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2018 Olympic Winter Games bid Facebook poll

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It's true, people see what they want to see. :rolleyes: These polls are always a bit of fun, nothing more. I remember one which ran a few years ago here which showed 95% of people voting for, I think, Tokyo for 2016.

There's no statistical relevence here since we don't know who's voting, from which countries, whether people are voting more than once, whether some people are sending it on to their friends and others aren't. We also need a breakdown of the number of people who would have seen the poll from each country and further, the number of people with access to Facebook who saw it.... etc. etc. etc. The margins of error we're talking about here are huge.

To claim based on this poll interests are decreasing in Munich when we have no idea where the voters come from, nor how well Munich would have done a year ago in a similar poll, is cute.

For all we know, Munich residents might make up the majority of Munich's votes with the majority of Annecy's coming from Tokyo 2020 supporters and the majority of PyeonChang's from Rome 2020 supporters. And for all we know, Munich may have polled half this figure a year ago. In that case, this poll shows very clearly interests are incresing in Munich. :P

I hope you get my point. You can't read anything into such a small poll when we don't know who's voting.

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Thanks NOlympia that you are showing that in our democracy the vast majority supports Munich's bid with more than 50% - you will see that the number will rise again, if the IOC awards the honour to host the Winter Olympics 2018 to Munich.

Furthermore it is interesting that these numbers show that sport doesn't run for itself - it requires support - when you take the UK as example you can be sure that London 2012 supported sports a lot in the British nation - yeah, Germany is a Winter Sport Nation, but when you want a powerful Winter Sport, you have to support it with international sport events in the countries, which are linked to a powerful Winter Sport Industry too.

Therewith Munich 2018 would be fantastic for Winter Sport in general and for the Winter Sport Industry

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@Torch Bearer 10000 Club

Before you post something like "were you got 91% from is anyone's guess", please inform yourself first!


"91% of Canadians stating an opinion support participation in hosting Olympic Games in 2010"

Compared to Canada with 91% the german support (56% IOC Poll) is less, believe me! People in Germany aren't as much interested in Olympic games as they are in

Canada (91%) or South-Korea (87%) or France (62%).

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