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The mascots for Sochi 2014

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Though I'm glad that leopard got picked, I don't understand why they picked polar bear and the rabbit.

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25 rouble Coin Features Sochi 2014 Olympic Mascots

21 february 2012


The mass release of the 25 rouble coin with the Sochi 2014 mascots opened the second series of the Sochi 2014 Coin Program. There will be approximately 10 million coins featuring the Polar Bear, the Hare and the Leopard. Altogether, 12 coins of different value and types will be released into circulation in 2012. These coins will continue the thematic series, "Sports of the Olympic Winter Games", "Flora and Fauna of Sochi", "Sports of the first Olympic Winter Games" and "Russian Winter".

In 2012 the release of the Sochi 2014 coins will be undertaken at several stages. In addition to the mascot coins, four commemorative coins - "Skeleton", "Snowboard", «Ski Jumping" (devoted to the 100 years anniversary of ski jumping in Russia) and "Freestyle Skiing" - will be released in February 2012. These will be available in 3 rouble denominations; the circulation of each coin will be 35,000.

The tail side of the coins will feature athletes and endemic plants growing in the Sochi region. Another coin from the series - “Fauna” - is a gold coin with a value of 1000 roubles. The coin is decorated with an image of allegorical Fauna goddesses.

In September 2012 several commemorative coins made of precious metals will be distributed: the silver coin in 100 roubles denomination from the "Russian Winter" collection, known as "The Maslenitsa Pillar", and also two gold coins, from the "Sports of the first Olympic Winter Games" series in the denomination of 50 roubles - "Skating" and "Skiing".

In 2012 three more investment coins, depicting the Polar Bear, will be added to the range of the Sochi 2014 investment coins. These are the silver coin in 3 rouble denomination (weight - 31,1 gr.), gold coin in 50 rouble denomination (weight - 7,78 gr.) and gold coin in 100 rouble denomination (weight - 15,55 gr.).


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Is there going to be a contest to name the Polar bear, Hare and the Leopard? How about Ivor the Leopard?

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To mark the start of the Paralympic Games in London this summer, the Paralympic Winter Games mascot toys, Ray of Light and Snowflake, have been released for sale by Sochi 2014 licensees. The licensed toys have appeared on the shelves of over four hundred dedicated Sochi 2014 departments in the superstore chains of children's toys "Begemot" and in "Begemotik" toy shops. It is also possible to purchase the toys on the official Sochi 2014 online shop.

The Sochi 2014 licensees have plans in place to sell over one hundred thousand soft toys. The Paralympic mascots are sold in an original gift box and prices, depending on their size, ranges from 999 rubles to 1,299 rubles.

The toys are made using high quality and modern environmentally friendly materials. In autumn, the Ray of Light and the Snowflake will go on sale together as a special edition made from plush and soft plastic.

Ray of Light and the Snowflake are fantasy characters which were chosen by Paralympic champions in February 2011 during a national competition to create ideas for the Sochi 2014 mascots. According to the legend, they flew from far away galaxies and stayed on Earth to tell people about the Paralympic Games in Sochi and Paralympic values; bravery, equality, determination, inspiration and the strength of spirit, which is at the heart of every Paralympic athletes.




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There is a new animated movie coming out in November called "Rise of the Guardians" - something like the what-is it X heroes of the "Wolverine" movies where there is one superhero w/ powers in a specialized field -- fire, snow, water, etc. Except this one has the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman and Jack Frost, all led by Santa Claus. A very pixie X-men in other words.


The Tooth Fairy and Sandman characters look very much like Sochi's Ray of Light and Snowflake mascots. Link to trailer above.

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I think Olympic Mascots have always been a point of weakness for the Olympic movement... even though I am the proud owner of a 2000 Paralympic "Lizzie" (still Australia's Paralympic team mascot) and 2012 Olympic Wendell (as a Queens Guard), I think they tend to fail more than inspire. They've often been a token gesture towards children who otherwise wouldn't find the Olympic Games that exciting... you only have to look at the token gestures and "adulterised" mascots of Athens 2004, Nagano 1998 and Barcelona 1992 to see this (even though these are some of my favourites, design wise).

There are too many contradicting mascots at Sochi - not enough synchronicity. They should have just had either the two children figures for the entire event (Olympic+Paralympic), or just the bear, and not those other two weirdos. The bear could have been made to look at bit more like the wildly successful Mischa from Moscow 1980 - we could have had a two-time mascot for the first time.

If Munich wins 2022, I'd love to see them roll out Waldi again.

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