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2011 Women's World Cup

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first result in Group B:

Japan vs. New Zealand 2:1

in 15 minutes the second match in Group B will start: Mexico vs. England

Japan has been impressive !

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Group D: today's results

Norway 1 – 0 Equatorial Guinea

Brazil 1-0 Australia

I was actually working from home today and caught the last 15 minutes of Norway/EG. I was pulling for the draw, but Norway scored around the 87 minute mark. Too bad, because I think that was EG's only chance for a point. I watched a little of the second game, but it was decidedly dull.

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That would make the case for expanding the field to 24 in Canada in four years' time even more. The gap between the elite and traditional powerhouse teams and the weaker ones is indeed shrinking. Now, even Germany in Europe would have to contend with not just France, Sweden, England, and Norway but even non-qualifiers like Italy, Finland, Russia, The Netherlands, Ukraine, and Denmark.

The FIFA Women's World Cup may not quite have the prestige like the men, but interest is growing rapidly worldwide every four years and getting the same treatment.

I won't conduct a separate media update post for the FIFA 2011 Women's World Cup for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, I will discuss them, which, like the talent level of play here, has gotten better, now with HD cameras, goal cams, and two steadicams for all matches. For selected matches like the final and likely for the Germany-Canada match, broadcasters will employ helicopter and spider cams among the 18 additional cameras to be used. That's a positive thing to see! In the USA here, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3.com is airing all 32 games in the FIFA Women's World Cup live with ESPN3 and XBOX Live offering live online simulcasts. Those covering it include a mini 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup Team USA reunion featuring Brandi Chastain, Julie Foudy, Kate Markgraff (nee Sobrero), Briana Scurry, and ex-coach Tom DiCicco. Also participating are studio hosts Bob Ley and ESPN UK's soccer presenter Rebecca Lowe, play-by-play announcers Adrian Healy, Beth Mowins, and the droll yet poetic Ian Darke. Others involved include former internationals Viola Odebrecht (Germany, gotta have the hosts involved somewhere and will provide insights on the UEFA teams in it, not just the hosts as a 2003 winner), Alicia Ferguson (Australia, will offer insights on the AFC teams), Cat Whitehall (USA), and Monica Gonzalez (Mexico, insights on the Mexican team) as insiders. Chastain, Scurry, and DiCicco act as head studio analysts. The game broadcast teamups go like this:

Ian Darke-Julie Foudy

Beth Mowins-Cat Whitehill

Adrian Healey-Kate Markgraf

Healey-Tom DiCicco (on select matches)

North of the border in Canada, the coverage is shared by the CBC and Rogers Sportsnet. Breakup between the two entities go like this: 13 games (including all of the Canada games and knockout stage games and the Final) are on the CBC, 16 go toward Sportsnet, with the remaining three at Sportsnet ONE. CBC and Sportsnet are pooling their resources together for the coverage and utilizing one set of graphics. Scott Russell is the studio host for all of the games for both networks coming from the CBC's Toronto studios with analysts Clare Rustad and Jason de Vos. Rogers Sportsnet coverage comes from Gerry Dobson, Craig Forest, and the recently-retired Kara Lang and host the FIFA Women's World Cup Today airing nightly at 10pm CT (11pm ET) on Rogers Sportsnet Ontario/East, 11pm MT on Sportsnet West, 11pm PT on Sportsnet Pacific with rebroadcasting the throughout following morning. Brenda Irving, Stephen Brunt, and Louis Jean provide live on-site reports straight from Germany with CBC and Rogers getting FIFA-provided commentaries and feeds for all games in Canada. Commentary comes from John Helm, Gary Bloom, Steve Banyard, and John Roder. What, Nigel Reed wasn't available? Lang and/or Rustad could act as an analyst for the Canada games at least. Maybe for London 2012.

For the hosts and back-to-back champs, Germany, they're putting out all the stops in this one! Like with the Olympics, ARD and ZDF are sharing and alternating the coverage of the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup. Everything live--all games! Right now, ARD enjoyed the first day with ZDF working on the next two. For the next round of group games, ARD and ZDF alternate on the days. At the final round of group play, ZDF gets the first six games to July 5. Das Erste has the final four group games from both Group C and D. Both channels are splitting the quarterfinals. ZDF ends their portion with both semifinals as ARD concludes it with the third place game and the Final. ARD/ZDF 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup TV schedule here. ZDF's experts are former national stars Silke Rottenberg, Renate Lingor, and Frauen-Bundesliga ref Reim Hussein. The likes of Michael Antwerps, Nia Kunzer, Tom Bartels, Valeska Homberg, and Bernd Schmelzer feature ARD's 2011 WM-Frauen team.

In Norway, all the games are live on NRK.no's website, some matches have English-language commentary that is apparently from FIFA's stable like for Canada. Domestic commentary is from Olav Traaen, Marit Fiane Christensen, Hallvar Thoresen, and Andreas Toft.

SBS' Women's World Cup TV schedule has only the Matildas and the Germany-Canada match for group games on SBS One and SBS Two with all the rest, after splitting the quarterfinals between the two channels, semis and finals on SBS ONE. But the third place game is oddly omitted. Daily highlights are on matchdays on SBS TWO. For group games, the match against Equatorial Guinea for Australia, is the only one on SBS TWO.

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My much belated predictions:


1. Germany

2. Canada

3. France

4. Nigeria


1. Japan

2. England

3. New Zealand

4. Mexico


1. United States

2. Sweden

3. Colombia

4. North Korea


1. Brazil

2. Australia

3. Norway

4. Equatorial Guinea


USA vs. Australia

Germany vs. England

Brazil vs. Sweden

Canada vs. Japan


USA vs. Germany

Brazil vs. Canada

Third Place

USA vs. Canada (USA wins)


Germany vs. Brazil

Champions: GERMANY (the threepeat)

Too bad we didn't get the opening ceremony on ESPN but that's OK. Will get to see it online later.

With Frankfurt being the big hub for German women's soccer, it had its own opening ceremony of its own too on the night before the opening day of the FIFA Women's World Cup in Sinsheim and Berlin. The focus was on the giant globe or soccer ball at the center of the river with the nice Frankfurt skyline. More than 100,000 people watched. Brief video shots of 2011 World Cup organizer Steffi Jones and members of the 2011 German Frauen-Nationalmannschaft, music performances, and water skiing (how rare in things like this) are featured. This is in two parts. What do you guys think out there?

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I am Canadian so this might be biased, but it isn't in my opinion.

Expect to see Germany, USA, Canada and Sweden/Brazil in semis.

Canada will play Sweden or Brazil teams Canada has not lost to the last time they have played so Canada has a good chance of making the finals.

BTW, GEQ deserved to win today they had so many good chances.

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yeah - France just scored

Come On, Canada!!!! I want to see an exciting match!

France i splaying very well - that will become very hard for Canada

This is existing... France is halfway qualified in quarters !

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I didn't saw the second goal for France - I went outside the room, when Canada missed that chance...

I feel pitty for the Canadians - it seems that the players forgot all their football skills...

Furthermore I wonder how much influence has the injury of Sinclair on the Canadian match...


Canada vs. France


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Canadian girls are actually playing at 10, missing because of injury of one their player after 3 substitutions :angry:

And goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllll

Canada 0 - France 4

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