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Psychic Cow is NZ's 'Paul'

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Forget Paul the Octopus - this year's WC prodigy is set to be Richie the psychic cow:

Richie McCow, the psychic calf, to follow Paul the Octopus and predict Rugby World Cup


Rugby fans are hoping a newborn calf called Richie McCow will follow in the tentacles of Paul the Octopus during this year's Rugby World Cup.

The calf, named after Richie McCaw, captain of the All Blacks, is an all black calf with a silver streak on his forehead, resembling the national team's uniform, according to the New Zealand Herald newspaper.

Like Paul the Octopus, Richie McCow will be presented with two containers of food prior to the team's matches, one with the New Zealand flag on it and one representing the opposition, and invited to make his pick.

But the stakes for Richie McCow are high, with his owner, Northland farmer Kyle Underwood, telling the Herald the slaughterhouse beckons should he pick the national team to lose.

Paul the Octopus shot to global stardom in the 2010 football world cup, when he accurately predicted the outcome of Germany's campaign and the final between Spain and The Netherlands. But his death at the end of 2010 has left a gap in the psychic animal market that others have tried to fill with little success.

Rugby is New Zealand's national sport, but despite being consistently the top-ranked team in the world the country has failed to win the world cup since the inaugural four-yearly tournament in 1987, with each loss causing national grief.

The Telegraph

One thing though - has he actually predicted anything yet? Or is it just wishful thinking with his "silver fern"?

Hope the all-black calf doesn't, ahem, choke on his alfafa!

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