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Durban "Look of the Bid" Comp

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Just to keep you posted so everyone knows the plan.

Now that the logo comp has ended earlier than I expected, I'm just going to take advantage of those extra days to (try) and focus on my day job. The "Look" comp will kick-off as I'd originally planned this weekend.

Anyone who submitted extra material - banners, renders, posters etc - during the initial logo comp is automatically included in the starting line up. I've already started gathering the various bits and pieces together so each member's submissions can be considered as a body of work. I've also received a few submissions via PM which I'll also include, but I won't unveil them until I release my evaluation on Saturday, so that there will be something new and fresh to show off then. If those members want to post their extra material here earlier, it's up to them. Similarly, I'll still accept more submissions up to NO LATER than 7am, Saturday April 9 Sydney time (which I think is about 10pm or 11pm Friday GMT). The evaluation report and first poll will start soon after (depending what domestic chores I have to take care of Saturday morning).

At the moment, I have submissions I will consider for the Look comp from 9 members. I WILL be doing a short list this time, of probably five and perhaps six entries. Mind you, this could change if I get more material from some members.

I'm looking forward to this one. Collating the various graphics submitted has just reinforced how much good material and hard work was put into it. My only regret is that only one member can win.

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But...but the Candidate Cities DON'T actually do a Look since they go to ANOTHER CITY in the battle for the finish..so how can this be?? :blink:

It's the Look of the Bids, not the Look of a Games. Basically all the extra graphics done beyond the core bid logos (though, of course, the logos feature in many of those graphics). All the things a bid will deck out their staff, booths, hotel lobbies, inspection sites, brochures, adverts, transport etc with during a bid phase. I'm hoping that more than look at the actual logos themselves, it'll be a chance to see how creatively members have applied their logo and graphics in various forms.

So far, I've got web banners, flags, posters, t-shirt designs, renders of decked out public buildings - even iPhone apps - and some surprises that haven't been posted publicly yet, that are all included.

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GamesBids Durban 2020 Bid “Look” Contest

Evaluation Report

Rather than a full report, I’ll make this more just a few comments about the overall poll, the submissions in general, about each in particular, and then the short list and the justifications for it.

For this contest, I basically gathered all other graphics and submissions, aside from and beyond the main logo designs themselves, that were posted. Some extras were also submitted during and since the end of the main logo contest. I was quite glad for that so there would be something new here to see as well for this phase. The portfolios I’ve collated above have necessarily been reduced in size just so they can fit reasonably – there was a lot of stuff submitted. And it was all really good. I’m pretty sure better than anything I could produce. All originals of these are posted, in full size, in the original bid comp submissions thread: Durban 2020 Bid Comp Submissions

To produce such design applications like the posters, renders, banners, flags, mascots, t-shirts, vehicles etc above inevitably requires some technical expertise and equipment/software (or a pretty well stocked old graphics drafting studio). So execution is therefore more of a factor here than in the vanilla logo comp. I’ve had some thoughts about the Baron’s comments on the amateur versus professional and freehand versus computer software debates, but I might save them for a debrief after this contest.

The Submissions

1. Fatixxx

Not a large selection to choose from, but what there is solid. But in this field, I’d have to say, to my mid overshadowed by some of the others.

2. Demetrius

Amongst just the logos, I can say now that that poll is over, Demetrius’ was one of my favourites. I was influenced a bit, I’m sure, by this extra material which showed how the logo could influence a whole look and branding of a bid. The renders of Durban Airport and what I assume is Durban Town Hall showed it could look great in a physical environment.

3. Soaring_Higher

Soaring’s logo was one of the strongest competitors, and I like how the colours have been integrated into the flag banners. Would have loved to see some more ideas, but these things take a lot of work, and what he’s posted has been great.

4. RobH

Only the one poster/render to choose from, but again very nicely done. I’ve got a couple of London’s “Back the Bid” posters in my collection, so I can see where the inspiration came from.

5. Afiqnadzir

I was blown away when I first saw his Moses Madhiba poster – in fact, it was probably the main inspiration to do such a separate contest for the “look”. Again, a nice application of the logos elements and colours into a larger theme.

6. Daveypodmore

One of the most varied portfolios. The onky submission in this phase of the comp not to use the Moses Madhiba stadium somewhere, and the only one to produce a mascot. Not to mention the iPhone app! And all as professional and polished as we’d expect from Davey.

7. Scotguy

Here’s where I’m torn a bit by the whole professional execution level. On the one hand, it’s a great idea having the hands of Africa joined, on the other, it would have been even better to see it done with portraits instead of the stick figures.

8. Lord David

Apart from various versions of the main logo, this banner with the Moses Madhiba is the only other graphic to choose from from Lord David. I would have liked to see how the traditional figures could have been integrated into a winder “look”.

9. Paul

And now to our logo winner paul, and again the extra material is simply beautiful. And paul actually has a lot more unposted material, but this is a good representation without cluttering up the bandwidth on the forum. If I was going to nit-pick, it’s that they’re so well done, but some, like the posters of the runner and archer are more Olympic generic – better suited for an actual games rather than to promote Durban and Africa as a destination for the games which is the bid’s role. But, hey, I just mentioned that because there’s not much else there to carp about.

The Short List

I’ve decided to put through a five member short list. In the end the criteria I’ve gone with is the breadth of material submitted. In the cases of fatixx, RobH, Scotguy and Lord David, there really needs to be a bit more to get an idea about how the main graphics concepts can work within the wider bid campaign. I know it takes a lot of time to produce stuff of this calibre, though, so thanks guys for what you did manage to do, well done.

The final shortlist therefore is:

1. Demetrius

2. Soaring_Higher

3. Afiqnadzir

4. Daveypodmore

5. Paul

The Round One poll shall commence shortly.

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Dear GB Members,

It's been a long competition with great visual ideas and inspiration from everyone, It's an honor to have made it this far and to be in the final round with Daveypodmore. Thank you to everyone who voted, and thank you to Sir R who has been a great host. As we head into the final round I'd like invited everyone to visit my DURBAN 2020 gallery. I made a lot of brand ideas because I got very excited about a games in Africa while doing this comp. I tried to listen to input from the host and other members and incorporate more iconic Durban structure and ideas into new items on the blog (Demetrius kinda owned city hall the whole time!). I also made renderings of possible venue and environment trim which I would expect a bidding city to use during presentations. it's been a great learning experience joining the comp and my only regret is that more people don't vote and join in the fun.

My DURBAN blog gallery

Cheers to all the participants and voters.




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