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Congratulations from Canada

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And here's an F.A.Q. for the hockey fans wondering about South Korean hockey relating to the NHL:

South Korean hockey F.A.Q

Gangwon that article is a joke its not written seriously. If anything the Korean Men's team is a step below Italy (but with home ice anything is possible) and for the women's team I think they shouldn't be allowed to compete.

Anyways three things stuck me when I was looking at the bid book.

On the visual map there is a stadium right there, with an athletics track surely they can expand it to 45-50000 for the Olympic Games and host the Opening Ceremony there. I believe the ceremony is actually not being held in Pyeonchang anyways.

Secondly, the ice hockey venues are too small! For the most popular sport at the games they propose a 10,000 main arena! It needs to be at leasr 12,000-14,000 hope that changes.

Finally, the ceremonies budget is less then Vancouver's (its about 33 million Usa Dollars) but the handover budget is a lot at 3 million usa dollars!

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