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Argentina-Uruguay 2030

Sir Rols

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Infantino lifts Argentina-Uruguay hopes for 2030 World Cup

FIFA President Gianni Infantino gave tentative backing to a joint World Cup bid by Argentina and Uruguay on Monday, suggesting the history of the two South American nations made them serious candidates to host the tournament in 2030.

Infantino, elected to run soccer's world governing body in February, was speaking during a visit to the South American Football Confederation's (CONMEBOL) headquarters in Paraguay.

FIFA held one joint World Cup in Japan and South Korea in 2002 but has since come out against future joint bids.

However, Infantino told CONMEBOL officials that he was not against co-hosting the tournament.

"An important theme is whether the World Cup can be played in more than one country," said Infantino. "FIFA has been very much against a joint organisation. I personally support it.

"2030 is a very important year and history must be respected."

Uruguay were awarded the first World Cup in 1930 and beat Argentina 4-2 in the final. They also won the World Cup in 1950, upsetting hosts Brazil in the deciding match.

Argentina staged and won the tournament in 1978 and eight years later Diego Maradona led them to their second title in Mexico.

The two countries have on various occasions over the past few years expressed a wish at both Football Association and government level to stage the centennial tournament




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It's kind of a pity actually that FIFA is so opposed to joint bids. 2002 wasn't a success but it was never meant to be a joint tournament anyway, no one wanted that, it was just because of a political compromise. Korea and Japan are separated by history, sea and language, in that order. European Championships have shown that a joint tournament can work and there are a few places where they seem logical and natural like Argentina and Uruguay with others including at least the Iberian peninsula and Benelux.

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Why don't you guys just put him on the ignore list instead of getting worked up by his irrelevant spam? I already did.

That's usually very good advice. In fact, it's exactly what I told Conor in order to keep him out of trouble.

The trouble is,

* Such campaigns only work if EVERONE does it. And that never happens. You yourself say you have him on ignore, yet can't avoid seeing reactions to him. It's understandable that sometimes people just crack an vent.

* Actually, the membership has been pretty good for months on end in generally ignoring him and not giving him the attention it craves. Yet that hasn't stopped him at all - if anything he's just been trying harder and harder to get responses through spamming.

* Other people (yes, because they vented their frustrations about him) have been caught in the crossfire and ended up serving suspensions after being provoked by him.

* It's all very well to say ignore him. As I said, it's usually the best strategy for trolls. But it still doesn't mean it's right that we should just learn to grin and bear it, learn to live with it, or have to learn to work around him.

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