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OK, double logo contest!

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First step... Reno and Tahoe Winter Coalition


Hey, Demetrius...that was actually one of my early concepts, too...a water reflection!! You stole it!!

However, nice!! OK, for RENO, we can do RENO only (the way the IOC would do it) or a Reno-Tahoe as a backup. Might produce really interesting entries!!

I'll create a separate thread to officially open the contest. Since puppy has the 2024 SOG starting on June 12; let's give that one ten (10) days. So I'll start the 2020-2022 logos, 1st phase - June 25 - June 28; then over the next few days.!! And TWO categories: Rome 2020 and Reno-Tahoe (or just plain Reno) 2022.

I wish Paul and the others would check in so they can enter too.

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