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Among them: Rio's Olympic Swimming Center Rio's Olympic Velodrome Rio's Olympic Tennis Arena Better picture of Rio's Velodrome, in the shape of a cyclist helmut

Renders of Olympic and Paralympic Village unveiled. All condos will be sold after the games Details of the bathrooms Private Beach in Praia da Reserva, near Olympic Village

More at night WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before questions, there is nobody seated in the left side, that's why both LCD big screens are turned off to save energy - ecofriendly stuff... AND THIS

State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, buys 60 trains from two Chinese companies

October 26th, 2012

The Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, agreed Wednesday to buy 60 urban trains from Chinese companies Changchun Railway Vehicles Corp and China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation, the state government said.

The 60 trains will be part of the metropolitan railway system operated by Supervia. The government is currently focusing on improving transportation ahead of the soccer World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.

The contract also includes refurbishment of 73 Supervia trains by the Chinese companies to modernise them and add air conditioning.


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So, more 60 trains...

Rio state govt. already bought a lot of Chinese trains for Supervia and they are already in operation.

Also, subway of Rio is receiveing the new wagons made in China, 3 new trains are already running in subway system

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Amazing video showing how big is Maracana and also how beautiful is the glass studio for early morning news in Rio


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New Chinese trains for Suburban network of Rio



Trains have been replaced since 2010 and this will take years to be completed, but the goal is to have all major lines (and all the Olympic relative ones) with new trains by 2014.

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Refurbshment of Rio de Janeiro Port Area

The Elevated Port Avenue will be demolished and replaced by underground avenue made by tunnels

Works in October 2012


The old elevated avenue to be demolished in mid-2013


New Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro


New Port Area sidewalks


New Avenue around Cidade do Samba (where Samba Shcools industrial place are located) - Port Area of Rio


New trashcans with underground basket - Port Area


Old Slaves Square (Valongo) after the works


The ruins of old Slaves Port (Valongo) are now preserved and with a nice spot for visitation


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Works in the area around Rio de Janeiro inter-city Bus Terminal

(This is huge for Rio, the area around the Bus Terminal was abandoned for long and it's getting really nice)

First scene Urban City Bus terminal

Second scene Inter-City Bus terminal

Both are located really near and the area got really better!

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North Zone of Rio (the poorest one)

New Madureira Park, the second biggest green area in the already greener Rio de Janeiro city

Opened during Rio+20 Environmental Summit WITHOUT ANY DELAYS.





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BRT Transcarioca (Linking Barra, Olympic Village, Olympic Park and International Airport)

Already under works, phase 1 to be opened in May 2013




BRT Transcarioca new bridge over Fundão Channel in Guanabara Bay, almost reaching the International Airport


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Galeão-Tom Jobim International Airport

Refurbshment of old Terminal 1


New area of Terminal 2 to be opened mid-2013




Expansion of taxiways and runways to receive A380 aircraft


New ILS 4 Upgrade for runways


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Now that is a huge and pretty lightweight-looking roof at Maracana. I now definitely see no chance for a cauldron sitting on that roof. And even a cauldron tower outside the stadium wouldn't make sense because its flame could probably not be seen by all or almost all spectators in the stadium. So I'm absolutely convinced now that it will be another "internal" cauldron at the edge of the infield.

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