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Icons of England


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Skyscrapers, busses, bacon, eggs, and aged celebrites?  What do any of these have to do with the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony?  It is a performance, not a slide show of all things UK.  They usually create new things and re-interpret old things in a modern way, not recycle and regurgitate.  And the UK has a lot of culture and creative talent behind it.  I'm not worried one bit about what London 2012 will present at their ceremonies.
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Speaking of the opening ceremony for London 2012, it will be hard for LOCOG to choose who will do the singing and songs that will come with the Games in general to me. Great Britain has such an array of internationally well-known singers and composers.

The Opening Ceremony tends to be of a more "classical" theme than the Closing Ceremony.  So perhaps Elgar and some of Handel's English compositions by the London Philharmonic followed by an Andrew Lloyd-Webber something.

Then the Closing Ceremony could have The Rolling Stones (if they're still with us), Elton John (obviously - he's always involved in these things), Robbie Williams and other British performers like Kylie and Madonna.  I think that the final song of the ceremony should be Paul McCartney singing "Hey Jude" - nothing seems to stir an audience as much in this country.

Even though she is Irish and her country is no longer part of Great Britain, I get the feeling that Enya may get another chance in some way to perform in London 2012.

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Erm...... Bacon, sausage, fried egg, fried tomato, fried mushrooms, fried bread, baked beans and black pudding (a traditional English sausage made from fat and blood!).

I can't stand Full English Breakfasts. I don't eat pork, so that's bacon, black pudding and sausage out. Eggs and Tomatos don't taste nice, so they've gone too. Fried bread is just plain wrong, and to top it all mushrooms are the most discusting things ever. The smell, taste, colour, shape, and the fact that it only takes a tiny amount of time for them to grow all just make me want to spew.


Baked Beans are nice though.

You are seriously missing out.

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What!!  Madonna's not British?  But I've always found her pseudo-British twang extremely convincing!   :;):

Also, can we stop talking about Boy George's "opening" please - this is a family website!  :(

Stu, there, Gamesbids' moral guardian of taste and decency.

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:oops: I remember that!  World Student Games, Sheffield 1991 - she tripped carrying the torch flame and it actually went out, she stood staring at it not knowing what to do until she just went through the motions anyway - the flame ignited by itself. (I hope there is a longer rehearsal for the Olympics!!)
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Now that Peter Gabriel has done his bit for the Olympics by singing in the Torino 2006 opening ceremony, I can't see him doing it again for an Olympic Games. Well, maybe the closing ceremony.

As for the opening ceremony, with the musical talent Great Britain has, it will be interesting on whom LOCOG has in mind to do it.

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it could also be a young british athlee,you know a new talent that we will be discovered  in being 2008,like laure manaudou  for france

who did know her 2 year ago and know has she won a lot of title a swimming i m sure she would have been  considers to carry the olympic torch in case paris won

maybe it will be the same for uk,a young talent to celebrate the youth of the country  :;): to symbolize what represent the futur of the country and the olympic spirit  :cool:

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Speaking of Icons of England, this study is pretty timely:

LONDON, April 28, 2006 (AFP) - Pubs, Big Ben, cricket and mini-skirts were among 21 new ``Icons of England'' unveiled Friday as part of an online project to celebrate the country's cultural heritage. 
They were the second wave of treasures announced in the attempt to create a snap-shot of England's best-loved cultural landmarks. 
The Department of Culture, Media and Sport's project has attracted hundreds of thousands of votes and the new recruits join the 12 icons already inaugurated, which include a cup of tea and the Stonehenge monument. 
Among the new icons were the familiar stamp featuring Queen Elizabeth II and morris dancing, a traditional style of folk dancing by men with bells on their legs wielding handkerchiefs and sticks. 
The Palace of Westminster's clock tower is commonly known as Big Ben after the nickname of the giant bell inside that booms across London on the hour. 
Cricket enjoyed a renaissance in popularity last year when England won the Ashes series against fiercest rivals Australia for the first time since 1987. 
And England's pubs, to go smoke-free next year, were given a boost in November when the traditional 11:00 pm closing time was relaxed. 
Brick Lane, a long strip of Bangladeshi curry houses in down-at-heel east London, was among the newcomers, as was the HMS Victory, naval commander Admiral Horatio Nelson's flagship in the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar triumph over France and Spain. 
Hadrian's Wall, stretching from the east to west coast which once marked the northern frontier of the Roman Empire, was also named an icon along with the Saint George's flag, the red-on-white cross set to appear in England's pubs, windows and fly from cars during the football World Cup which kicks off on June 9. 
``We are delighted with the response from the public,'' said Jerry Doyle, the Icons managing director. 
``It has been overwhelming, with around a quarter of a million visits to the site, more than 5,000 suggested nominations and around 300,000 votes. 
``Nominations have ranged from popular national treasures like 'Wallace and Gromit' and 'Dr Who' to controversial suggestions like fox-hunting, where the debate rages on.'' 
Four waves will be announced during 2006 until the collection boasts 100. It is being assembled at the www.icons.org.uk website. 

The 21 new icons: 
-- St George's flag 
-- Hadrian's Wall 
-- Notting Hill Carnival, an annual Caribbean festival in west London 
-- Brick Lane 
-- the Lindisfarne Gospels, an illuminated Latin manuscript produced in the late seventh century or early eighth century 
-- ``The Origin of Species'' by Charles Darwin, published 1859 
-- Morris dancing 
-- the Domesday Book, the great survey of England completed in 1086 
-- HMS Victory 
-- Mini-skirts 
-- ``The Hay Wain'' painting by John Constable, 1921 
-- ``Pride And Prejudice'' novel by Jane Austen, published in 1813 
-- the Eden Project environmental complex 
-- the pub 
-- Blackpool Tower 
-- The Globe, replica of William Shakespeare's theatre in London 
-- Cricket 
-- the Sutton Hoo helmet from an early seventh century ship burial 
-- York Minster 
-- Big Ben 
-- the Machin (queen's head) stamp. 


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Icon's Of England

1. Double Decker Bus and the Tube

2. Football, Wembley, FA Cup, Old Trafford.

3. Anything on the Monopoly board (ie; Pall Mall, Piccadilly Circus)

4. Stone Henge

5. Cricket and Jerusalem Hyme ("Bring me my bow!")

6. Beatles

7. Buckingham Palace and its Gaurd

8. Red Telephone Booth and Black Taxi's

9. Tower Bridge and London Bridge (Basically the Thames)

10. Johhny Wilkinson (i hate him very very much) :D

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My only hope is that the organisers go for something that British people feel they should be represented by...not by what other nations perceive us to be about.

Exactly! So I think,off the top of mi head,my top 25 choices (in alphabetical order):

1. Ascot

2. Bacon and Eggs

3. Beatles (the Fab Four,that is)

4. Big Ben

5. Blackpool Tower

6. Coronation Street

7. Cotswolds

8. Cricket

9. Cup of Tea

10.Durham Cathedral


12.Fish and Chips


14.Hadrian's Wall

15.Lake District

16.Manchester United

17.Queen Elizabeth II





22.Wembley (if we haven't forgotten it by the time it's finished!)

23.Westminster Abbey


25.York Minister

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Another week another poll on British culture - this time the top ten most photogenic buildings in the UK.

1. The London Eye (completed 1999)


2. Big Ben (1858)


3. Bullring, Birmingham (2003)


4. Edinburgh Castle (1574)


5. 30, St Mary Axe (The Gherkin), London (2004)


6. Peterborough Cathedral (c.1118)


7. Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth (2005)


8. Tower Bridge, London (1893)


9. Royal Liver Building, Liverpool (1911)


10. York Minster (1408)


Full Story-


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Another week another poll on British culture - this time the top ten most photogenic buildings in the UK.

5. 30, St Mary Axe (The Gherkin), London (2004)

I thought its nickname is "The Dildo"...

:devil:  :;):  :cool:

More like a butt plug!!


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Another week another poll on British culture - this time the top ten most photogenic buildings in the UK.

5. 30, St Mary Axe (The Gherkin), London (2004)

I thought its nickname is "The Dildo"...

:devil:  :;):  :cool:

More like a butt plug!!


... yeah - a butt plug with special muster...

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