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London 2012 Olympics Tickets

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Have a look at the OS site tracker. As you guys know tickets for the Olympic games can be bought in whole Europe. Because of the huge demand it is difficult to be at the sale on time. Because of this os site tracker created a service that monitors all the ticket reseller sites in Europe. Whenever new tickets are available on one of the sites a email is sent to the registered users. Also read the positive reviews from users on twitter!

Link: http://www.os-site-tracker.com?lang=en

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Remaining tickets for the London 2012 Paralympic Games will go on sale on a first-come first-served basis at 1300 GMT on 2 December, organisers say.

Track cycling and wheelchair rugby have sold out, but tickets are available for athletics, wheelchair basketball, swimming and equestrian events.

Tickets range from £10 to £45, while those for children and seniors cost £5.

Some 800,000 tickets were allocated to 100,000 people through September's initial public application phase.

Tickets are available on each day of the Paralympics, which run from 29 August to 9 September.

They can be bought online or over the phone on 0844 847 2012. Would-be spectators will have to use a Visa card for any purchase.


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North America and Oz get a chance this week. here's the notification I got sent:

Cosport Olympic Ticket Sales Timeline

Tuesday, December 6th

· Canada: 12:00 noon EST (Toronto)

Wednesday, December 7th

· USA: 12:00 noon EST (New York)

· Australia: 12:00 noon EDT (Sydney)

Thursday, December 15th

· Austria: 18:00 CET (Vienna)

· Norway: 18:00 CET (Oslo)

· Sweden: 18:00 CET (Stockholm)

· Bulgaria: 19:00 EET (Sofia)

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Considering that the current ticket sales for the UK is for Football, it makes sense if the next round of sales through CoSport will also be for Football. If so, there is only one session I will apply for if they are available.

I also missed the 1st round of CoSport ticket sales and got a table tennis ticket in the 2nd phase. Will have to try pretty hard to get some more tickets otherwise it will not be worth going.

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Just on CoSport now with the Oz sales started. Seems to be a nice range of sports available - alas no swimming or equestrian, but archery, athletics, beach volleyball, diving, fencing, gymnastics, tennis and more.


Woohoo! I'll be going to athletics and diving!

Jeez, you gotta be quick though! Canoe slalom sold out between clicking on the button and the screen refreshing.

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well pleased to say i was wrong and a good range of ticket in this round. i got a tennis ticket centre court on M and W semi day so happy with that. Still have a few free days but once i know hockey and basketball roster will try and get a few more tickets at the games

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This is nothing new, but CoSport's website is a joke.

I came an hour late to the sale, but there's still quite a bit left. No athletics, swimming, or diving, but it looks like they did have some gymnastics and tennis at the beginning.

Plenty of availability in sports such as hockey, archery, judo, and weightlifting but mainly categories A & B.

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