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I'm already convinced. Flights: booked Accomodation: booked Tickets: booked

Thanks Cauê for making us (me at least) discover the architecture of your city. Rio is a wonder, no doubt Rio Olympics & Paralympics will be fantastic.

Biblioteca Nacional (Brazilian National Library) This is the most important Brazilian library. uploading pictures upload image online host image online

For those in the city and abroad watching it in TV, Rio games will be spectacular... After London and Beijing it's nice to have a coastal city again.

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Love that skylight! I'm guessing it would originally have had a travelling gantry for cleaning and maintenance.


The Brazilian National Library is impressive. But it is not the prettiest in the city (inside). This is the 'Real Gabinete Português de Leitura'.

Real Gabinete Português de Leitura



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Well, this is the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (or 'FIOCRUZ'), the most important center of biomedical research in Brazil (with the Butantan Institute, in Sao Paulo) .

This place is an unusual area of ​​the city of Rio (for tourists), but , for me, is the most exotic place in Rio (for its architecture) .

There is a beautiful park with museum, library (very beautiful) and the central castle.


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Rio is an impossibly beautiful city. I think the Olympics will have a tremendous "Barcelona effect" on this city. It will emerge -post Olympics - as a global epicentre of tourism.

It already has been one for decades, and on a global scale too.

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