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Pyeongchang ready for Durban countdown

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Pyeongchang ready for Durban countdown

Pyeongchang will learn the results of twelve years of preparation to host the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in two weeks time, during the 123rd International Olympic Committee (IOC) general assembly in Durban, South Africa. Pyeongchangs bid committee remains focused on presenting the many advantages the city has to offer, and will find out if theyve been successful when the votes are revealed on July 6.

Pyeongchang makes progress with lessons from previous bids

Grounded in the valuable lessons from in its last two attempts, Pyeongchangs candidacy is stronger than ever, with the city making good on its pledges to the International Olympic Committee to construct necessary infrastructure.

In the past, Pyeongchangs case rested on its design plans and project proposals. Following its loss to Sochi for the 2014 games, Pyeongchang went ahead with its plans and created Alpensia, a winter sports resort designed specifically for the Olympics that minimizes travel times between event venues. The most recent IOC evaluation report praised Pyeongchang for its compact venue plan and high levels of athlete input.

Construction of theAlpensia resort was completed in 2010. (Photos courtesy of Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Bid Committee)


Another strong point of Pyeongchangs candidacy is the widespread government, private and public support for the games: 87 percent of Koreans are in favor, according to an IOC-commissioned public opinion poll, and nearly half the funding is from private sources.

Most snow sport events are expected to take place in Pyeongchangs Alpensia resort cluster. The nearby historic city of Gangneung will host ice sports and also offer visitors a chance to enjoy both the natural and cultural beauty of Korea, such as Gyeongpo beach and the Joseon-era Ojukheon estate.

By September, the committee also expects a high-speed railway to connect the venues with the capital city of Seoul. Travel time between the Olympic Village and Seoul will be less than an hour, conveniently bringing the Games within easy reach of one of the worlds largest cities and offering visitors access to a variety of cultural and leisure activities.

Pyeongchang to propose New Horizons for the Winter Olympics


Since the beginning of the Winter Olympics in 1924, Japan is the only Asian nation to have hosted the games, despite the fact that Asia is home to more than half the worlds population. If Pyeongchang becomes the host for the 2018 games, it will be the first time the winter games will be played in Korea and only the third time the winter events have been held on the continent.

Korea takes fifth in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics medal with 14 medals. (Photos courtesy of Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Bid Committee)

Korean interest in winter sports has been growing steadily, with a ten percent jump in the number of skiers alone in the past few years, attributable in part to local enthusiasm for Pyeongchangs bid. Korean athletes have also found success in international competitions, winning the countrys first winter gold at the 1992 Albertville Olympics and taking fifth place in the medal count at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

In an interview with Korea.net on June 15, Cho Yang-ho (right), chairman of Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Bid Committee, was cautiously optimistic and said it is the host countrys passion and capacity that matters the most. He stressed the impact of Pyeongchangs role in winter sports growth in Asia and spreading the Olympic spirit among the next generation.

Dream Program to plant the seeds of hope

Pyeongchang aims not only to continue to increase the popularity of winter sports in Asia but also in tropical countries and developing nations. Initiated as part of the citys 2010 bid, the Dream Programs Winter Sports Academy (www.dreamprogram.co.kr) has brought underprivileged children to Pyeongchang to experience winter sports since 2004.

Nearly 1,000 children from 47 nations, including participants in a new program for the disabled, have benefited from the program. Several of these children have gone on to become professional athletes and participated in international competitions, including the Olympics.

Participants at the 2011 Dream Program (Photos from the official website)


Meanwhile, Pyeongchangs bid committee is set to present its portfolio to the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) during the general assembly on June 28 in Lomé, ahead of the IOC Assembly in Durban. Vancouver Winter Olympics figure skating gold medalist Kim Yu-na, who appealed to the audience during the technical briefing in Lausanne last month, will call again upon IOC members for their support.

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Oh..excited so am I!!

Good luck signs for beautiful resort of PyeongChang!! 2018 - year for Asia!!

1968 - Mexico City (Mexicans orig from Asia!!)

1988 - Seoul, Coree South

1998 - Nagano, Japan

2008 - Beijing!!

2018 - PyeongChang, So Korea...ASIA again!!

123rd Session of IOC -- "12" years of preparation for WOG; "3" -third time...lucky charm for Coree!!

$800 million for Alpensia - beautiful resort BEST THAT MONEY CAN BUY!! IOC LIke that!!

Let's all meet in PyeongChang in 7 years from now!! We get GB House in Alpensia!!

See you there, nUture and Tulsie!! We'll have a kimchi barbecue!!

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Support from Korea's university students and star sportspeople provide a boost for PyeongChang 2018


PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA, 22 June 2011: PyeongChang's bid for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games has received additional support from Korea's students and a group of national sporting heroes.

A Korean student volunteer group called Saeng-jon-gyeong-jaeng has been travelling around Asia since the beginning of 2011 to help promote PyeongChang's bid, collecting 2,018 messages of support in that time. The group is led by Professor Kyung-deok Seo of Sungshin Women's University, who accompanied the students on their travels.

The students collected these messages of support from members of the public when they visited cities including Nagano in Japan, Bangkok in Thailand and Guangzhou in China. They also received further messages of support from overseas tourists visiting Korea. By undertaking a tour of different Asian cities, the students helped to communicate PyeongChang's unique vision, 'New Horizons', and highlight to people how a Winter Games in PyeongChang will help spread winter sports to new parts of the world including Asia.

The students have now received the backing of a group of Korean sports stars, who have been very impressed by the young people's efforts to help PyeongChang's bid. Byung-Ji Kim (Football), Dong-Gook Lee (Football), Sung-Min Moon (Volleyball), and Seung-Gyun Choo (Basketball) have announced their backing for the bid and have decided to donate funds to the student group to support them as they continue to promote PyeongChang 2018.

Byung-Ji Kim, a member of South Korea's national team squad for the 1998 and 2002 FIFA World Cup, said: "It's incredibly inspiring to see these young students work tirelessly to support PyeongChang's bid. As a professional sportsperson I know that the country is passionate about Winter Sports, and it would be a great honour for us to host the Winter Games and welcome athletes from around the world to Korea in 2018."

Yang Ho Cho, PyeongChang 2018 Chairman and CEO, said: "The hard work and energy shown by this group of students has once again highlighted that the people of Korea are wonderfully supportive of our bid, and it would mean so much to them to see the 2018 Winter Games come to PyeongChang. We are also delighted to see that our core message of 'New Horizons' is resonating around Asia and we very thankful for all the messages of support we have received from people in so many different international cities."


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