner Andreas Cantor signs on for a multiyear contract with Telemundo as lead anchor. That means his famous "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!" will surely be there down in Rio, 2017 Confederation Cup, and for the upcoming World Cups in Russia and Qatar (hope not and can be moved but different story) for NBC Universo/Telemundo's Spanish coverage:


Will get to this more soon. But the entirely privately-financed Rio IBC got commemorated, I think, last week:


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NBC Olympics launches a Snapchat app to give fans a behind-the-scenes capturing content of more than 100 Team USA athletes that's in association with NBC and the USOC doing fun, publicity-friendly activities like conducting interviews, posing for photo shoots, changing wardrobes, and interacting with samba dancers, comedians, supermodels--and even puppies


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Press release from SporTV announcing the 56 live streams with 24 hours of live content in real time through SporTV Live with all the features like alerts, times, pausing/stopping, going back, dates, and selection types to go along with the 16 SporTV's Olympic HD channels and three studios all over Rio De Janeiro like the beach house one for the 1000+ professional staff with everything transmitted from the Olympic Park Studio:



Worth noting with Lars Lagerback is he'll take care of the Viasat Olympic soccer analysis coverage in Sweden following his campaign with Iceland co-coach Heimir Halgrimsson, a dentist by trade, at their debut appearance in EURO 2016 in France is over. When it happens, Halgrimsson will solely take over.

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Families are undoubtably an important part of an Olympian's journey and support as this new NBC Rio Olympics 60-second promo brought forth on its premiere during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the National Dog Show on a day for families. It's narrated by Eva Longoria, soon to star on the new NBC TV series Telenovela, and features 7 athletes from 4 nations including of course the USA and hosts Brazil:


As far as the Brazilian Olympic broadcasters are concerned--talking about all of them: Globo TV/SporTV, Record, Band/BandSports, ESPN Brasil, and FOX Sports Brasil--their plans are still being finalized for a combined 800 TV hours on just the terrestrial side (Globo, Record, and Band). SporTV still has yet to hire many professionals (namely, more sportscasters and analysts) to fill out its roster for its very ambitious broadcasting project. Its parent Globo is pretty much set for now with its Time Ouro until next year when get closer. Record won't hire anyone additional and temprorary until August with its roster already there. Plus, Record will largely stay put in Sao Paulo with no temp Rio residency presence. Band won't hire anybody and thus will integrate with its TV, cable, and radio broadcasters:


First notable TV2 Norge Olympic coverage news for Rio in quite a while: 72-year old Johan Kaggestag, trainer to Grete Weitz and Ingrid Kristiansen as a longtime coach, continues on in his broadcasting career under his current contract that runs until 2017 with the cycling championships in Bergen before he retires with no signs of slowing down: In Rio De Janeiro, Johan Kaggestad will cover the track and field as an analyst, the cycling with Christian Paasche, and be there at the Maracana Stadium for the Opening Ceremony. Will be there dropping knowledge and experience to pass onto the younger generation of Norwegian sportscasters. He also interestingly brings his thoughts on Norway's medal prospects down in Rio. He only feels confident about the women's handball team defending their gold:



For the first time in Mexican TV history, the Summer Olympic broadcasting rights will not belong to the all-powerful Televisa or TV Azteca. Now it belongs to Claro Sports, FOX Sports Latin America, ESPN, and DIRECTV. Going to be interesting how this situation evolves in structure and coverage and whose they give the required free-to-air TV rights to. One thing's for sure: Mexican Olympians when televised always are huge Mexican sports TV draws, especially when they perform in serious medal contention. Meanwhile Azteca Deportes loses ground and rights:



And it looks as though America Movil will hook up with Mexico City's Canal 22 once again like they did with the Sochi 2014 coverage. Hopefully the coverage will be very extensive:


FOX Sports Latin America Marion Reimers will be there down in Rio as part of FOX's Rio team and with a weekly show called Olympic FOX. Analysts, she says, don't really educate about the various Olympic disciplines outside of the likes of soccer and boxing and seek to be a specialist's specialist:



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Basic coverage info from Germany's ARD and ZDF: ARD/Das Erste will come live on the air in Rio for 9 days and will also transmit the Opening Ceremony. ZDF comes on for 8 and will take care of the Closing Ceremony. Daily German TV Rio 2016 Olympics live coverage from those two networks will begin each on the afternoon at 13:00 (1pm) local time despite the 5-hour time zone difference from Rio to Germany (Central/Middle European Time Zone) all the way towards a little after 9:00 the following morning. Advertising rates and sales TBD:


Some info about Globo's year end video that references the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio with the a new rendition of the song A New Time (Today Is Another Day) from the legendary Milton Nascimento. Actually got leaked earlier than necessary:



The Belguim Olympic and Interfederal Committee introduces a new campaign for Rio indicating how far it is in terms of qualifying and getting there. Sochi 2014's was "We Don't Need A Mountain To Win A Medal" featuring snowboarder Seppe Schmidt down the grassy hills in black and white. For Rio, this is an artistic campaign video utitlizing motion-captured converted to graffitti art by Mister Mong (Simon Everaert) going from Brussels' streets to Rio with the soundtrack from Belgian recording artist Netsky featuring The Digital Farm Animals encouraging Belgians to "support Team Belgium" down in Rio (ends with a wall graf of several Belgian Olympic hopefuls with the slogan It's A Long Way To Rio):


Not something you see a lot in Olympic TV coverage around the world: Chinese dairy companies, Yili and Bright, bidding for advertising space for CCTV's upcoming Rio 2016 coverage for upwards to $21-27 million:


Ceska Televize (Czech Television) plans to have studios in both Rio De Janeiro and Prague next year. But also in the Lipno Mountains too? Do know it will be shown on CT2 and CT Sport with the online option of various streams, some containing Czech commentary. Meanwhile, TV Nova, the Czech Republic's exclusive pay-TV broadcaster, had the option of exclusively airing of the Summer Olympic events CT couldn't show like it did with the Sochi 2014 ice hockey. But it didn't exercize it apparently:


The Austria House returns with its Rio version where ORF will set up its Olympic studios at with a public space outside! Entirely with private funding:



SKY Italia sold the Italian broadcasting rights of Rio 2016 to RAI for 60 million euros. RAI will broadcast over 400 hours of live coverage through RAI 2 HD, RAI Sport 1 HD, and RAI Sport 2 HD (RAI Sport 2 to cease after the Olympic Games are through). With this deal, SKY gets to have a greater presence during the programming and allow the channels available on SKY Italia's subscription service:



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Getting certainly expensive in the sports and non-sports (1916 independence 100-year commemorations and the general elections) coverage next year for RTE with all the big events on the Irish TV calendar--basically doing it all. So, it's likely RTE will have TV3 share some of that burden in a sublicensing partnership move for not just the Rio Olympics but also for EURO 2016:


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On November 1, VGTRK's Rossiya 2, the primary Russian free-to-air public sports channel also known as P2 for short in the Russian language state broadcaster (along with the occasional docs and feature films), was shuttered following the apparent merger of pay-TV NTV-Plus and VGTRK. Rossiya 2 of course was the Russian FTA Olympic Channel fronted by Dmitry Guberniev, who served as the Opening and Closing Ceremony co-host, studio anchor, biathlon commentator, and VGTRK's sports editor during Sochi 2014, when it was VGTRK's designated Olympic Channel on free-to-air. It has also covered Vancouver and London since the rebranding change from Sport, that first aired back in 2003. Rossiya 2's broadcasting frequency has since been taken over by Match TV, a sports channel created by Russian president Vladimir Putin's decree on the basis of the sports redaction of Gazprom-Media Holding, technical equipment ANO Sports Broadcasting (Panorama brand), and the frequency of Russia-2 (VGTRK). Channel producer is journalist and host channel is Tina Kandelaki. Nonetheless, you can be sure Guberniev will be heavily involved down there next year:

RTVE, Spain's state public broadcaster, will get an operational budget of 922.5 million euros for 2016. No doubt Rio 2016 has something to do with this increase in its budget. RTVE is among the European leaders in getting and securing much of its funding from the state along with Finland's YLE and the Netherlands' NOS. Even the BBC doesn't come even close, and it's a far better-known worldwide brand English-speaking and non-English-speaking alike:

Austria's ORF will have around 942.3 million euros in its own budget next year. Sports obviously will get an increase next year with ORF's upcoming coverage of Rio 2016 (11.4 million) and EURO 2016 in France (16.7 million). Not surprising if Sochi 2014 was an indicator with broadcasting that the likes of ORF and RTVE will utilize more of the OBS feeds to save money and use its own operations less to save costs, since for one thing it wasn't selected for operating the global feeds for any of the Olympic events:

Globo sent a professional team to LA working in major studios producing the much-needed sound effects, music scores, and visual effects for its eagerly-anticipated Rio Olympic coverage. First thing to notice will be under the "We Are All Olympic" campaign, ready to start later this year. Coverage is triggered by Globo's vehicles around the city and its Olympic clusters. Given how ambitious Globo is with this as the official host broadcaster for the Rio broadcast, the quality of all this better be top-notch. Seems as though Globo is ripping up its old Olympic coverage, presentation, and production playbook that it used for many years and is devising a new one to reflect themselves as hosts. Kinda like Bell Media's CTV and TSN did for Vancouver and London in Canada:

Touching down onto another Lusophone nation, RTP Portugal plans to air at least 200 hours of free-to-air coverage of Rio 2016, both live and tape-delayed, more than it has ever shown on Portuguese TV. Didn't opt for the free-to-air Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic coverage since there were only alpine skiiers as Portuguese Winter Olympians in Sochi and the declining public appetite for winter sports in the nation:

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