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The Look of the games

Mr Tickle

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I quite like the first three, even the orangey "Battersea Power Station", and the generic blue "London" one.

The two others (football & archery) are more of an acquired taste but are OK all the same.

The last three, unfortunately, are horrendous! That one eyed creature is enough to give anyone nightmares!

Here's some designs for the official Olympic 2012 greeting cards by Anthony Peters











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I have to say I like them all, I think they're a step-up from what we saw from the early brand treatment The Panasonic pics posted above, on the other hand, I don't like much. I don't think white works at all well as the background colour to this brand.

This is interesting, reposted from DarJoLe on SSC:

The shards on the main concourse rippling out from the stadium out over the Park look absolutely stunning. I've never seen anything on this scale where an event's brand created from the shape of its logo is integrated into the physical environment it is being hosted within. In a way, some people are saying this is a 'simple' look but what an effective and ingenious way of applying it.


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I have no problem at all with London's look for the most part. The colors remind me most of LA. Now those I found shocking especially since LA already exudes a "warm" vibe. I can see it being very complementary to the drab London climate and somewhat "dry" British character. I mean compared to the soft blues and greens of Vancouver which I think faded into the winter setting, London's colors will help it 'break out' from the mist. I would've wished for a more 'classic' and softer logo but it is what it is. Other Games in the future will conceivably supersede London's look and design.

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I'm fine with high-chroma, ultra-saturated colors -- I loved Athens and liked LA and Torino too. The problem is the particular hues London chose. That greenish aqua is such a nasty color. Generally I like vermillion -- that intense red-orange, but it fights badly with the other hues. They're better on a white background because it acts as a buffer, but still.

I agree with mattys that there's really not much concept here. Sometimes when you try really hard to be original you end up striking out with something trite and unsuccessful. IMO, that's what's happened here. Lines and shards... Ok. It's not going to destroy the Games, but it certainly isn't going to help.

When I saw the Athens look, I was eager to see it on person and wander around the environments atctge venues. Having seen London's look, I'm happy to stay home. I love London, but I don't particularly care to see this angry, anxiety producing aesthetic reproduced all over town.

As for the nightmarish mutant mascots and the malevolent looking Orbit -- they fit right in (apart from the Orbit's color). The fact is that all this grew out of the logo. That was the jumping-off point. With such a catastrophic beginning, how could the results be anything other than the jagged, bilious, stressful look that we're seeing now?

I'm sure the Games will be fine and I do love London (I was THRILLED when they won). But this look is a mistake and a big disappointment. It will get them through the Games, but if it's remembered it will be for all the wrong reasons.

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I will say this, the yellow helps a lot. It takes the edge off a bit.

I like that last pic in stir's post much better than some of the earlier ones in this thread.

Me too. I think we may be pleasantly surprised. I applaud the way the logo's jagged edges has been carried through every aspect of the games right down to the surface of the main concourse.

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I'm still only luke warm for the logo - like Sydney's, I'm more just used to it now than fond of it - but as far as the "look" goes (and I'm still not convinced we've seen all there is to come) I must be one of the few that's liking what I've seen so far. I guess I'm just a bit bored now with all the swirls and clouds and waves and "safe" colours we've had lately, and colour-wise and shape wise, I just feel London's is one that really stands out from the rest.

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Please post some pics if you have any, searched but cant find. I need to see more London look soon!!!!!

......scratch that

Oh I wrote that too soon, I see your post above!!!! Wow looks very good.....full London "shard" style. I'm still holding high hopes for a brilliant and unexpected twist.

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