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Guess the 1st round 2020 votes in Buenos Aires!


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A European city is eliminated in the first round


Nope. Tokyo can only count on the non-muslim Asian votes (if those even total 19). The 4 or 5 muslim votes will go to Istanbul.

Tokyo will have 18 or few...

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You would have to think there might be some sympathy votes for Japan,

In 2 years' time, that 'sympathy' factor will have dissipated. The sympathy votes are already there in that 19 or 20. that giving 1 or 2 venues to Fukushima is really hooey. I mean one of the football sites and/or equestrian are ALWAYS kinda distant from the anchor city anyway; so big deal that they will give two venues to that affected area. It's a phony ploy.

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Well, if the IOC members really hold grudges then I expect madrid to be eliminated first or second.

I think Tokyo being eliminated in the first round would be very good for Istanbul... But I'm not sure... Is this logic correct or istanbul being half asian doesn't really cause the asian votes to be split?

Istanbul vs. Rome in the last round would be great.

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Madrid 24

Istanbul 22

Rome 22

Tokyo 18 -eliminated-

Madrid - 23

Istanbul - 26

Rome - 30

Tokyo - 19

MIRT = total 98 / 52 to win

Madrid 20

Istanbul 29

Rome 29

Tokyo 20

first round will be a double equality B):mellow::lol:;):P

first round will be hot .. just hot ..

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As of now, I don't know how exactly the first round will play out, but my guess now is that the final round will be between Rome and Istanbul. Of course, it is way too early to make any real predictions.

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