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17th Mediterranean Games - Mersin 2013

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The complete cultural parts of the Opening Ceremony. Very Vancouver/Doha esque, in my opinion, but it's much better than Pescara's ceremony.

Sadly the games were kinda affected by the whole protests happening in Turkey. Many people had to be forcefully removed from their tents in Mersin and other cities in the opening day (with some having been arrested)


Btw, Tanger (Morocco) is currently bidding for the 2021 edition.

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Parade of Nations (They copied the petal thingie of London 2012 but with the amphoras replacing the petals :lol: how original *sarcasm*

No; they've had the water-amphora ritual in at least the last TWO Med Games before Mersin. I know they did that in Pescara in 2009; and possibly at least in Almeira 2005. So, London copied the idea 2x...from the Med Games as well as from the booklet of Atopia.

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^^ I was talking about the parade of nations with the girl holding the anphora alongside the placard girl/flagbearer. It reminded me of London 2012, but the anphora person wasn't there at Almeria and Pescara parades.

And I already know about the Water Ceremony, the ritual began since the first edition of the games, I believe (or was it in Barcelona when a certain francoist guy who later became president of the IOC was the boss of the organizing comittee). Just that this time they seemed to be lazy to make an actual relay of the amphoras (They did one in 1991 and a short one in 2009. Not sure about Almeria and Tunis)

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IOC President Rogge: “The World’s Eye is on Mersin”


in the middle of the photo: Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan

and the 3rd person in row on his right-side IOC president Rogge

As the XVIIth Mediterranean Games which started on 18 June 2013 with a record number of participants continues at full speed, the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Jacques Rogge who came to Mersin for the Games stated that the organization started with a spectacular opening ceremony and added "Good work is being conducted here. The world’s eye is on Mersin."

The Mediterranean Games that started with one of the best opening ceremonies is being followed by thousands of sports fans and gaining credit from many people especially the sports managers and athletes visiting the city. Thousands of spectators watching the games from the tribunes both in the 11 new venues built for the games and the 43 venues that have been adapted believe that Mersin will be hosting numerous sports events in the future.
"Seeing the Tribunes Full Made Us Happy"
IOC president Rogge, while praising Mersin, said one of the major signs of the Olympic spirit coming to life in Mersin is the large number of spectators watching the competitions.
Rogge emphasizing the importance of having the tribunes full during both the opening ceremony and the competitions said "Thanks to the XVIIth Mediterranean Games I’ve got the chance to learn how close Mersin is with sport. I hope the glory of the opening ceremony will continue during the competitions and Mersin will complete the Games by hosting a magnificent closing ceremony on 30 June 2013."
Emphasising that the venues that were built in 18 months were a great achievement, the IOC President Jacques Rogge added that the people who have participated in the preparation process of the games worked with great devotion and achieved a Turkish miracle in Mersin.
The Effect of Mersin on 2020

The IOC president Rogge also evaluated the candidateship process of Istanbul for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games which will be determined in September stated "I believe the XVIIth Mediterranean Games will affect Istanbul’s candidateship. Successfully completed games will have a positive effect on the candidateship. That’s why the whole world is watching Mersin now."

source: http://mersin2013.gov.tr/detay/7958/IOC-Baskani-Rogge-Dunyanin-Gozu-Mersin-de-

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