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Evaluation Report: Durban 2020 Bid Logo Comp

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GamesBids Durban 2020 Bid Logo Competition

Evaluation Report


Okay, for what it's worth, here's my evaluation report on the submissions (well, from the viewpoint of someone graphically challenged). I've consulted our South African colleagues (Rafa), got his views (which were not far off mine) and made some comments on each.

A few words overall first, though.

A simply amazing and stunning field. Once again, I'm blown away by the graphics talent here on GamesBids. Well done everyone who entered. I do urge everyone, however, to cast your minds beyond the slickness of execution of some of these - obviously not everyone is as well equippd with graphics software, or as proficient at the bells and whistles, as others.

Anyway, the final submissions (and my thoughts on them) are:

1. Scotguy

Probably the most "classic" style logo of all submitted. It uses striking colours (though the South African flag did give everybody lots of hues to play with, with a nice match up of those against the Olympic colours), and is clean and simple. I did wonder if the human figure on it was surfing a board or not, but nevertheless got a feel for "Africa".

2. Afiqnadzir

Slick, non "traditional" colours, and a nice use of a freestyle font to form the main graphic with clever mirroring of Durban and 2020. The first of many to use the Moses Madhiba as a main emblem, blending into the D of Durban. I have to make special mention of Afiqnadzir's poster - simply stunning, I'd sure hang that up on a wall. I do have concerns, however, that the Mullahs could read whatever they wanted into the type.

3. fatixxx

Hmmmm. I was conflicted about this one. I did think the stylised map of Africa could also be mistaken for South America to the uninitiated. And not too keen on the use of the arrow so boldly - I think it overpowers the whole design. Not bad, but put it this way, I think fatixxx has set a high standard for himself in the past, and this doesn't quite match up to those.

4. Demetrius

Loved the use of an easily recognisable, yet simply rendered, traditional African cultural style, and the font used blends in with the main graphic well. Also liked the block stamp style of the presentation. And looked great in the banners. Probably the type of submission I expected to see.

5. RobH

Six-pointed star? The sun? Crane flower? Nice to be able to put so many interpretations to it, but I did think it could be used as a winter bid logo without anyone blinking an eyelid. Loved the font!

6. Daveypodmore

What else would we expect from our "Mr Commemorative Coin" Davey? Clean, elegant, stylish, matches the motto "Make a Noise" sooooo well. And such a simple, left-of-centre idea to embrace the vuvuzelas (though one wonders if using the blasted horns could be a plus or a minus in some people's eyes - and as a South African, Rafa was a bit "over" the vuvuzelas). Looks crisp and professional on all the support material. Well done.

7. Soaring_Higher

Moses Madhiba again, but nicely integrated with sea, and with a very futuristic look and font. I like it because it's a very "modern" look that stamps Durban, but have some concerns it could be interpretd as a flying saucer.

8. Lord David

Simple, striking, easily recognisable as an "African" submission. The use of the type elements for all the colour fills means it would be easily useable in most applications.

9. baron_pierreIV

Obviously the challenge here is to look beyond the rawness of execution to appreciate the idea. It would have been nice to see Baron team up with someone to polish it a bit. Plus marks as the most 3-D oriented of the submissions. For my taste, reminiscent of the 20th Century Fox logo with a zebra skin matting in front (which also looks a bit tongue-like to me). I suspect it's a bit complex to work in a range of applications.

10. Emre

The zebras really came into their own when the final weeks' submissions started rolling in! Stylish in black, but I'd have liked to see it used as a predominantly white-backgrounded design.

11. Paul

A bit rushed to get my comments in on this one - just saw it last night, but had seen a version in his signature with zebra stripes. Loved how the map of Africa, and its vivid colours, contrasts with the background. Very professional looking.


To tell you the truth, I'm loathe to cut any - I was hoping we could proceed to a final vote with all entrants in the pot. But ultimately an 11-entry field is probably too unwiedly to manage. I've decided to go with a six entry final shortlist, but I'm only going to nominate five as automatically through to the final:






I hope I didn't put any noses out of joint, and it's purely my personal views - blame me if you must, but hopefully it's the only input I'm going to have on the final vote.

The rest is now up to the members-at-large - I'm going to pass the buck on which of the remaining seven will join them. Thus, I will start an initial "semi-final" poll. All the remaining seven are up for consideration. The poll will be a public one, so I (and everyone else) can see who voted for whom. I'll adjudicate on any votes I think are suspicious or invalid. At the end, the top poller in the semi-final will join the other five in the final countdown (which will revert to standard IOC-GamesBids vote rules - rounds of voting with the bottom placed entries eliminated until a single entry gets an absolute majority). I will reserve a tie-break vote for myself in case of any tie, but otherwise will try to keep out of it.

But wait! That's not all. because we aren't doing a double Summer Logo-Winter Logo comp this time, once the winning bid logo is selected in (hopefully) a week's time, we will then have a second poll, choosing the best of the best from the support material - posters, banners, renders etc. There's been too much hard work gone into those not to acknowledge them. And entries for that section will still be open for another week for anyone still keen!

Good luck everyone!

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Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Whole the time I forgot to write about the meaning about the logo

1 - The first focus is on the letter 'D' of Durban

2 - The second focus is the use of the central colours of the South African flag

3 - The third focus is on the arrow as it symbolises a new rotation, a new continent and a totally new drive in Olympic History on the African continent

4 - The fourth focus is on the RED coloured African continent as it also symbolises the Olympic Flame out of the blue (the ocean that emphasises the Durban Coast)

5 - Last but not least; Durban will deliver the world a new vibrant coloured Olympic Passion ==>> it will be (y)our Olympics on a totally new continent never held before

Good luck and enjoy the quality and innovation of this competition .. ;)

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