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Project: Porto Maravilha (Port revitalization)

Category: Revitalization, Transport, urbanization, tourism

Status: Already begun

US$: 4 billions dollars

Project: Museu do Amanhã (Port revitalization)

Category: Revitalization, Tourism

Status: set to end in 2012 for Rio+20

Area: Port Area

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Project: COPES (Centro de Operações Policiais Especiais) (Special Police Operations Center)

Category: Security

Area: Airport Area

Status: Unknown

Project: PAC Complexo do Alemão

Category: Security, Transport, Revitalization, Urbanization, Social programms

Area: Complexo do Alemão

US$: 350 millions dollars

Status: In progress

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Project: Metrô Linha 4 - Line 4 Subway

Category: Transport (Subway)

Area: South Zone - West Zone

Status: In progress (set to end for 2014)

Project: Museu de Arte do Rio de Janeiro - Rio Art Museum

Category: Tourism

Area: Port Area

Status: In progress

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I don't know exactly what, but they demolished a building in the port area today.

If im not mistaken the building was the Moinho Marilu, that is gonna be replaced for a modern building, part of the Port revitalization. Actually tomorrow is a very important day for the Olympic Port Project, about 80 projects are gonna be revealed. Some related to the olympics.

- Vila da Mídia e Vila de Árbitros

- Centro de Mídia não credenciada

- Centro de Monitoramento e Operações (MOC)

- Centro Operacional de Tecnologia (TOC)

- Centros de distribuição de uniformes (UAC)

- Centro principal de distribuição (MDC)

- Centro Principal de Credenciamento (MAC)

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O Globo newspapaer has announced that the detonations for the construction of the Line 4 (actually an extension of Line 1) of the subaway from Ipanema to Gávea will start today.

Here is a link to the article in Portuguese: http://oglobo.globo.com/rio/mat/2011/07/19/explosoes-para-ampliacao-do-metro-comecam-na-quinta-feira-em-ipanema-para-ligar-linha-1-ate-4-924943374.asp

There is a video and a chart with more info on the article.

It is not yet confirmed, but apparently the works of line 4 will be conducted in several parallel fronts:

- 1 for each of the 6 new stations (Jardim Oceânico (In Progress), São Conrado(In progress), Gávea, Antero de Quental, Jardim de Alá and Nossa Senhora da Paz).

- 1 for a new platform in General Osório station (In Progress).

- Excavation from Barra to São Conrado (In progress)

- Excavation from São Conrado to Gávea.

- Excavation from Ipanema to Gávea (last front to start due to the need of ordering a TBM).

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In Skyscrapercity forums, people are posting pics and info about the building of the BRTs systems. Rio is really advanced on it, specially for Transoeste BRT, the one that will link Subway Line 4 to Transolympic BRT and Farest districts of West zone.

I'm really hopefull about these systems :) :) :)

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