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Another Key Bid Member Quits

Sir Rols

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Come back when you bid with London

So pretentious, so ignorant.

Annecy has more potential for a winter games than Nice ever will.

All Nice was offering was Sochi but less compact and less convenient.

Annecy new plan is doable, reasonably compact (relying on a lot of existing venues often results on more spread out Games concept) and has a good potential. And above all, it definitely the most stunning environment (it doesn't get better than the combo Annecy Lake / Mont-Blanc)-such a rendering freak as yourself should be receptive to that

Now, don't get me wrong:

-Is the timing good? No

-Is the campaign well managed? No

-Is there an issue with popular support? Yes

-Does Annecy stand a chance for 2018? Next to none

But make no mistake: when time is right for the Winter Olympics to come back to France, Annecy is the London you are whining for!

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