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Y PC ought to win!

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Just realized that with the recent farce of FIFA in Zurich, if Munich wins, it will look pretty bad on the whole Olympic AND FIFA tally sheets... :(

2006 WOG - Torino (ex-Fascist country)

2008 SOG - Beijing (still the #1 Commie country)

WC 2010 - RSA - quite a Nazi sympathetic regime

2010 & 2012 - Vancouver & London (a break from the commie streak)

2011 - Zurich - one-candidate, dictatorial vote of FIFA :(

2013 - IOC meet in Buenos Aires (ex-haven of ex-Nazis)

2014 - Russia (still a commie country at heart)

WC 2014- neighbor to Argentina & also harbored some ex-Nazis

So, looking forward, if Munich & Rome or Tokyo were to win 2018 & 2020, then

2018 - Munich & Garmisch? - ex-watering holes of the original Nazis

2020 - Rome or Tokyo (as I already noted before) - ex-capitals of two Axis powers...

So, the IOC has to break the trend of all these ex-Nazi/Fascist/Commie capitals playing as big-time hosts by going with PyongChang 2018!! :angry:

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