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Rio 2016 Preparations - Venue & Infrastructure Developments

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Terrorist Attack simulation in Stadium of Olympic Football


Simulação de ataque terrorista na Fonte Nova (Foto: Carla Ornelas/GOVBA)

SALVADOR, BRAZIL - The Fonte Nova stadium in the city of Salvador will receive the Olympic football.

The stadium is ready since 2014 but has been undergoing operational adjustments to get the Olympics .
In the last three days it was carried out a terrorist attack simulation in the stadium attack the power and chase the terrorist . The simulation included 1500 people between members of national forces ( emergency services , the Brazilian navy, air force and army ) and international forces .
Among the teams that will play in the stadium are: Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and France .
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They did a simulation in São Paulo's metro too


Yes, I saw the report on ' Today ' but found the video.
We are preparing the issue of security . I believe that local criminals are not a threat to foreigners, the World Cup and the Pan 2007, there was nothing relevant.
But I believe the threat of groups such as the ' ISIS ' must be taken into account. I hope that the 85,000 agents deem account.
The Brazilian Intelligence Service recently found an alleged threat made ​​by a group ISIS .
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TV studio on Copacabana beach worries oceanographer : " It is a danger "


RIO DE JANEIRO - The strong undertow of the last weekend in Rio de Janeiro reached two Olympic works : the arena of the beach volleyball and the official broadcast studios .
The force of the waves , which reached six meters high, tipped fences and broke up sand trenches. The work follows paralyzed in both works , but workers were busy on Monday in remaking the sandbanks and isolate places.
While the responsibility for the construction of the beach volleyball arena is the Rio 2016 Committee, the studios it is up to the OBS .
Concern was etched on the faces of foreign engineers of the organization on Monday . They would not speak to the report of GloboEsporte.com .
The studio is located in the position 5 of the Copacabana beach, surfs high risk area , according to oceanographer David Zee .
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as we've heard from Brazilians Rio knows everything about building on a beach, so no problem. but it would be fun to see it washed out just for kicks! its always fun to see a rogue wave wash over people unexpectedly on a beach. B)

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Not sure whether it's because the Olympic park looks so depressing, but those venues look very basic and boring.

It seems a lot more gray than in the project.
The own way in the center, should be colored, and it's so gray ... the project was more beautiful. By the application of the design was better.
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