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Madrid 2020

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in 2012,london already attract 4.5 million visitors to the UK plus million more in the coming years, leading to £2bn in extra spending and 60,000 additional jobs.the impact not only can bee seen in games time but more to long time effect.

This argument is often made, but there is little evidence to corroborate it.

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Madrid 2020 presented yesterday the first bid ambassadors. They're 20 young Spanish athletes that have already been successful in their sports and are expected to be among the world's best during the 2020 Olympics. It's the first step of a project called "20/20 Unidos por un sueño" ("20/20 United for a dream") dedicated to sport and the youth.


These 20 young athletes are:

· Néstor Abad (artistic gymnastics)

· Sete Benavides (canoeing)

· Queralt Casas (basketball)

· Daniel Caverzaschi (wheelchair tennis)

· Carlota Ciganda (golf)

· Álex Dujshebaev (handball)

· Irene García (wrestling)

· Sarai Gascón (Paralympic swimming)

· Natalia Golding (equestrian)

· Víctor Gutiérrez (water polo)

· Luis Hernáiz (football)

· Mario Mola (triathlon)

· Araceli Navarro (fencing)

· Roc Oliva (hockey)

· Ana Peleteiro (athletics, triple jump)

· Sara Rodríguez (judo)

· Dídac Salas (athletics, pole vault)

· Irene Salgado (shooting)

· Julia Takacs (athletics, race walk)

· Albert Torres (track cycling)

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A dream is all it is going to be unless Blanco starts getting his act together.

Expecting the Olympics to help with youth unemployment or the economy shouldn't be part of the narrative.

Isn't it only relatively later in the cycle that the kind of service/hospitality jobs that young people often fill become available anyway?

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The Vice President and seven ministers signed guarantees Madrid 2020

The State agrees to invest 488.3 million euros in Olympic venues and infrastructure

Vice President Soraya Saenz de Santamaria and seven ministers of the Central Government, the Foreign Affairs, Finance, Interior, Public Works, Education, Employment and Industry-signed government guarantees for the Madrid 2020 Olympic bid: a total investment of 646 , $ 8 million, to change, to 488.3 million euros, which is equivalent to making the other two administrations, the city of Madrid and the Madrid Autonomous Community.

Guarantees are a written commitment that ensures that there will be an investment for facilities and infrastructure required. For those signed by the State Council of Ministers on Friday, commit to invest in building the Olympic Pavilion, the Getafe Rowing Canal and the Olympic Village in conditioning admeás of Racetrack.

In addition, the State will pay tambimén necessary infrastructure such as the new railway station Valdebebas-projected for the years 2015-2016 - the link to the M-40 with the Olympic Village and the Ring-for 2015-2017 - a new station Train on IFEMA-build between 2015 and 2017 - and the new railway station of Olympic Walk-scheduled for the years 2017 to 2019 -.

All these investments will not be made ​​in any case, until Madrid is chosen to host the 2020 Games, which is decided by the General Assembly of the International Olympic Committee September 7, 2013.

(google translate)


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Madrid laboratory suspended by WADA in a blow to city's Olympic bid

December 22 - The Madrid testing laboratory has been suspended from carrying out anti-doping analyses for three months by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and its head of quality control has resigned following a testing anomaly.

The timing of the decision is an embarrassment to Spanish officials as it comes only three weeks before organisers from Madrid 2020 are due to hand in the city's Candidature File to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for its bid for the Olympics and Paralympics.

In a statement, WADA commented: "Whenever a laboratory does not meet ISL (International Standard for Laboratories) requirements, WADA may suspend the accreditation.

"WADA will re-evaluate the status of the laboratory at the end of the suspension period."



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Madrid 2020: Spaniards field heavyweight team to deliver Olympic file

Madrid, January 3, 2013 - For several months now, a top-level team in Madrid has been working tirelessly to perfect the city’s pitch for the 2020 Olympic Games.

On January 7, a delegation will travel from Spain to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland to present the final bid document.

The city's case will be made by Alejandro Blanco, the president of both Madrid 2020 and the Spanish Olympic Committee, along with Mayor Ana Botella, the President of the Sports Council Miguel Cardenal and Lucia Figar, who is Councillor for Education, Sports and Youth with the Madrid Regional Government.

Also headed for Lausanne is Madrid 2020‘s chief executive Victor Sanchez and Olympic gold medal-winning sailor Theresa Zabell, who is CEO for International Relations.

More heavyweight backing for the presentation at Chateau de Vidy, the IOC base, will be provided by the three Spanish members of the IOC - Juan Antonio Samaranch, Marisol Casado and Jose Perurena.

Mr Blanco is quietly confident that the Spanish capital's bid will impress.

He says: “The delivery of the dossier is an extremely important step for us in the bid process, therefore a top-level delegation will travel to Lausanne. We have been working very hard to deliver an excellent project on January 7.”

The following day at a press conference in Madrid’s Cibeles Palace, Mr Blanco, joined by Mayor Botella, the Minister for Education, Culture and Sport, Jose Ignacio Wert and the President of the Spanish Paralympic Committee, Miguel Carballeda, will reveal the contents of the document.

“This event on January 8 kicks off our campaign on the international stage. The whole 2020 team will join forces in these next eight months for the sprint finish needed to reach our goal (at the IOC vote) on September 7 in Buenos Aires,” adds Mr Blanco.

For more information contact: Sandra Serrano

International Communications Department

Madrid 2020 Bid Committee

Phone: +34 91 1922020





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The main problem aside from economical issues, is that many other European cities will host the games before Madrid, Rome; Paris; Berlin, just to name a few. Madrid is very strong technically talking about, that's the strenght.

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I still wonder how they're going to get that many considering the number of seats they'll have to lose as a consequence of laying the track over much of the lower tier.

Also, unlike previous bids, this stadium offers no athletics legacy at all.

It's a definite backwards step I think as far as Madrid's chances are concerned.

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