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Rio 2016 Preparations - Venue & Infrastructure Developments

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TODAY : Waves hit TV studios in Copacabana.

Centro de Transmissão que abrigará imprensa em Copacabana é ameaçado pelas ondas

Ressaca do mar em Copacabana atinge estúdios de TVs montados para a Olimpíadacopabacana-ondas-atingem-estudios-300720


Studios foreign TVs suffered from the strong undertow that reaches the edge of the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro on Saturday (30 ) . Sheltered on Copacabana Beach , the structures set up for the Olympics have been hit by waves that could reach up to 3 meters high , according to alerts issued by the Navy . It is the second time that the studios mounted at Station 5 of Copabacana are affected by the force of the sea . In June , another hangover hit the spot and reached boot bars that protected the building . At the time , the Organizing Committee has made a restraint to reduce the impact of water . On Saturday , the waves did not destroy the structures , but flooded the studios of foreign TVs, may compromise the electrical part and the transmission cables.

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Main ramp collapses at Rio Olympics sailing venue-Washington Post

RIO DE JANEIRO — The main ramp of Marina da Gloria, the sailing venue of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, partially collapsed on Saturday. Organizers said no one was injured in the incident that raises further questions about the quality of construction in the Olympic host city.

Philip Wilkinson, a spokesman for the Rio 2016 organizing committee, placed the blame on high tides and a stormy sea. The collapsed structure, which is temporary, is the main access point for boats to reach the water.

Wilkinson also said the construction company responsible for the project has been contacted and is expected to make the repairs within four days. Sailing competitions begin Aug. 8.

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3 hours ago, paul said:

marina de gloria ramp collapse.






...even without the collapse of the ramp is this venue ready? is that all they are doing?





lol that's sad as hell. Someone who has the time to gather all the pics necessary should start a thread comparing most venues on what Rio promised us and what Rio actually delivered to us. I'm sure there will be some noticeable differences.

Hell we might as well do it for all previous hosts that had venues or areas that fell short on what they were promising us.

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