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Rio Mascot Competition

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Well, it's been quite a fun few weeks here at GB - always good when the place is active around a decision time. I'm not sure what happening with Puppy's latest bid comp, but surely it wouldn't interfere and hopefully he wouldn't object if we ran a quick and easy logo mascot comp in the meantime.

If anyone's interested, it should be nice and simple. Just come up with a nice mascot or two (or a family) - animal, human, vegetable, mineral or whatever - to represent Rio and sell lots of plush toys and keepsakes for the Rio games. It'd be nice if it's original, but everyone here is a graphic artist, so if you are graphically challenged at least show a concept and maybe someone else can polish it.

Let's give it, say, two weeks. Just post your proposals here (or send them to me via PM if you ant to kep it secret vfor a while), and in a fortnight's time we'll all vote on it.

We could always postpone it or extend the time if Puppy doesn't want the bid comp to clash. We'll see what sort of interest we get.

And Baron - I'd LOVE to see Pereira the Piranha reappear!

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