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11th EYOF Trabzon 2011 - European Youth Olympic Festival

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11th EYOF Trabzon 2011

European Youth Olympic Festival - The European Summer YOG - First olympic flame ever in Turkey

23 July 2011 - 30 July 2011


LINK OFFICIAL WEBSITE ==> http://www.trabzon2011.org

note: every day I will try to post something interesting about the 11th Eyof ..



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VISIT EYOF 2011 IN 360° VIEW ==>> http://www.trabzon2011.org/sanaltur/

In the right upper corner you will have an english flag and the sport-categories with their respectively venues.

The removable roof of the swimming complex is awesome.

A totally new gymnastics building has been built too .. also new tennis courts ..

So 2 days to go .. last but not least the olympic village has been opened officially today.


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... I wonder why the nations enter according their names in english ...

I read somewhere on a Turkish Website that that is an aggreement with the EOC, European Olympic Committees Association.

Meanwhile Norway comes in. In the last two days the Trabzon Organizing Committee delivered their condolences the the Norwegian delegation.

Condolence visit to Norwegian Team:


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The intro was about the children of sea .. now the sun rises up and the dynamism of the sea begins ..

We have to be aware of the fact that Trabzon is at the Black Sea coast (organised in 2007 the 1rst blacksea games)

The sea has a very unique and permanent impact on the culture and the people. That's also why the mascot is the HAMSI

a little friendly fish (sardine) .. The folklore is harmonised with the black-sea-bag-pipe that you hear at the bacground.

Trabzon's natural surroundings are like a mixure of European Alps and the Scottish Highlands.

I will try to do my best to follow and translate as much as possible .. stay tuned .. ;)

Hmm interesting .. the jumping acrobates are coming from Frankfurt says the commentator .. :)

And after the jumping we have the KOLBASTI .. played in the region only by the youth ..

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