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New Wembley Stadium


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So was Wembley the site of the 1948 Games?  I mean there are so many planned stadia and name changes that I can't keep up.  So it's being updated - upgraded?  I thought it had the arches?  Where are they now?   :rolleyes:

Old Wembley with twin towers (hosted in 1948)


has been knocked down completely and replaced by...

New Wembley with arch (coming along nicely, will host football in 2012)



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Saturday May 13th. What a day that will be.

I, for one, can't wait!!!  Should be fab, with all the coverage on TV and in the papers.  I'm sure they will mention the Oympics in 2012 as well, which will be great as they keep it in the public's mind then!  The more we keep mentioning the Olympics, the more we get more TV programmes and whatnot pushing ,not just sport that is already popular, but less popular ones as well.  It all goes towards getting young people interested in sport and future gold medal winners and that all elusive 4th sport and higher!!!!   :laughlong:

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