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Rio 2016 Preparations - Venue & Infrastructure Developments

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What athletes who participated in the test events in Rio this year, last year and the 2007 Pan American Games that were sick? So far I do not know of any.
The pollution of the bay is a problem to Cariocas and brazilians, not for athletes who will compete it for only a week.

...just search Rio De Janeiro and you get a lot of examples

Rio bay is 'badly contaminated,' says Mexican sailing coach

U.S. rowers' illness highlights questions over Rio Olympics water quality


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Again an huge exemple of ignorance. I recomend you read the articles you send me.I was talking about the bay, not the Lagon, but if you insist...

Even the coaches and athletes who did not enter the lagoon and did not compete got sick, how is this possible? Means that the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is so polluted that you get sick just looking at? :lol::lol:

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Are you comparing the scenario of the Guanabara Bay with Sydney?

I think both Sydney and too have equally great harbours.

*Rio(not "too")

Cause I love sydney too :)

I love the Sydney's architecture around the Sydney Bay and I love the Rio's big rocks around the Guanabara Bay too.

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Refurbshment of Mauá Square in Downtown Rio




Before and After of Mauá Square in Port Area.



Tomorrow's Museum (to be opened next year)


LRT works in Port Area


New Binário Avenue in Port Area


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