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Closing Ceremony

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It was kind of good fun during the late Juan Antonio Samaranch's reign when Organising Committees and the home crowd would hang out for his Games verdict during the Closing Ceremony.

He would proclaim in his speech "These Games were the best ever " or something similar and the audience would go off like a firecracker.

In a deliberate change of style, Dr Rogge seems to have shied away from these sorts of 'best ever' proclamations and and goes for something that does not promote the one-upmanship between successive Games, eg "exceptional Games, etc".

A couple of days ago, Dr Rogge was reported to have said this about London's Games:

"All in all, I would say these are really very good games, and a I'm a very happy man,"


To be honest I never liked that from Samaranch. The "best games ever" term is just a matter of personal taste instead of a fact he can imput just because he's the president of the IOC. Speaking about demagogy.

And sadly, the seemingly eternal president of the PASO, Mario Vazquez Raña, follows his footsteps doing the very same thing <_< (we all knew Guadalajara 2011 was ok, but not as good as Rio 2007)

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Also interesting:

Last-minute tickets for the closing ceremony could go on sale just hours before it starts, as organisers said they would know how many seats were available only once the elaborate sets are in place.


So they'll have props also in the stands?

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Excuse my double post, but I think this belongs also here:

Thanks to the Eurovision links barrack has posted in the Canadian announcer thread (I should have known those Eurovision livestreams earlier! *grrrr*), I found a livestream of the Olympic Stadium viewed from the Orbit.

It's live feed 01 on this page, and there's also a live feed of the cauldron (feed number 06): http://www.eurovisio...l?video_id=1303

I hope you can view it. Otherwise, I've taken two screenshots:



That shows that the cauldron will apparently not be moved back to the centre of the infield, that's the location for the big stage instead. You can recognise the cauldron still burning at the left side inside the stadium, in that gate where it burned during the past two weeks.

In the left of the cauldron close-up, you can also still see the stadium's roof.

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The parade and the rest of the ceremony have a soundtrack of British hits from the past five decades, recorded by David Arnold and the London Symphony Orchestra, interspersed with live appearances.

Featured pop acts will include Adele, the Beatles, Pet Shop Boys, One Direction, Liam Gallagher, David Bowie, Brian May, Elton John, Queen, the Rolling Stones, and the Clash. Some artists will perform cover versions of pop classics, such as John Lennon’s Imagine – with Ed Sheeran singing a duet of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here with a member of the original band. Others will sing their own songs.

So that is taken from the page Olympian2004 posted above.

Does that mean those of those artists/bands will perform?

Like David Bowie, Elton John, Rolling Stones would be massive. The Clash are all dead so I'm guessing that means all those artists will just have their tracks played during the parade.

And it mentions Kate Bush will sing - why does she make so few performances?

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It looks like they'll cover only parts of the field with that grey tarpaulin. The infield seems to stay green, that's the first time in a closing ceremony since Sydney 2000.

I don't think so. I just saw the infield on brazilian tv. It's covered with an stylized union flag (or something like that). The weather looks cloudy, maybe we'll have light rain during the ceremony.

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