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FIFA 2026 World Cup Competition!

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The 2026 FIFA World Cup competition is on!

The candidature process will end on a date to be determined.

All files MUST include:

-Country name



-Cities/Venues (a map is preferred, but you don't need to provide one)

-Brief summary on why your bid should progress

-Any information you feel needs to be included (as long as it is related to the bid)

Your city/venue plan MUST include 75% of existing venues as of 2018. This includes currently-planned venues, but you only need to mark them as existing.

Bids from Qatar, Russia, Brazil, South Africa or Germany WILL NOT be accepted. Also, submissions for any of the most recent bidding nations MUST differ from their legitimate bids.

Applicant files MUST be posted on the forums only.

The second leg will be a 10-page brochure you can complete any way you like. It's kind of like a "sales brochure" rather than a bid book. A shortlist (if needed) will be determined via the Applicant Report.

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The mascot comp I just see as a quick and easy filler. I'd just imagine it will end up in a couple of polls to see which graphic appeals most. I don't think it should be too distractive, but I'd have no problems postponing it if anybody thought it clashed with another comp. Pup's Oly bid comp seems to be the one hanging in the air at the moment - how many full submissions has it had?

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Does this mean we have three comps going on at once? This is not sustainable IMO. I am more than happy to vote though, but it may be difficult to follow each comp closely...

Soaring i love your new signature

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