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Durban 2020 Final Vote: Round 1

Durban 2020 Bid Logo Contest: Final Vote Round 1  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Which is your favourite GamesBids Durban 2020 Bid Logo?

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Okay, here we go! Round One of the GamesBids Durban 2020 Bid Logo Contest. And I don't think we could ask for a higher quality finalist short list. I've said it before, but, wow! You've all done soooooo well!

But there can be only one winner, so let's get started on narrowing that winner down.

Rules are simple. Vote in the poll for your favourite logo. Your vote is public and can be seen by all. Votes are valid if cast be members of GamesBids as of March 31, 2011. I will rule on the validity of any suspicious or disputed votes. I will not vote unless in a tie-breaker. This vote will be open for (approximately) 24 hours - it will close no later than midday, Sunday April 3 Sydney time (which actually gives a few extra hours in this opening round as we switch back from daylight savings tonight).

The bid with the lowest number of votes is eliminated in each round. Voting will be conducted in rounds until one entry has an absolute majority and is declared the winner.

No campaigning or disputes are to be aired in this thread - do so in a thread of your own or in the original entries thread or the Evaluation Report thread. If any contenders have any complaints or disputes, PM me and I will apply swift and merciless justice (or try to). Let's all try to be fair and sportsmanlike, though.

May the best logo win!

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Round one voting complete.

The vote cast by newly registered member “aismanggo” did not meet the stated requirements for vote eligibility. One vote has been deleted from the tally of afiqnadzir above.

The final tally therefore is:

Afignadzir – 1

Daveypodmore – 1

Demetrius – 2

Soaring_Higher – 5

Paul – 5

Emre – 2

It’s heartening to see the sportsmanship in that round. If Davey had voted for his own logo, he’d be safely into the next round. As it is, he ties with afiqnadzir for least votes and therefore goes into an elimination round.

Feel free to discuss the round and its results on this thread now.

Personally, I’m surprised – I was expecting both of those in the elimination round to figure in the later rounds.

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