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London 2012 Olympics Tickets

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I went into Barclays Bank today to get my official Paralympics ticketing guide and they didn’t have any or know anything about it.

I’m assuming they will have them next week, they better do or its going to look like the Paralympics tickets haven’t been promoted as well as the Olympic tickets.

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#london2012 say still good choice of #paralympic tickets available in all sports but some sessions oversubscribed #bbc2012. Deadline 26/9


LOCOG say higher priced evening sessions of Para swimming and track cycling oversubscribed at halfway point of ticket applications.


Impressive that some Paralympic swim and cycling tickets, as well as cheapest opening + closing ceremony tickets, already oversubscribed


Half way through sale of Paralympic ticket sales organisers reveal higher price pm sessions for cycling and swimming already oversubscribed.

This is the first time the Paralympic Games will have oversubscribed applications for individual events, say LOCOG.

Availability exists for lower price cycling and swimming

£20.12 priced tickets for opening and closing ceremony oversubscribed.


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When I applied for Paralympic tickets you could only apply at one price point, unlike the first round of Olympic tickets where you could select a range from the most you would pay down to the cheapest. Does that mean with para tickets I have only applied in one price bracket?

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Sounds good to me .

I didn’t agree with the Olympic Ticket system where people who had applied for the most expensive tickets

Could cascade down and have multiple stabs at it until they were in the lottery for the cheapest tickets,

Which many people applied for because they couldn’t afford the most expensive ones.

If you chose an expensive ticket and don’t get it should be tough luck.

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I'm unfortunately not able to get to London 2012 at all, but if you have a chance to get Paralympics tickets, consider going. In Beijing 2008--with no prior in-person or secondhand viewing experience--I went to Para Athletics, Basketball, and Rugby and was blown away by the quality of competition, and by how enjoyable the events were from a spectator's perspective. Wish I'd gotten wiser earlier and seen some more Para sports.

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London 2012: Million tickets not released until Spring

More than a million extra tickets for the London Olympics will not go on sale until next Spring.

The tickets, including thousands for all the most popular events, were held back from sale earlier this year while seating plans were finalised.

London 2012 organisers had initially said those tickets could go on sale as early as December, but that is now unlikely to happen before April 2012.


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I sent of my postal application form today for the Paralympics tickets.

Opening Ceremony, Tennis, Rowing, and athletics, If I get any of these an Olympic ticket will be an Olympic ticket as for as I’m concerned, I’m also pleased to read that the Million Olympic tickets still to go on sale wont be released until next April, selling the tickets closer to the Olympics will create more excitement.

Other wise there could have been a promotional vacuum next year leading up to the Olympics with people complain that there weren’t ant tickets left.

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London 2012 said it was "very happy" with sales for the Paralympics as the first chance to buy tickets ended on Monday night.

Hundreds of thousands of bids for tickets have been made since the application window for the 1.5m first-phase tickets opened on 9 September.

Paralympic ticket sales closed at 6pm. A spokesman said: "We are very happy with how the application process went. "Interest in Paralympic Games tickets has been excellent and we will be running ballots across several sessions – which a year out from the Paralympic Games is unheard of.

"The system remained robust throughout the process and we will now go about processing applications to begin allocating tickets."

Sold-out sessions in track cycling, swimming and the final rounds of wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis are among those that will have to be decided by a random ballot.

Opening and closing ceremony tickets at the lowest price of £20.12 are also oversubscribed.

Payment will be taken by 31 October and applicants will find out if they have been successful by 18 November.


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Yep, James Pearce was tweeting about it. The site for anyone who is interested is


I think I'm happy with my lot now so I won't be clogging up the bandwidth! Sounds as though the Paralympic events I applied for haven't gone to ballot, so I'm satisfied with my 6 or 7 Olympic events and 3 or 4 Paralympic ones (not counting any free events I might turn our to see). :D

Good luck davey if you're trying though.

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The London 2012 organising committee (Locog) has confirmed that 116,000 people applied for 1.14 million tickets to the London 2012 Paralympics during the six-week sales period.

Just under half (126) of the 300 ticketed sessions are oversubsribed in at least one price category in sports that included, athletics, track cycling, and wheelchair rugby, while the opening and closing ceremonies are also said to be oversubscribed in some price categories.

Locog chief executive Paul Deighton said he was expecting "packed out" venues when the Games take place in August and September next year.

"We are absolutely delighted by the response to Paralympic Games tickets and we would like to thank the British public," he said.

"The UK’s love of sport and support for the Paralympic movement shows that they have taken the Games to their heart. When the Paralympic Games come home next summer we can look forward with confidence to packed venues cheering on our athletes.”

International Paralympic Committee President Sir Philip Craven added: “The response from the public for Paralympic Games tickets has been phenomenal.

"To have over a million tickets applied for 11 months out from the Games is unprecedented and underlines the growing excitement for what will be a tremendous sporting event. This will be the first time ballots have been held for a number of sports, and I could not be more thrilled.”

Payment for successful applications will be taken by October 21 and applicants will find out precisely what tickets they have by November 18.

If applicants are allocated no tickets Locog is planning to put another batch on sale this winter along with 1.5 million Olympic football tickets.


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Looks like the tickets will have the name of the person who purchased them printed on them. They say that you (the purchaser) must be present to enter the venue with anyone else whose ticket you purchased. I understand that this was done to prevent fraud and ticket theft (also why they chose not to go with electronic ticketing this year), but I think this is a games-time PR disaster waiting to happen.

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