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Time to raise the volume


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At the risk of adding to the Clap-Clap nature of the forum on occassion, I must applaud RFY's post. Let's raise the level of open debate and analysis, and leave the shouts of "Here, Here" or "resign" to the baying hordes in the UK's House of Parliament.

And for the record, I love London's logo in colour (and the great use of the coloured river/ribbon in other advertising), but in monochrome, it just doesn't have the same impact.

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You are right though Michelle, there is a distinct lack of girls on this site.

I know. Im out-numbered 20 - 1. You can be a girl incognito, okay?

Well thats settled =)

You don't need girl power hun, you're perfectly capable of bitchslapping some of these idiots down without any help.

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Valentine's Day surprise for London 2012

The East of England has chosen February 14 to get behind London 2012 in spectacular style.

A stunning Valentine's Day light show declaring 'I love London 2012' has been projected onto the facade of Woburn Abbey.

The projection was organised by the East of England Development Agency, who chose one of the region's most recognisable landmarks for the eye-catching message.

The support comes as London prepares to welcome a 12-strong Evaluation Commission to inspect the capital's plans for the 2012 Olypmic Games and Paralympic Games.

Charles Kitchen, Marketing Manager of the East of England Development Agency, said: "We are delighted with the final image and it speaks volumes about the way the region feels about the bid.

"The East of England is in a prime position to benefit from the Games coming to the UK, both in terms of economy and culture, and we really wanted to help contribute to the national effort."

The projection was organised with the assistance of the Duke of Bedford, whose family have lived on the site since 1547.

The present house was commissioned in 1747, and the buildings and gardens are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the East of England region.

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Im enjoying placing my posters I ordered from  the London 2012 web site.

I get hacked off with any one that moves it to a less prominent position after I've gone

Or makes a weedy excuse like the window cleaner took it down.

I love the London 2012 logo and I get exited every time I see it.

Because I know London can win

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It's 9am on a pissy wet  Saturday morning on 28 July 2012 and the sporting action at the vastly over budget London Olympics is due to begin with a spectacular women's triathlon starting and finishing at Hyde Park.

Thousands of people have made their way to central London for the two-hour race. With several major roads sealed off from traffic thousands more are stuck there whether the like it or not.  They are mightily annoyed but due to restrictions in media reporting their anger will never be shown.  Some other spectators are enjoying a leisurely walk to the venue – although this is partly because the underground is so bloody awful .

The athletes have all received their inoculations and are getting ready to dive into the sess-pit like Serpentine for the swimming stage before heading off on their bikes past London's famous landmarks including Buckingham Palace, the Mall and Trafalgar Square. The added element of being able to unlock your bike from the railings is set to add even further tension and some comic highlights to the transition phase.  The first medals of the Games will be decided after the race reaches its climax in a run through Hyde Park - another of London's key historic venues.

TV executives and organisers are relishing the prospect of showing off the capital's famous sights just a few hours after the Games of the 30th Olympiad have been opened with a glitzy ceremony hosted by Ant and Dec.  The highlight had been a phone in competition to see who would light the famous Olympic Cauldron.  The eventual winner was a delighted Barbara Windsor, an aged ex-TV ‘star’ who hoped the publicity might give her another chance at fame.

But while the main Olympic complex is based in the Lower Lea Valley, the sporting action will begin at the very heart of Ye Olde London Town.

The International Olympic Committee's new president, Thomas Bach of Germany, has given his chauffeur the morning off and walked across to Hyde Park to watch the action from the IOC's Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane. He has been surrounded by half a dozen burly bodyguards as he does not wish to have to meet any normal plebes that attend the event.

The former Olympic fencer is joined on his stroll by Seb (I’m such a lime ball) Coe, the chairman of the London Organising Committee ( LOCOG), At the venue they hand their tickets to former Olympic athlete Paula Radcliffe.  Paula is filming a TV documentary on what happened to her after her running career disintegrated following the doping scandal in the run up to Beijing 2008.  Despite her protests the independent TV company filming the documentary thought it would be good publicity to have her close to the games.

It was thought that many IOC members would have decided to slot the triathlon race into their schedule this morning because it is so close to the Dorchester. They have instead jumped into their chauffer driven limo’s to take a look around Harrods before popping back to the hotel for lunch and an afternoon being pampered in the Spa.

Although Olympic leaders will have to make the journey across town to the athletics and swimming events at Stratford, they are looking forward to watching medals won just a short trip from both their hotel and London's best restaurants and theatres. Assuming of course they can be bothered.

In a bid to at least be seen viewing events Beach volleyball at Horse Guards Parade and the cycling and marathon events around Westminster and the Mall are on the schedules of most IOC members and of the chief executives of Olympic sponsors.  Beach volleyball in particular is high on the agenda for some of the male IOC members who are looking forward to the new rules imposing a thong-only clothing restriction on the male competitors.

The Americans, Cubans and Japanese members do not have far to go to watch their teams compete for baseball gold at Regent's Park. Although it is much further away, watching the equestrian events at Greenwich Park is popular because of the venue's historical significance.

Is this meant to be satire ? I might've laughed but it is lazy and uninspired . Not even a medal contender .

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