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londons part in Beijing closing ceremony

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I don't think we will do anything cheesy as you put it

Im expecting us to do something stylish and avongard

Presumably some of the Noting hill carnival designers will be involved.

Last year there was an amazing walking T Recks ,

Masquerade 2000 are always amazing,

all very stytlish.

What about having an Orange Order parade? That would piss the Irish off majorly


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Seriously, the Welsh, Scots and Irish are also British (as funny as though it may seem) so maybe we can incorporate leeks, thistles and potatoes into the handover.

Although in all probability, it will be happy friendly black, white and Asian chavs breakdancing.

heh I am sure you are right about the chavs.

But I don't see why we need to patronise the Scots and Welsh etc.  This isn't the World Cup: this is a London thing.  If the Scots want thistles and bagpipes represented, they can dip their short arms into their deep pockets and make donations to Londoners' council tax bills that will be financing the Games.  But I bet they won't.

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