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What shall FIFA do now?


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  1. 1. Should Blatter resign?

    • No
    • Yes
  2. 2. Should the elections for 2018 and 2022 be repeated?

    • No
    • Yes (both)
    • Yes (only 2018)
    • Yes (only 2022)
    • No, but the country, which bidded but lost, should host the next ones
  3. 3. Should the bribery scandal be investigated by public authorities?

    • No - the FIFA ethic council will handle that perfectly
    • Yes - the FIFA isn't able to handle it "in the family"

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Awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosting rights: FIFA lodges criminal complaint

Following the statement issued by the chairman of the adjudicatory chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee, Hans-Joachim Eckert, on the report by the chairman and deputy chairman of the investigatory chamber, Judge Eckert has recommended to the FIFA President – in line with the FIFA Code of Ethics – that a criminal complaint be lodged with the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland in Berne. This criminal complaint has been lodged today. The subject of the criminal complaint is the possible misconduct of individual persons in connection with the awarding of the hosting rights of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups investigated by Michael Garcia, chairman of the investigatory chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee. In particular there seem to be grounds for suspicion that, in isolated cases, international transfers of assets with connections to Switzerland took place, which merit examination by the criminal prosecution authorities. The reports compiled by Michael Garcia and Cornel Borbély will be made available to the Office of the Attorney General via Hans-Joachim Eckert.

Unlike FIFA’s bodies, the Swiss criminal prosecution authorities have the ability to conduct investigations under application of criminal procedural coercive measures.


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No, I think they are going to try and smear the English and Australian bid leaders.

But so what? Those folks operate and live in DIFFERENT sovereign states. What sort of legal action can they bring against them in Switzerland? They are absolute NUTS. People should just leave FIFA or fight them tooth and nail!!

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No, I think they are going to try and smear the English and Australian bid leaders.

I think it's more likely it'll be about MBH, Warner etc. Things we all know about already.

And the Swiss will look into it, and nothing will happen because those people are out of their juristiction, but FIFA will spin it that they've done all they can and Blatter will still end up on top.

Remember the Swiss authorities have the ISL report, and nothing came out of that in terms of prosecutions. Using Swiss law like this to bury problems is a known FIFA tactic. It also gives them a ready-made excuse for not publishing Garcia's report i.e. it's evidence in a criminal investigation.

Nothing will change till Blatter's gone....

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Fixed your post

If Blatter leaves Fifa, then Fifa can fix itself. It will take a lot of Work to fix Fifa and for the Football World to trust Fifa again. Fifa needs new Members. Fifa needs a fairer Bidding process.

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Samsung won't be too generous, they aren't doing that well

Plus, Samsung has its IOC commitments, including 1/3rd of the Torch Relay costs unless Samsung, Coke, the IOC and whatever local partner tell the ROJOC (is that the acronym?) that there's a limit to the budget. I'm sure they're not going to run the Torch in the rain forest. Or will they??

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I love how so naive some are here, believing that everything will be magically solved if Blatter leaves. Is as stupid as when we thought everything would be better when Chavez kicked the bucket. Big surprise, it didn't. The whole FIFA is corruped to the core. The whole organization needs to be rebooted and investigated.

Even if they replace Blatter i bet my ass they will put someone as corrupt or worse than him.

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