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Vote for Best 2012 Torch designs

Best 2012 GB Fantasy Torch Design COntest  

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  1. 1. Which is the best 2012 Olympic Torch design

  2. 2. Which is the best 2012 Paralympic design

    • The Infinia
    • The Singing Umbrella

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Before the Oscars, we have the GB 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Torch Design entries: Cast your vote! Majority wins. If there is a tie in the Olympic Torch category, there will be a run-off!!

Voting closes Friday, February 25, 2011, 12:00 midnight Pacific DST.


1. The Inspira

2. The Loopy Orbit (EL Orbito Loco)

3. THe Pipe


1. The Infinia

2. The Singing Umbrella ("L'Ombrello Musicante") -- the only Paralympic torch with its own soundtrack and moveable parts (Open & Closed positions). When the runner Opens the Torch, an embedded chip blares out "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" immediately!


EVALUATIONS (will try to be as impartial as I can):


1. The Inspira - Good color(s). Edgy but in keeping with London 2012's bizarre, jagged Look so far. Its many sharp corners could poke someone in the eye! ;)

2. The Loopy Orbit ("El Orbito Loco") - Inspired by the Kapoor Tower, very appropriate; too unwieldy but VERY whimsical!! :wacko:

3. The Pipe - Elegant design but too stiff. Its crystalline look, and as its name might suggest (the Half-Pipe), might make it more viable as a Winter Games Torch. :)


1. The Infinia - Almost a twin to the Infinia; can double as a crutch!! :lol:

2. The Singing Umbrella Torch ("L'Ombrello Musicante") - very London, whimsical, musical, functional, ingenious!! ;)

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Voting is on hold!! Just got word that many absentee ballots for El Orbito Loco and L'Ombrello Musicante will be coming in from the opposition regions of Libya even though El Lider (Muammar Qaddafi) endorsed the ground-breaking Singing Umbrella design! SOme designs like that are JUST CLASSIC!! :) The votes cannot get through!! :(

Just kidding. So Voting is NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED!!

So Afiqnadzir's designs, The Inspira for the regular O's and The Infinia for the Paralympics are the overwhelming winners!! Congratulations, Afiqnadzir!! Good colors and execution (altho I still think they're a little bulky. Beginner's luck!! Ha!)

Oddly enough, this is the first GB competition WITHOUT any sort of attempted coup even though it's all the rage in the Middle East!! For that alone, it should also be declared a winner!! :D

Thanks to Afiq and Demetrius for contributing really professional-looking work. I just wish we had bigger participation both in terms of entries and votes!!

NEXT COMP IN A FEW WEEKS: The GB Rio 2016 Fantasy Olympic Mascot Comp!!

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