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Annecy 2018 in Durban

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2002 Olympic Champion (Ice dancing) Gwendal Peizerat, Region Rhone-Alpes councillor, is also in Durban, supporting & promoting the Annecy 2018's bid !





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Sounds like a bit of frustration creeping in ....

"The Olympics is not a trophy for a company" claims Annecy 2018 bid leader

July 3 - Charles Beigbeder, the President of Annecy 2018, has hit out at its rivals to host the Winter Olympics and Paralympics amid reports that former chief executive Edgar Grospiron wanted the French city to withdraw its bid more than six months ago because he was so certain that it would be unsuccessful.

Beigbeder, a successful businessman appointed to head the bid in January following the resignation of former Olympic moguls champion Grospiron, has claimed that if Pyeongchang is successful then it will be down largely due to the backing of Olympic worldwide sponsor Samsung while Munich is motivated solely by taking the event back to Germany for the first time since 1936.

"We have a vision that serves the entire world, not one country and one continent," Beigbeder told French news agency AFP in an interview here today without mentioning Munich and Pyeongchang, which would have breached the IOC's strict ethics rules that all bid cities must adhere to.

"We are not here for France, we are here for Olympism.

"Of course there would be a legacy for France, but also there would be a world legacy.

"Our vision is in line with what the Olympic Movement would like to have now.

"We are here to put on an authentic Games.

"We are not there to get a trophy for a company or a country.

"We want to keep the Games at the top.

"Inspire the world."

Beigbeder's comments followed a report in today's edition of French newspaper Journal du Dimanche, which claimed that French President Nicolas Sarkozy was advised not to travel here by Jean-Claude Killy, a triple Olympic gold medallist and one of the most influential members of the IOC.

He, reportedly told Sarkozy, that the most votes Annecy could expect was 25, although a total of 15 was more likely and that they would be unable to compete with Munich and Pyeongchang.

Grospiron had reportedly recommended that Annecy withdraw before his resignation last December and was supported by Guy Drut, the 1976 Olympic 110 metres hurdles champion, France's other member of the IOC, but the idea was vetoed by Sports Minister Chantal Jouanno (pictured), who has insisted that, despite the overwhelming evidence, Annecy can still win.



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D-2, the Annecy 2018 team is ready !


Florence Masnada (Ski Olympic Medalist), Christian Persicot (Technical expert), Sandrine Bailly (Biathlon Olympic Medalist), Isabelle Severino (Gym European Champion), Martin Fourcade (Olympic Medalist) & Alain Calmat (Figure Skating Olympic Medalist)


Philippe Riboud (Fencing Olympic Champion), Jean-Christophe Rolland (Rowing Olympic Champion), Antoine Dénériaz (Ski Olympic Champion) & Pierre Durand (Equestrian Olympic Champion)


Michel Vion, President of the French Ski Federation (and Ski World Champion) & Antoine Dénériaz (Downhill Olympic Champion)




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The French Prime Minister, François Fillon, is in Durban !


Prime Minister Fillon, said: “I'm delighted to be here in Durban with the whole Annecy 2018 team. I am here to give Annecy the full support of our government and the French public who are passionate about Olympism and wish to host the Olympic family in the heart of the Alps for Games that would be spectacular and would warmly welcome people from around the world.”

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